Getting Rid of Fleas on Kittens

While topical flea treatments are readily available for older cats, young kittens will require alternative methods to rid them of these biting pests. This is a guide about getting rid of fleas on kittens.


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I have hardwood floors all over the house except the kitchen and bedroom which have tile floors. I read where you mix apple cider vinegar, Dawn, and water, and bathe both kitties. How much would I use of each or equal amounts?

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Use just enough Dawn to make good suds. Dawn by itself will do the job. Start right behind the ears so the fleas don't all run up on the head. Be careful not to get water in their ears. Rinse well and you can use a flea comb to get any that are left. Be sure and start a good flea prevention soon, so they don't get started in your house. There are some you can use on kittens, but be careful to get one especially for cats. The dog fleas products can kill cats.

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I have a kitten about 4- 6 weeks old. It is a homeless kitten, how can I get rid of fleas on it? Plus her eyes are mattered up really bad, I put warm compresses on it's. eyes and washes off the matter for now . please help with home remediy

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First, use Dawn dish soap to bathe the kitty. Wash all the towels or whatever you are using for the bedding.

For the eyes, the warm compresses are a good idea. Keep that up. Also use triple antibiotic ointment (not the cream) and put it on the kitten's eyes after you clean them.

Do you know what to feed it? Use the wet food. It might be tricky getting it to eat cat food at first. Don't use cow milk unless it's the lactose free (Lactaid) milk and then you can use some.

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I have hardwood floors all over the house except the kitchen and bedroom which have tile floors. I read where you mix apple cider vinegar, Dawn, and water, and bathe both kitties. How much would I use of each or equal amounts?

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Having a new litter of kittens in the house is wonderful, until you discover fleas. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do for fleas on newborn kittens. I discovered a great tip. Baby wipes with aloe! The kittens love being rubbed down with them. Don't worry about rubbing vigorously. They love it, just like momma giving them a bath. And, if I keep a close eye on them and do this daily, I won't see another flea.


By Kimber from WV

Editor's Note: Be sure to wait at least a week or two before handling newborn kittens and then only for a short amount of time. The mother can reject them if they don't smell right.

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I tried this on my 2 week old kittens and I have not seen fleas on them since...It's cheap since wipes under $3 a container in most places. I also bought lavernder baby shampoo to bathe them in since it is tear free.

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I have never tired the wipes I thought about it but I tried the Dove dish soap and it worked. A baby kitten found my home and at first I did not see fleas but then I noticed a few. It was amazing it worked.

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Dogs/Cats are not born with Fleas attached to them. Please check the environment they are bred in including their parents before they arrive. And animals have been known to physically kill their off-springs if they detect any foreign smell on them. I don't intend to be an alarmist but these are the correct facts. Check with your Veterinarian.

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Do you think the baby wipes would work for a baby squirrel? I found a baby squirrell and it has fleas very badly.

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I am dirt poor except for my 3 kitties, Nala, Rajah, and Berlioz. We just got Berlioz 3 days ago and now all 3 of my babies have fleas. All 3 are indoor cats. Nala is the oldest, she's over a year old, but the other 2 are about 4 months. Please help. I don't know what to do for them.

By Lyndsay

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Apparently, if you bathe them really well with Dawn dish soap, it will kill the fleas. Also if you sprinkle naptha flakes, which are crushed moth balls, on all your floors, let it sit a couple of hours and then vacuum really well, this will get rid of the fleas.

You have to remove the kitties from the house while the naptha flakes are around as they are really BAD for them! You'll probably have to do both these things every few days until the fleas are gone, and don't get the soap inside their ears or in their eyes. But make sure you get the soap on the inside edges of the ears. Start at the head and work towards the tail. Google "fleas" and "home remedies".

Good luck.

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Hi - there are lots of answers on Thrifty about flea treatment for cats. Just look it up in the search window - there are plenty of suggestions.

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Sprinkle boric acid powder around carpets etc. This works well for roaches also.

