Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

Choosing the best wall paint color to coordinate with your living room furnishings can be difficult. This is a guide about living room wall paint color advice.

Nicely decorated living room.
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I'm in the process of having my living room walls sheet rocked. I'm having a problem coming up with the paint color for when they're finished. My couch is navy and my love seat and recliner are red with navy flecks. My dining room, which connects to my living room is sort of a clay color with pink undertones. My previous living room color was an earthy golden yellow. I don't really want to put the same color back, but I can't seem to come up with anything else. Help!

I had heard that you should pick a color opposite on the color wheel. That would be blue-green in my case. I love that color, but I'm not sure that would match my furniture. I also need the color to be on the lighter side since I don't get enough direct sunlight in that room. Please let me know what you think. I'm getting desperate!

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    Gray, tan and light silver would go beautifully with the colors you,ve listed

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    I have brown furniture, cream colored carpet, and black throw rugs. What color should I paint my walls?

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      It depends on the feel you are looking for. I personally like very warm colors because they feel more homey to me, so that is the palette I used for my house. I recently painted one wall the color of red wine and the others a vanilla ice cream color and my kitchen the green shown below. I got brave and painted one wall in my basement chocolate brown and love it. I have gotten a lot of complements that the new colors feel very cozy :) Home Depot does little sample cans that you can take home so you can't test the paint and see what you think of the color with your furniture and in daylight and at night lighting. Another idea is to take in an accent pillow or something you love and have them color match it.

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      I just lost my parents, my mom on Christmas Day 2014 and dad just a few weeks ago. Now have their furniture.

      For the living room - I have a primarily white cloth sofa with tiny floral print in red and dark blue flowers with green stems and leaves, a white leather loveseat, and my mother's custom Louis XVI throne chairs (made for her design specs in the late 1950s) of pale "baby blue" (a.k.a "powder blue" or "sky blue") crushed velvet and slightly-lighter shade of same blue tinted wood. Their living room (in the house where I grew up) had wall-to-wall high pile carpeting that was was emerald green when I was a child in the 1960s-'70s, and a light mushroom color when I was an adult in the 1980s, '90s, and early 2000s - always with white walls. It also had a pair of pale yellow tinted wood bookcases, which I also have. The tables are brass with glass tops, and a pecan wood table. I think I also still have my parents' pale yellow throw pillows that used to sit on the patterned sofa. (The white leather love seat was newer, I didn't grow up with that.)

      I am moving into a new house. It has golden oak hardwood floors. I own an antique late-1920s/early-1930s Art Deco console bar (a Prohibition-era "hideaway" bar) that is gilded emerald green leather and black lacquered wood, which I would like to put in the living room.

      This sounds busy, but since the furniture is almost completely all white upholstery, it's really not so crazy with too many colors. But I am at a loss to figure out what color to paint the walls. The room is darker than either the living room I grew up with or the one in this house that I've lived in for 30 years, and it's smaller than either of the other rooms, too.

      I have a textured tall white pottery floor lamp, a few wooden floor lamps (darker woods), and pale yellow with blue ginger jar table lamps, as well as my grandparents' antique Stiffel brass table lamps. Also, we have hubby's family's antique piano - a mid-century dark black-brown lacquered Baldwin Acrosonic spinet - and my family's antique piano - a nearly 200-year old upright piano of red mahogany and hand carving all over it. We don't need two pianos and there isn't room for them at the new house. (We're downsizing, as we're now seniors.) It is likeliest that we'll be able to sell the Baldwin spinet piano faster and easier than my upright piano, so we expect to keep the red mahogany upright instrument.

      I really hate white walls, having grown up in a house with nothing but white walls and little artwork hanging on those. My parents preferred other forms of art than paintings or prints. I'd like not to have to paint the walls in my own living room white, unless there's no other good option. I do, however, have plenty of oil paintings from hubby's family home, and a good number of prints, and a lot of original water color paintings, oil paintings, and sketches (hubby's sister was an artist).

      Help! What color(s) would look best on the walls of my new living room?
      Thank you.

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        Here is a pic of the Art Deco bar, but this pic was taken before restoration, which I'm in the middle of doing. So it's a greenish-charcoal-ish wood, a darker black wood top, and the gilt green leather (and handles) remain the same - just re-done.

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        I have recently moved into a house with a brown fitted carpet and I have a pale green leather 3 piece suite. Any ideas on what colour I can paint the walls would be appreciated, I want a feature wall and some wall art. Thank you.

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          I have a brown carpet with caramel flecks in it plus steel grey furniture. What colours should I paint the walls? One wall is very long, but has a fireplace and TV on it.

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            More info

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            I will eventually be getting a suede colored recliner and couch. I have a green recliner in the living room. Right now the walls are a tan color. I want to brighten up the room. Do you think a red color would match? Please offer suggestions. Thank you!

