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Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

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Nicely decorated living room.

Choosing the best wall paint color to coordinate with your living room furnishings can be difficult. This is a guide about living room wall paint color advice.


Solutions: Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

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Tip: Matching Paint To Existing Colors

I had a similar problem when I moved to my older condo 8 years ago. The counter tops were a unique laminate red color, which I absolutely loved. The wallpaper on the walls was horrible. I removed it and then thought about a wall color that would enhance my red counters.

My idea was a success! I went to a paint store and looked at red paints and brought home cards with the paint color samples on it that I thought were closest to my counter. From there, I picked one that was a match! Then I went back to the paint store and found the booklets they have with coordinating color schemes for paint colors . In my case, I was able to find a three-color coordinating scheme that included my red counter top color, and painted my walls with one of those three colors. It resulted in a perfectly harmonious color blend, and an accent to my counter top color! I then used the third color for accent decor ideas.

My suggestion would work if you were trying to coordinate with a piece of furniture too. Just find that color in a paint chip, and look for the coordinating colors offered. Almost every paint brand does this, so if one doesn't have it, you can use your color card to search the other brands, so you don't have to bring home samples from every company.

    By Denise Bolduc R. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice.

    Question: What Color Paint for my Living Room?

    I have an orange leather sofa and yellow leather loveseat. What color should I paint the walls?

    By Josef F.


    Best Answer

    By Sheilah Link [5]01/13/2014

    Yellow and orange - I would suggest a lighter yellow, or a soft green, but depending on the effect you want, you could even go with a fairly intense blue. What color is the floor/carpet, draperies, etc.? Rugs, pillows, and decorative items will be needed to pull all this together, but would be fun. By changing some accessories as pillows, vases, and such, you can have a new and exciting look several times a year.

    Question: Paint Color Advice for Living Room

    I have a burgundy, leather couch and a dark brown entertainment stand. My floor is wood, a light brown. It is an open concept room. What colour can I paint my walls?

    By CH


    Most Recent Answer

    By Dena R. [3]09/27/2013

    Blues go well with burgundies and browns.

    Question: Need Decorating Ideas - Navy Carpet and Tan Furniture

    I just have a question. We have a navy blue berber carpet in our living room and our furniture is a tanish color and we'd like to paint our walls.. They are white and they join our dining room which has the hard wood floor.

    What would be a good color to go with the other colors? We can't afford to change anything except the paint, right now. Can you help? Thank you!
    Betsy Albright

    Most Recent Answer

    By Gritz (Guest Post)01/16/2009

    I would try a cabin look since it goes well with navy and hard wood floors. I also have navy carpet throughout my house and had my walls painted a baby blue but the feeling was cold and the contrast was too sharp. Orange actually works well with blues, as well as khaki, some browns, reds and whites. Navy usually is a neutral color so you want something on the walls that won't make both the wall and carpet 'pop' which is usually lighter colors. I would try a mid tone and maybe keep your furniture the same, but add little things that draw the eye and try to create balance.

    Navy is hard to work with.

    Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

    I just lost my parents, my mom on Christmas Day 2014 and dad just a few weeks ago. Now have their furniture.

    For the living room - I have a primarily white cloth sofa with tiny floral print in red and dark blue flowers with green stems and leaves, a white leather loveseat, and my mother's custom Louis XVI throne chairs (made for her design specs in the late 1950s) of pale "baby blue" (a.k.a "powder blue" or "sky blue") crushed velvet and slightly-lighter shade of same blue tinted wood. Their living room (in the house where I grew up) had wall-to-wall high pile carpeting that was was emerald green when I was a child in the 1960s-'70s, and a light mushroom color when I was an adult in the 1980s, '90s, and early 2000s - always with white walls. It also had a pair of pale yellow tinted wood bookcases, which I also have. The tables are brass with glass tops, and a pecan wood table. I think I also still have my parents' pale yellow throw pillows that used to sit on the patterned sofa. (The white leather love seat was newer, I didn't grow up with that.)