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It is less toxic to sprinkle salt around the carpet. I think some people get boric acid mixed up with borax. I would not use boric acid on the carpet nor even borax but I do sprinkle salt around when I see fleas.

As far as flea control on the animal, I use Lufnuron. It interrupts the coating of the fleas outer shell. The adults will live but they will be unable to reproduce. The main problem with fleas is that they reproduce so fast.

Here is what I use and I have been very happy with it. I have a number of cats also. According to dose you have to open the capsules up and mix it with a small amount of soft food. I mix mine with a small amount of water and give it with a syringe minus the needle, orally. It is chicken flavored or some other flavor the cats actually like. ... _pe_175190_21431760_3p_M3T1_ST1_dp_1

There used to be a place you could buy a large topical flea spot treatment and a glass vial came with it and you could buy one and use it among your cats.

I will send this customer review that describes what to do. ... /ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#R3T3IKPSH16APC

As far as a Dawn bath goes:

Dawn will kill the fleas, but it won't keep them from coming back on the cat. And when you use the dawn you have to let it sit on their coat for about 3 minutes or so.

If you can bathe your cats that is great. If not I could go over them with a flea comb or small tooth comb to get the fleas out.

Put the fleas in a container of water so they will drown. Vacuum everyday. Cover the hose of your vacuum so they don't crawl out. If you have a bag with your vacuum then put a flea collar in it.

Most importantly improve their diets. When you go to feed them, feed them a food that is not cheap. You can find them at farm supply stores. Use food that does not have grain or by products.

I like to add a little squirt of olive oil to my cats wet food at night and I add a few egg yolks a couple of squirts of baby vitamins, and homemade chicken broth. I mix it all up and it makes the food go further.

The food that is a little more expensive is worth it, as far as your cats go, because the cheap food pretty much causes illness, and yeast problems, and attracts fleas like crazy. That is because of all the grain, wheat, corn and soy. The pet food industry uses corn to fill their product, and also wheat. Both of them are grains. Not good for your cats at all.

There are many foods on the market that don't have wheat, corn or soy. Any of these would be great.

I like to go the Tractor Supply myself to get the best selection of foods.

Here is one last overall link and a recipe for flea spray you can make at home:

Blessings to you and your cats!

PS Make sure you don't get Advantage which is good for cats and dogs mixed up with Advantix which is deadly for the above link for further details.

Once you improve their diets, then it will take a while but their overall health will be better.

You will need to set up a paypal account. Two people from the same house can sign up for this place.

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My cat had kittens 4 days ago. She had fleas before she was pregnant, while she was pregnant, and now after she had her 3 kittens. Her kittens now have fleas and I don't know how to take care of it.

Before my cat even had kittens we washed her and our dog, we bombed the house, we shampooed the carpet, we put on flea spray, but those fleas just kept coming back! Now that she had kittens we don't know what to do since they are so young. We don't know want them to get sick and die, so what can we do to get the fleas taken care of ASAP? Please respond ASAP. These kittens need help!

By Ally from Washington, DC

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I would ask the vet about a product to use on the nursing mama cat, and then if it were me, I would flea comb the kittens, to get them off manually and drop the fleas into a cup of soapy water. Also you can use a lice comb for fleas, and then it can have double use later.

This article has a skin so soft recipe, but I have not tried it as of yet. If there are just a few fleas on the kittens, get aloe baby wipes and go over the coat, softly down to the skin. Don't make the kitten wet enough to be cold, and then go over kitten with a lice comb or flea comb. This is what I would do with a small amount of fleas, with a large amount, I would bathe in warm water, with tear free baby shampoo, and lid full of peroxide. Mix this and bathe the kitten. This is iffy, because if the kitten gets cold it can get sick.Too many fleas will kill the kitten from anemia.

Immediately put in in the bed with a warm hot water bottle for it and cover it with lots of absorbent towels, and place it back on it's mom. Poor baby kittens with fleas have such a hard time. As far as the worms go, all kittens have worms when they are little, most of the time, that is why their little bellies stick out.

Just remember to keep the babies warm and check with the vet about worms on the mom, I am wondering if they have a pill that will kill all of them or not like they do for doggies.

