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Homemade Bookmarks

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A bookmark made out of wallpaper scraps.

Whether making them for yourself or as gifts, homemade bookmarks are fun for the whole family to make. This is a guide about homemade bookmarks.


Solutions: Homemade Bookmarks

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Tip: Personalized Photo Bookmark

A bookmark made from a favorite photo.I wanted to come up with a homemade personalized gift for my best girlfriend of 42 years. She happens to be an avid reader and this is what I came up with, and with items I already had on hand :-)


  • small photo (3x5 inch works well)
  • 2 inch wide clear packaging tape
  • pencil or pen
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hole punch
  • thin twine, yarn, or embroidery thread
  • a bead, if you would like to use one


I think the picture will help explain, I hope.

  1. Find a favorite photo (matte photos or regular paper printed photos work better than glossy photos).
  2. Use the ruler to draw two lines with pen or pencil for a cutting guide around the portion of the photo you would like to use as the bookmark, but make sure the lines are only about an inch and a half apart. (The photo I chose is a couple of decades old and was where the shot was taken a bit of distance away so that our images weren't taking up the entire picture.)
  3. Cut along the lines you drew.
  4. Now place the photo on a flat clean surface.
  5. Pull out a bit of extra tape, longer than the length of the photo and carefully start placing it on one edge of the photo. Be sure you slowly and smoothly rub the tape as you work towards the other end.
  6. Now turn it over and place the tape the same way on the other side. Press the tape well along all of the edges and then cut the excess tape away from all sides of the photo.
  7. Punch a hole at either end of the now encased photo, wherever you wish to place the hole.
  8. What I did is string a bead through a very thin piece of twine to the center of the twine.
  9. ThenI pushed the two ends through the hole punched portion of the photo, looped the two ends through the hole again and knotted them. Then I made a little loop and knotted again. You don't need to be as complicated as using the bead idea.

You can use just about any paper or cloth item to make a nice personalized bookmark like this. How about a piece of fabric from a favorite dress, shirt, pants, blanket, or some wrapping paper, a portion of a greeting card, or your baby's first haircut clippings on a piece of blue or pink paper. Hey, the sky is the limit!

For those of you who remember my request and helped me last year about ideas regarding my childhood blanket, well, guess what, I have a bonus childhood blanket bookmark now. My only word of warning is to practice with something you aren't worried about losing/messing up first, LOL!

Have fun and please share a photo of your creation if you use this idea.

By Deeli from Richland, WA

Wallpaper Bookmarks

A bookmark made out of wallpaper scraps.Wanting to have a small thank you gift lead me to make these free bookmarks from wallpaper.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  • wallpaper book
  • Contact paper
  • iron
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • paper punch
  • tea towel


Wanting to have a small thank you gift lead me to make these free bookmarks. I have been collecting discontinued wallpaper books for years and using the paper for many paper projects. On one page in the books is a sample of the borders in that book. They are just the right size for a bookmark.

  1. Cut them out with fancy edged scissors or tear them for a ragged look.
  2. Then glue them to co-coordinating construction paper.
  3. I make quite a few at a time, say 10 or so to save time. Lay them about 1/2 inch apart on a sheet of contact paper. Then carefully unroll another sheet of contact paper over the top of them. Make sure you don't have any wrinkles as you go. There is no lifting and redoing so go slowly and slide your hand back and forth across the contact paper as it unrolls to secure it to the bookmarks.
  4. Now that you have both layers of contact paper on your bookmarks cut out around the group leaving a good 1/2 inch border.
  5. Layer your group of bookmarks between two layers of a pressing cloth, such as a tea towel that is smooth on a hard surface.
  6. With a hot iron, press the cloth firmly laminating the bookmarks on both sides. I have never melted one; they can take a lot of heat, you will have to watch your iron; it may take 15 to 30 seconds. Check once in a while and see if they look like they are smooth and look like they have been laminated. You can't tell the difference when you get done.
  7. After they have cooled, cut out as you wish leaving 1/4 inch on all 4 edges and punch a hole to run a ribbon through.