    I am moving into a new house. It has golden oak hardwood floors. I own an antique late-1920s/early-1930s Art Deco console bar (a Prohibition-era "hideaway" bar) that is gilded emerald green leather and black lacquered wood, which I would like to put in the living room.

    This sounds busy, but since the furniture is almost completely all white upholstery, it's really not so crazy with too many colors. But I am at a loss to figure out what color to paint the walls. The room is darker than either the living room I grew up with or the one in this house that I've lived in for 30 years, and it's smaller than either of the other rooms, too.

    I have a textured tall white pottery floor lamp, a few wooden floor lamps (darker woods), and pale yellow with blue ginger jar table lamps, as well as my grandparents' antique Stiffel brass table lamps. Also, we have hubby's family's antique piano - a mid-century dark black-brown lacquered Baldwin Acrosonic spinet - and my family's antique piano - a nearly 200-year old upright piano of red mahogany and hand carving all over it. We don't need two pianos and there isn't room for them at the new house. (We're downsizing, as we're now seniors.) It is likeliest that we'll be able to sell the Baldwin spinet piano faster and easier than my upright piano, so we expect to keep the red mahogany upright instrument.

    I really hate white walls, having grown up in a house with nothing but white walls and little artwork hanging on those. My parents preferred other forms of art than paintings or prints. I'd like not to have to paint the walls in my own living room white, unless there's no other good option. I do, however, have plenty of oil paintings from hubby's family home, and a good number of prints, and a lot of original water color paintings, oil paintings, and sketches (hubby's sister was an artist).

    Help! What color(s) would look best on the walls of my new living room?
    Thank you.

      By Sessie [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Sessie [1]07/08/2015

      Here is a pic of the Art Deco bar, but this pic was taken before restoration, which I'm in the middle of doing. So it's a greenish-charcoal-ish wood, a darker black wood top, and the gilt green leather (and handles) remain the same - just re-done.

      RE: Living Room Paint Color Advice

      Question: Living Room and Kitchen Paint Color Advice

      Does it matter if each room in my house is a different color? I want to paint my living room a Tiffany blue/chocolate brown, but I can't figure out what color to do the kitchen. I am thinking about a rustic fall red, but I don't want it to look crazy coming from the living room to the kitchen. The living room is closed off from the kitchen, but I'm just unsure if that makes a difference or not.

      By Tatirah G.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Shirley Darby [7]09/23/2011

      How boring to have all rooms match or even coordinate! Paint it whatever color you want.

      Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

      I have a dark blue/gray couch and love seat, with a black TV stand and coffee table. I am looking to paint my walls, but I want to put up some black and white photos, too. I have an off white wall now and it seems to be too boring. What color wall would look great? I heard brown or beige would be good. Any ideas?

      By Nancy from Houston, TX,

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lee [4]09/20/2010

      Most times you see b&w photos they are on white walls like NY loft type decor, but I do like mauve or brown behind b&w. Love your crown molding. May I suggest leaving your walls white in a flat paint, then paint 6" stripes using semi gloss. Makes the walls look rich. You might also try painting your lamp shades, make them pop. That's a great picture. I think it should stand alone.

      Question: Need Advice on Remodeling

      My future wife and I will be moving into a two family house after we are married owned by her grandparents. It is an older house but looks great. I would be living in the bottom floor. I was thinking of redoing the floor with a rosewood Pergo floor from Lowe's - Link to Floor

      Any suggestions about to do or not to do that? The house is set up that as soon as you walk down the stairs you are in a pretty large living room longer than it is wide with two support poles towards the left side and at the end a huge bar spanning the width of the room. My question is what color should I paint this room, if I stick with rosewood floor. It has to be a good living room color but also compliment the bar scene.

      Second what color should I paint the kitchen, which would have the same flooring? But the cabinets are a lighter yellow wood almost like this flooring - Cabinet Color Link

      Should I sand them down and restain them or just do the flooring in that color? but then what colors should I paint the walls with that floor? Also the bar's front side is like that wood paneling, can I paint on that?

