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Front Loading Washer Not Spinning

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Front Loading Washer

Troubleshooting a washer that will not go into a spin cycle is not an uncommon event. This is a guide about a front loading washer not spinning.



Here are questions related to Front Loading Washer Not Spinning.

Question: Front Load Washer Does Not Spin

My Hotpoint front-loader spins only when empty or with the motor removed from the machine. All else appears fine.

By Alex


Most Recent Answer

By carmenr [4]07/19/2011

You may need a new belt. That's been my problem. Good luck! carmen1951

Question: Front Load Washer Not Spinning When Full

My Frigidaire front loader washer is not spinning when full. It spins ok if only a small amount of clothes are in it. We just replaced the belt, but it didn't help the problem. Should I just buy a new one or is this fixable?

Lori from Pleasanton, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Ted (Guest Post)03/24/2008

The drum is spun by the belt and motor, with it spinning with a half load I would say that the belt you got was the wrong size (to big) or the spring loaded self adjusting tenisoner isn't working, motors for the most part either work or they don't but it would be worthwhile to spin it by hand and see if it's freely spining, if it isn't it needs to be replaced.

Question: Front Load Washing Machine Stopped Spinning

At first all it wouldn't do was fast spin, but it did everything else. Now it has stopped rotating altogether; what could the problem be?

By Sam

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/26/2014

You did not provide the washer brand, year model, etc., so difficult to help you. However, you can check the product booklet for possibilities, ask the store where purchased, and also check the manufacturer's website for help-customer service.

Question: Front Load Washer Not Spinning/Draining

My GE front loader won't spin/drain at the end of the cycle. The washer goes through the whole cycle fine, but won't spin to drain out the water at the end. I changed the catch basin and it is still not working.

By B. J. from MO

Most Recent Answer

By mamanudy09/26/2014

Looking for an answer to this question, been on here for two days and the only thing I get is to clean the drain pump. Is there someone out there who really knows the answer to this question?

Question: Front Load Washer Not Spinning

My LG WM2277HW front load washing machine would not spin after washing. I dissembled the washing machine and replaced the broken iron "spider" behind the tub. After I re-assembled it, it does washing fine, but would not do normal spin. It seems the machine was trying hard and the tub turned for a few rounds, but could not pick up the speed and stopped, and then tried again, still could not pick up the speed and stopped, then finally showed a sign indicating "abnormal stop". Not sure if I messed up some switches during the dissembling and re-assembling.

By Man A Home

Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]02/10/2013

How old is washer? If it is 10 years, tranny might be going; buy a new one. There should be a tech number for your company, technicians can give you a lot of clues to follow up on. They've been very helpful to me, when there was still life. But yours might be transmission.

Question: Front Loading Kenmore Not Spinning

My front loading Kenmore washer model #417 sounds like it is spinning, but does not even though the belt is fine.

By John F

Most Recent Answer

By Dian06/20/2011

The drive shaft may be worn. Call the repair man. I have had that happen.

Question: Front Loader Won't Spin

I have a Frigidaire Affinity washer, model number ATF6500FG0. It will not go into the spin cycle. The washer does everything else, but won't go into the spin cycle.

By Cliff from Cochrane AB Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Dee [3]11/11/2010

Not sure about yours, but my front loader had a built in filter and it got clogged and wouldn't spin, opened the a little door on the front cleaned it out and works like new. I hope this helps, try calling the company and asking them what the problem could be. It could be minor and they might tell you over the phone.

Question: Frigidaire Washer Shuts Off

I have a Frigidaire front loader and it will run water for a time and not long and won't spin. Then sometime after that it will shut off. What could it be?

By Crystal

Question: Washer Not Spinning

3 days ago my Maytag front loader washer stopped and threw a code. So I looked it up and it turned out the drain behind the front panel was clogged. I fixed it. Well now when the washer is done I go to put the clothes in the dryer and they are soaking wet. So I checked the drain again just to make sure and it's clear. The washer is not throwing a code. Any ideas on what the problem is or could be?

By Chad M.

Question: Frigidaire Washer Won't Spin

It spins with nothing in it, but with clothes it barely spins. I changed the belt and the motor sounds like it's rattling.

By Elmer T.

Question: Washer Drum Won't Spin

I have a Frigidaire front load washer and the drum and pulley won't spin. It feels like it's locked but when I apply a little pressure to spin the pulley it becomes unlocked and spins. When I start the washer it locks up again after a few minutes.

By Reggie M

Question: Washer Not Spinning

Why is my washer flashing 3E and not spinning? What can I do?

By htisi from Kamloops B.C. Canada

Solutions: Front Loading Washer Not Spinning

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