Go over the babies all the time with the aloe wipes, it is supposed to discourage fleas, it will not get rid of them, just discourage them, and it makes them happy, especially if you softly brush them like their mommy licks them, along the face and body, they feel like they are being groomed and loved on my mama cat...:)


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Dry borax throughout the house. In their bed too. A gentle bath and flea comb. No poisons.

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Once the fleas are gone and the cat and kittens are healthy, try feeding them brewer's yeast tablets. I learned this years ago when we went through a bout with fleas here. Some cats willingly eat the brewer's yeast tablets; one of mine liked it so much she used to eat it first, before eating the food in her dish (we laid the tablet on top of the food). It makes their blood taste horrible to the fleas and the fleas stay away. If there's any chance the cats can pick up fleas again, this might prevent it from happening. We never had flea problems again, because we stopped watching other peoples' pets for them in our home (a dog we watched left his fleas behind). My cats are strictly indoor cats so there's no chance mine will pick up fleas, but if you let your cats out, and they'll eat brewer's yeast, it may be enough to ward off the fleas. It's a natural product, and also has health benefits, as I recall. Brewer's yeast comes in powder form too that can be mixed into food, but if they don't like the taste of the yeast, the cats won't touch their food. As I said, some kitties like it and others don't - but it's worth a try.

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My cat had 4 kittens 3 weeks ago, and I noticed that they had fleas on them. I didn't know the mother had fleas as I've been regularly using frontline on her, and she is also totally black, so you can't see fleas on her. I want to bathe them but some people say you can and some say you cant!

Also, if you give the mother a flea tablet. Will it filter through to the kittens and kill their fleas?

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I have a indoor cat that hides a lot because of my two dogs. So today I finally got him to come out when the dogs were outside and noticed he was scratching bad and had scabs along his neck, back and tail. while grooming my cat as always I seen he had fleas. he does not have claws to itch himself and I feel so bad for him. What can I do to help his skin and get rid of the fleas on the animals and in the house? Please help!


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Just came across this suggestion from another site and might be helpful ...

When I buy flea collars for my three dogs, I use the extra

that I cut off to put in my vacuum cleaner bag to kill any

fleas that are sucked up! It helps to keep the house flea


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When got one of my cats from the shelter, she had fleas. Two doses of either Frontline or Advantage (it was 10 years ago) did the trick.

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Steam cleaning carpets gets rid of many fleas and eggs. Fleas spend much of their time OFF of the animal. Dump the dirty steamer water down the toilet to make sure the fleas don't survive!

Mule Team Borax powder, Diatomaceous Earth, or Boric Acid Powder will kill fleas in carpets and upholstery. Boric acid powder is safe for killing fleas and ear mites on the cat.

Mix Dawn dish washing soap and water in a shallow dish, then place the dish on the floor to catch and drown fleas. Use a flea comb on your cat to catch many fleas. Between combings, dunk the comb in a dish of Dawn mixed with water so the fleas cannot escape.

A mixture I've used for years to kill adult fleas is 5 ounces of liquid Seven and 5 ounces of liquid Malathion to a gallon of water. I've used that mixture even with tiny kittens. Flea collars usually don't work at all, they only drive fleas from the head and neck to other parts of the animal, and some cats are allergic to the collars.

Many products contain Methoprene to kill eggs and larvae but fleas became somewhat immune to methoprene's effects several years ago.

A really good brand of flea spray for the house, that contains NYLAR, which IS EFFECTIVE FOR KILLING EGGS AND LARVAE, is Enforcer Flea Spray for Homes. I found it in a local hardware store. Spray EVERYTHING, even between your mattresses and box springs, under couch cushions, cracks and crevices, in stacks of books or magazines, under the refrigerator etc. Fleas hide everywhere!

Frontline IS good but has the disadvantage of being too expensive for most people to use regularly with a multiple cat household.

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Can I do something for my cats earmites without spending a fortune at the vet? OTC meds or some other suggestions thanks and joey (my cat) aslo says thanks :)

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