      If you can also give some tips on the bedroom, which would have a carpet of my choice in it and the bathroom now is pink with pink tiles, sink, and toilet. Thanks for all your time and thoughts everyone. Please respond!

      Sal from Totowa, NJ

      Most Recent Answer

      By Linda (Guest Post)07/29/2008

      Is your future wife going to live with you? If so, perhaps it would be considerate of you to consider her opinion, yes? Or does her vote not count?

      Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

      I will eventually be getting a suede colored recliner and couch. I have a green recliner in the living room. Right now the walls are a tan color. I want to brighten up the room. Do you think a red color would match? Please offer suggestions. Thank you!

        By sherriefults [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Mary Lou [14]07/22/2015

        If the sofa set you are getting is brown and the recliner is green, I'm thinking a lighter shade of the recliner green, not necessarily pastel but two to three shades lighter.

        Question: Wall Colour Advice

        I have a plain beige carpet, a beige marble fireplace, and a black leather suite. Half way down my walls there is a white PVC dado rail. My curtains are bold with a beige flower and black background. There's also a black rug with a creamy flower. What colour paint should I do my walls in?

        By Trish S.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Vickye Massey [2]02/21/2014

        Red would be beautiful.

        Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

        Brown couch.I'm still moving in and would like to paint my walls before adding any other furniture. My couches are a paper bag brown leather and my walls are white. I was thinking chocolate brown for the main wall or match all walls in the living room with the couches.

        By Tiara P

        Most Recent Answer

        By Elizabeth Kent [9]12/23/2013

        Your chocolate couch will go with any color, so pick your favorite color. As a sample, mine is orchid, so we started with that color and cut the shade in half (at the store) and it turned out to be very pale orchid, not a shock to the system. In another room, we have another favorite color, aqua - did the same thing and all of it is very livable. We haven't changed the colors and still love them for 14 years. It's getting time to repaint and we are going for the same colors again. So, seriously consider what are the favorite colors in your family. The wall area closest to the kitty steps is the actual color I was discussing, we have black furniture.

        RE: Living Room Paint Color Advice

        Question: Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

        My walls are blue, the drapes are cream with a hint of blue and sage and I wanted to purchase a sage sofa. Do blue gray walls go with a sage sofa?

        By Geno

        Most Recent Answer

        By Kathy [59]12/15/2011

        I think it would go together very well also. I agree with the above post to add a splash of bright colors as a bit of surprise.

        Question: A Color Scheme for My Living Room and Dining Room

        My living room and dining room are one big room from the left side of the house to the right side. I want the living room to be a deep brick red and a light vanilla color, with 2 red walls and 2 vanilla walls. What do I do with the ceiling? Leave it white? The dining room I wanted to include the vanilla color and maybe a soft gold color. I need advice! I need these 2 rooms to flow together yet be separate!

        By Texas Scorpio from Orange, TX

        Most Recent Answer

        By Hallie [5]12/29/2010

        Try doing the ceiling the same vanilla color, because the lighter you go with the ceiling the more space you seem to have, it feels way bigger if you do a light color on the ceiling, and then it will match the walls.

        Question: Paint Color Advice for Living Room with Sage Carpet and Graphite Sofa

        I am updating my living room with a soft sage carpet and a graphite sofa. What colors would work well for the walls?

        By traveler233 from PA

        Most Recent Answer

        By susan [33]10/29/2010

        I would use a shade of the blue from the bedroom or a lighter sage color. Good luck.

        Question: Color Ideas for Brown and Light Blue Living Room

        I have black furniture in my living room. My decorations are chocolate brown and a light blue color. What colors would look good with my decorations?

        By Elizabeth from Berwyn, IL

        Most Recent Answer

        By Pam Griffis [4]01/15/2010

        I would say cream with either a tan or more yellow tint, light green, or coral.

        Question: Paint Color for Beige Sofas

        nice living roomI have beige couches and green countertops. What color should I paint my walls? These are the couches that I just bought. Please share your ideas.

        By mandi1234 from Phoenix, AZ

        Most Recent Answer

        By Pat [11]10/02/2009

        Dark red or burgundy would be striking! Accent with brown and gold. Very warm and cheerful.