I like to leave a small token of my thanks on the nightstand when I stay with people overnight, these work great. Closeup of bookmark.

By Ann Winberg from Loup City, NE

Tip: Duct Tape Bookmarkers Don't Slide

Duct tape book mark.

Here is a duct tape book marker my daughter made for me for my reading.

They don't slip out because of the texture, and they are so colorful.

I just love it!

    By Robyn [366]

    Medallion Bookmark

    A crocheted medallion bookmark.

    This is a quick, easy, and pretty crochet bookmark, a great way to use up those scraps. They make great gifts too!

    Approximate Time: Less than 10 minutesMedallion Bookmark


    • "I" crochet hook
    • tiny amounts worsted weight yarn
    • scissors
    • embroidery needle for weaving in ends.


    1. Ch 5, join to the first ch with a slip stitch to make a ring.
    2. Medallion Bookmark
    3. Ch 5, sc in ring.
    4. Medallion Bookmark
    5. Ch 5, sc in ring.
    6. Medallion Bookmark
    7. Repeat last step 2 more times.
    8. Ch 5, join in the first ch of the round with a slip stitch. Right here, see?
    9. Medallion Bookmark
    10. This is what you have now.
    11. Medallion Bookmark
    12. Slip stitch in the first ch 5 space, ch 6.
    13. Medallion Bookmark
    14. Sc in the next ch 5 space.
    15. Medallion Bookmark
    16. Ch 6 and sc in the next ch 5 space.
    17. Medallion Bookmark
    18. Repeat last step in each ch around.
    19. On your last ch 6, join with a slip stitch to your first ch 6 space of this round.
    20. Medallion Bookmark
    21. Tightly ch 44 You may wish to chain less or more, depending on the height of your book.
    22. Medallion Bookmark
    23. Fasten off, leaving a 1" - 2" tail, however long you like. Make a simple overhand knot to secure the end.
    24. Medallion Bookmark
    25. Unravel your tail to make a cute frilly end.
    26. Medallion Bookmark
    27. Weave in your ends.
    28. Medallion Bookmark
    29. See how nice it looks?
    30. Medallion Bookmark
    31. Make some for yourself or give some away!:)

    By melissa [98]

    Simple Bookmarks

    Pink, blue, and yellow examples of bookmarks.

    I was looking for a simple bookmark that my kids could make themselves. We had a lot of embroidery floss in a ton of colors so I decided to have them use that.

    Approximate Time: 10 minutes

    Yield: 1 bookmark


    • 10 in of embroidery floss each (3 colors)
    • 1 paperclip


    1. Hold the three strands of embroidery floss together and fold them in half. Put the loop end through the top end of the paper clip. Pull the loose ends through the loop and pull tight. Separate the strands so that you have three groups.
    2. Paperclip bookmark with braides embroidery floss.
    3. Braid them together until you reach your desired length. Tie a knot in the end and trim off any excess floss.
    4. Completed yellow bookmark.
    5. Slip the paper clip bookmark onto the top of the page, where you left off reading. Allow the floss tassel to hang outside of the book.
    6. Clipped to the page of a book.

    By lalala... [595]

    Glitter Foam Bookmarks

    4 additional bookmarksHomemade bookmarks made from glittery craft foam. Accents can either be purchased or cut out. Makes an excellent gift.