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              I do not think red will brighten the room; I suspect it will overpower it. Go with a lighter off-white, for instance. Greens are tricky to match, and look odd if they are not well co-ordinated, so I would not use green on the walls with a green accent chair. You can add colour and punch to the room with throws, pillows, and artwork.

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              I have an orange leather sofa and yellow leather loveseat. What color should I paint the walls?

              By Josef F.

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              Yellow and orange - I would suggest a lighter yellow, or a soft green, but depending on the effect you want, you could even go with a fairly intense blue. What color is the floor/carpet, draperies, etc.? Rugs, pillows, and decorative items will be needed to pull all this together, but would be fun. By changing some accessories as pillows, vases, and such, you can have a new and exciting look several times a year.

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              What color or colors can I paint my living room? I need lots of ideas to choose from please.

              from dining area
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                Go look at show homes in your city and see what the trends are. Then choose the colour you like. Your sofa is brown, and the flooring white, so you have a pretty clear field. I think you should look at going with a brighter colour in your accent pieces and get some wall art that will pep up the room. I like a nice pale background, so I would leave most of the walls white/off white, and paint one of the walls dark brown for contrast.

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                I have an olive striped lounge suite. I am wondering what color wall paint can I use?

                  Lounge Paint Color Advice
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                  I think Veranda Yellow by Behr for the walls would look smart, accented with wine color drapes.

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                  My living room colour is cream and I have a coffee brown rug and curtains. Other accessories are black and ash. I would like to change the colour of my wall. Please can you recommend the best colour that matches with the coffee brown curtains and rug?

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                    With all the dark colors, I'd go light color walls. If you're bored with cream perhaps a pale peach, blue, or light pink tone beige.

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                    I'm attaching the pics of the furniture I've bought for the living room:

                    • The TV table and the coffee table are dark brown top with rustic green bottom.
                    • TV table coffee table

                    • The couch is a brown leather couch with two dark brown side tables.
                    • sofa side table
                    • I plan to have dark brown wooden blinds on the window in the living room.
                    • I've bought two single seaters which are green.
                    • Stockholm green chair
                    • I have a large greenery portrait from Ikea to go behind the couches.
                    • print

                    So it's more of a dark brown with green theme for the lounge which also extends into the dining area. My dining table and chairs are also dark brown.

                    Here is what I need advice with; my lounge is not very big.

                    • What colour should I paint on the wall behind the couch on which I will hang the large scenery print as in the picture?
                    • What colour should I paint the wall behind the TV table which will be opposite to the couch?
                    • The window is more like a door and opens into the garden. It will have dark wooden blinds. What colour should I paint that wall?
                    • Any advice would be much appreciated as I'm really confused about the colour scheme. I wanna have one or two large plants in there as well to go with my green and brown theme.


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                      I agree with Marty on the cream paint. It not only goes with the different shades of green, but also with the dark brown. You really do need a lighter color in the room. If you had chosen lighter color furnishings, then you could swing for darker walls. Light walls also give the illusion the room is larger. Have fun!

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                      I have a grey leather sofas and dark wood flooring. It is a long narrow room with windows at both ends. What is the best colour to paint my walls?

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                        I am usually good with this, but I am stumped! I am purchasing a brown leather couch and want to paint my walls. My tile that surrounds the living room area which is carpeted is in a very light caramel color with a little bit of grey. My walls now are caramel, but I want to update everything. Any suggestions on a color pallet here?

                        tile floor
                          Living Room Paint Color Advice
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                          One of the colors complimentary to you sofa color is 526e6a

                          One of the colors complimentary to your tile color is 729dc7

                          I lifted one of the shades from your tile to get caramel. I desaturated the caramel a bit and went towards gold. I think you should take your existing caramel wall color and add gold to it. How dark or light you go would be your choice. I would add some off white here and there, too. Maybe f9f9f9

                          I think there should be at least one strong accent color. You can use your own imagination for that.

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                          I have a 14 x 20 foot living room that has a light wood floor, 4 foot light wood bookcases, with an ivory stone fireplace at one end of the room. The fireplace also features a three tone mosaic tile - dark brown, cream, and clear. All of the doors, mopboards also match the floor wood. To the left of the bookcase wall is an 8 foot window wall. So I really need a color that will pop because there is really only one and a half "real wall space" areas. I am not afraid to use color, but can't come up with something that won't just get absorbed into the wood. Help!

                            Living Room Paint Color AdviceLiving Room Paint Color Advice
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                            Orange, Aqua, Periwinkle Blue, or Cream and Avocado Green always look nice together and you have plenty of natural lighting so keep the room from being too dark if you choose that color of green.

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                            I have a jade and gold sofa and navy curtains .What color should paint the walls and what color carpet should I install?

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                              I'm picturing gold colored walls and navy carpeting. If that's too much navy, then maybe medium gray carpeting, or jade carpeting to pick up the color in your sofa.

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                              I have purchased a new sofa in tan leather. What colours will look best on my walls? Will it be looking to get dark wood flooring?

                              Paint Colour Advice

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