        Question: Paint to Coordinate with Navy Couch and Grey Carpet

        I need help. I have a navy couch and love seat with grey carpet. Any wall color suggestions? I have two days.

        By cab11 from Dearborn, MI

        Most Recent Answer

        By merlene smith [4]05/22/2009

        A bright sunny yellow or golden color would warm up a the coolness of blue and gray.

        Question: Paint Colors to Coordinate with Blue/Gray Couch

        I need to know what color goes best with a blue/gray couch. I need wall colors. Thank you.

        Most Recent Answer

        By nicole (Guest Post)01/25/2009

        My son has a navy blue comforter with tan, red and light blue plaid. What color should I paint the wall?

        Question: Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

        I have brown furniture and tan colored tile in my living room. Currently the walls are a very slight off white, but I'd like to paint them a different color. I just don't know what would look good. I would love some ideas.

        By A. J.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]04/09/2015

        Dark colours are very trendy. Maybe you could do one feature wall in a dark brown or a rusty red, and then the other walls in lighter shade. You could add colour with your paintings on the wall, throws and pillows. Or perhaps, if you have drapes, make them white with white accessories, so the room is dark brown and white. I think that would look quite nice.

        Question: Living Room Wall Color

        We just purchased a house in which the living and dining room are painted a really nice beige color. We just purchased a couch that is roughly the same color as the walls. Should we paint the walls a darker color than the couch? Or is it OK to have them roughly the same color?

        By Ashley

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]01/09/2015

        The real question here is if you like the look of the couch in the room the way it is. If you do, fine. I agree with the other poster that a nice throw and accent pillows might be enough colour. Or, you could use a lot of pictures/paintings/artwork on your walls to liven things up.

        Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

        red couchMy girlfriend and I are moving in to our first apartment together and we are allowed to paint the walls. We have a red couch and a blue recliner. These obviously will change later on but we need something that will go with what we have right now and in the future. Also my girlfriend has black curtains if that affects anything. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you. blue recliner

        By Alec

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]12/21/2014

        I would go with off-white (but not a greyed white - those can be depressing), grey, or ivory. With that as a neutral background, you can use the black curtains. If your budget stretches that far, you might consider a slipcover or large throw for the couch, as it makes a very powerful statement. If you covered it up with a neutral or with a blue cover, you could go with pale blue walls.

        Question: Living Room Wall Color Advice

        What colour walls go with dark chocolate brown leather furniture, wood trim, and early American wood floors?

        By Gloria

        Most Recent Answer

        By Marty Dick [152]10/23/2014

        I have bright lemon yellow in my living room. It's really nice since it never gets gloomy even on cloudy winter days.

        RE: Living Room Wall Color Advice

        Question: Rust Colored Couch with Light Blue Walls

        I just painted my walls in the living room "morning breeze" which is a light blue. My friend just gave me a very nice sectional; the only problem is that the color is rust. Is there a way to make it work without having to repaint?

        By T.Carreno from LA, CA

        Most Recent Answer

        By Nightsong [34]10/23/2013

        I like the pillow idea. You might also try small throw rugs or curtains with blue, white and rust in them.

        Question: Choosing Accent Colors for a Living Dining Room Combination

        I have a combo living/dining room. There are cream walls, a burgundy sectional, black end tables, black/dark wood dining set, and cream carpet. I am looking to put more color in this room but on a low budget. I was thinking turquoise and golden yellow as accents. I would like to paint the walls white, if we went with those accent colors. Any ideas, comments, or advice?

        By Jenn

        Most Recent Answer

        By Elgie [4]07/11/2011

        Keep what you have, cream carpet, wall, and furnishings then find some patterned material (style you like) in several patterns that include some of the basic colors you already have plus your desired turquoise and gold. Make pillow shams, seat covers for dining room, lamp shades or whatever.. Also add color in prints on you walls and color in lamps on your end tables. Books and magazines can also add a zip to a room. Go to the thrift store and find hard cover books with the colors you like and stack or add to any bookshelf you may have. Paint old wicker baskets in your fun colors to hold "stuff". My daughter has found great pieces of fabric at thrift stores, and it doesn't always have to be straight yardage. Scarves and dresses, old drapes can give you some great material. Have fun and you do not have to spend much money and it should look smashing!