    Approximate time: 20 minutes


    • glittery craft foam
    • fabric glue
    • paper punch
    • 8 inches of ribbon or cord
    • craft foam shapes, purchased or cut out
    • pinking shears


    1. Using pinking shears, cut out a 6 inch by 1 1/2 inch rectangle for base of bookmark. Glitter craft foam can be purchased at your local craft store.
    2. Use purchased or cut out shapes of glitter foam or regular craft foam. Shapes such as squares, strips and triangles can be cut with pinking shears. This is a good way to use up shapes left over from other projects.
    3. Using fabric glue, glue accents onto base of bookmark.
    4. Let dry.
    5. Using a paper punch, punch a hole 1/2 inch from the top.
    6. Using a complimentary color of ribbon or cord loop through the hole.

    by Dejohnsrld from Nevada, IA

    Back-to-School Braided Bookmarks

    bookmarkIn under 30 minutes, you can create these clip-on place keepers that won't fall out of your book!

    Approximate Time: Less than 30 minutes


    • large paper clip
    • 3 colors of ribbon
    • masking tape
    • scissors


    1. Begin with three different colors of ribbon, each about 12 inches long. (Use your child's school's colors, if desired.)
    2. Fold each one in half, then slide all three over one end of a paper clip.
    3. Use masking tape to tape down the paper clip to hold it while braiding.
    4. Pair up the like-colored ends of the ribbons, and braid them together.
    5. Tie the ends into one knot to secure them.
    6. Cut off ends of ribbon, if needed.

    You could even substitute three pipe cleaners for the ribbon, and twist the ends together after braiding instead of knotting the ends.

    Tip: Christmas Card Bookmarks

    I am giving books to friends this year for Christmas. While getting out my card holder from last year filled with last years cards a thought came to me to make bookmarks to put inside the books I am giving. I set to work and in no time at all made several beautiful bookmarks. First I sorted through the cards and found the ones that would work.

    Next, with a good sharp pair of scissors I cut a strip one to three inches wide from the card I was using. Next, punch a hole through the top and then add a pretty Christmas ribbon, the ribbon I had wasn't narrow enough so I used raffia for the tassel. I belong to a ladies bible study and plan to give them each a bookmark enclosed in their Christmas card.

    If I have any leftover cards, I will cut and make package tags from them, which I have done for years. Enjoy using your prior years Christmas cards.

    By Bobbie from Rockwall, TX

    Tip: Batty About Books!

    Bat magnet or bookmark.We made a clothespin into a magnet with some paper shapes. This can also be used as a bookmark without the magnet or a clip for chips or papers, etc.

    By Wendy S from Coopersburg, PA

    Tip: Make Bookmarks Out Of Artwork

    Don't want to throw away your children's artwork? I cut up my 2 1/2 year old twins artwork they made on posterboard into bookmark size strips and laminated them. I then punched a hole in the top and added a piece of colorful yarn for a tassel and gave them to our friends and family so they can enjoy their artwork as well as use the bookmark. We have also framed artwork to give as gifts, grandparents love it! Our kid's artwork is displayed on their walls.

    By Darcy in IN

    Stamp or Potato Print Pictures

    Stamped bookmarks.You and children of any age can make these simple paintings with just some construction paper, paint, and stamps (or cut potatoes).

    Items Needed:

    • construction paper
    • newspaper
    • paint
    • mini paper plates and stamps (or cut potatoes)

    Optional Items: To Make Pictures Into Bookmarks

    • scissors
    • clear contact paper
    • hole punch and yarn


    1. Cover working surface with newspaper.
    2. Give each child a piece of construction paper.
    3. Squeeze a small amount of paint onto mini paper plates.
    4. Have the child dip the stamps or the cut potatoes into the paint, then press on the construction paper.
    5. Repeat step 4 over and over with different stamps/different colors of paint.
    6. Let dry, then hang up and enjoy!
    Child making print art.

    Optional Steps

    1. Have the child cut their picture into 4 equal sized rectangles.
    2. Cover the rectangles with clear contact paper. (matte or shiny finish)
    3. Hole punch a hole in the top of the rectangle.
    4. Add a piece of yarn as a tassel for the bookmark.

    * Stamps can be purchased from discounts stores as shown in picture. You can also make stamps out of sponges on your own.

    By Rebecca Lanham

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