        Question: Paint Color Advice

        I need help with what colour to paint my walls and what accent to use. I recently bought a rust coloured couch with a chocolate brown piping and two mahogany chairs, one is rust/brick red and the other is chocolate brown.

        My walls are light blue with a capri blue top skirting. I would like to hear your views on which colour I should paint the walls with an accent wall in a different tone. And what colour rug and pillows should I get? I want the living room to look soft and relaxing. Thank you.

        By Medlin from Kenya, Nairobi

        Most Recent Answer

        By Pam Griffis [4]07/20/2010

        I would paint the walls a nice deep cream color (that has a yellow undertone). Then paint an accent wall the same color as the piping on the sofas. Now you can experiment with with throw pillows, lamps, etc. to find an other accent (smaller) colors you like.

        Question: Paint Color to Match My Couch

        What color should I paint my living room with a sage colored couch?

        Daowens from Bronx, NY

        Most Recent Answer

        By (Guest Post)12/02/2008

        We used a soft brown Sherwin Williams "down home" with our sage green sofa. I have a fun colorful rug and off-white drapes and we love it.

        Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

        view of carpet and tableI have a big living room. I have new carpet which is dark brown and dark brown furniture. I'm going to paint my walls and I can't decide what color. Living Room Paint Color Advice

        By Amy from Lebanon, TN

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]04/09/2015

        Are the walls white now? They appear to be, with white curtains. I like that look, but you could do brown walls with white trim, and keep the white curtains, add white throws and pillows. Perhaps one feature wall could be a very dark brown, and the others a lighter shade. Really, you have a very neutral pallet, and many colours would suit.

        Question: Paint Color Advice

        view of the living roomI have a green couch and rug and a red accent chair. I currently have a very dark green on the walls, but would like to change the wall color. What color should I paint? My kitchen is open to the family room and has white cabinets and a dark grey paint on walls.

        By Anne C

        Most Recent Answer

        By Trudy Shallow [2]03/23/2015

        With all that color for the furniture, I would go with white walls and add splashes of color with your window treatments and wall art. From your image it looks like you could do with a little lightening of the area. The white walls will go with the gray of your kitchen and also the white cabinets.

        Question: Wall Paint Colour Advice

        My stairs have a red traditional pattern carpet, the doors are mahogany, and the floor ash. What colour should I paint the walls?

        By Ann from Northern Ireland

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]01/09/2015

        Personally, I would go with an off white or cream colour. Your carpet and doors are pretty strong, dark colours, and light walls will lighten it up. I see on redecorating shows, that they often use dark colours - like a dark brown or grey.

        You might watch a few such programs on TV and see if you like these looks. Some paint stores have computer programs that will help you choose the colour; check out your local stores and see if they have this.

        Question: Living Room Paneling Paint Color Advice

        Our house is over 200 years old. At some point, someone put wood paneling in the living room. Replacing it is out of the question. It is way too much money and work. I'm going to paint it, but I can't decide what color. The wood floors are a honey oak shade, the furniture is beige, the ceiling and trim are off white (which will stay the same), and I have lots off red accents, such as pillows, throws, and valances. Any suggestions? I'm tired of all the brown/wood colors. Thanks.

        By clb

        Most Recent Answer

        By Myrna [14]01/04/2015

        I've used TSP on wood paneling and follow direction on box. Then primed the walls twice over with Kilz before painting. This helps keep the color of wood from bleeding into the painted surface. For the right color combo, I think I'd go with one wall of the room with deep red and paint the other walls with beige or cream much lighter than the trim work.

        Question: Paint Color Advice for Family Room

        I have burgundy leather furniture with hardwood floors and a green area rug in my family room. What color paint would you recommend for the walls?

        By Anne

        Most Recent Answer

        By Myrna [14]11/05/2014

        I would go with a tan; nothing really dark since you have burgundy sofa and not knowing how much light is in the room or the shade of green rug.

        Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

        I have a navy blue leather sofa and chair and also a blue recliner and a tan recliner. The rugs are a medium blue. I just tore down wallpaper--left with white walls. What color would look best against all this blue? I have a dark wood fireplace and dark wood furniture as well.

        By Marcia N.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Sharon03/20/2014

        I have dark blue furniture too and a fireplace. My walls are a lighter color of yellow that brightens the room. I know it is not the in fashion coloring but it cheers the room up for me. I also have cream colored sheers with cream and dark blue print toile valances. I recommend that you get some paint chips or a small container of paint sample to help you decide. Good luck!

        Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

        I recently moved in a new place. The living room rug is dark green. What colors would go good with it? All I can come up with is a rain forest look. How do I make my living room have a natural outdoors type look? I know I can throw some plants in to feel like nature. Please anyone have any ideas?

        By Shay

        Most Recent Answer

        By Sandi/Poor But Proud [424]02/03/2013

        Green goes well with tan. You can also have a lighter shade of green, like sea foam or moss. Yes, plants always make a room look more homey, plus it gives us more oxygen.

        You can get accents in nature like log cabins, moose, bears and such. I am sending you a sample of some really cool accents and if you can, keep all the white you can out of the room. It will look like a hard candy during the holidays.
        Good luck,
        PBP ... 4a5521b543f&biw=1024&bih=677

        RE: Living Room Paint Color Advice

        Question: Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

        We have a black antique fireplace, that we love with a black and gold mirror over it against red walls. The red paint was sort of textured, giving a slight sandy feeling. The floor is wood, maple, with a dark brown leather couch and furniture, and light cream curtains. It's long overdue for a repaint. We were going for an old world atmosphere in keeping with fireplace, but it's not very cheerful! We would welcome suggestions for wall colour :D

          By Macca [1]

          Question: Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

          living room with fireplaceI have dark chocolate leather furniture and sheer burgundy curtains in the living room. I'd like to paint the living room walls, as they are white. What color(s) would you recommend? I want the room to look bigger and add some live color. Thx in advance!

          By Karla S.

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          Living Room Paint Color AdviceMy husband and I are looking at changing our wall colours. We have black chairs, a red rug, and cream curtains. What colour do you suggest for the walls? Also, we have green curtains in the rooms.

          By Kikky from Lagos, Nigeria

          Question: Lounge Paint Color and Carpet Advice

          What colour walls and carpet would go with a very dark red suit? We have bought a new place and all needs doing.

          By Lyn

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          I purchased Adore beige color curtains for my living room walls. So which color would be best on the walls?

          By sudhakar

          Question: Living Room and Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice

          I have a country home. I just purchased a new rug and 3 ft laminate flooring. The color of the rug that I purchased is a dark blonde, with darker waves for accent, of course that is the living room. The color for the wall I thought of was one wall, make that an accent wall possibly a mocha color, then the rest of the walls, go with an almond color. For the kitchen, we are putting in 3 ft laminate flooring strips and this is a dark brown/with coco colored. I was wondering if these colors would be a nice combination with the flooring?

          By James M. from Ada, MN

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          I have a dark gray couch and loveseat with an accent chair in gray and beige. My carpet is beige. I have a living room/dining room combination. What color should I paint the walls?

          By Kathy G.

          Question: Living Room/Dining Room Paint Colour Advice

          We have a south facing living room/dining room space in an L shape. Our furniture (living room and dining room) is medium brown and our couches are both dark blue. The area rug is a wine solid with a blue floral (greens and beige) motif. We have floor to ceiling balcony windows which have the south exposure and are covered in a white sheer.

          By Ann from Toronto

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          I have a northeast facing living room. It has a big bay window in the centre. The room is small and narrow. Presently the walls are painted white. The furniture in the room is a light teal color.
          I would like to add a splash of color to the room. What color should I paint my walls and accent wall? Any ideas?
          Thank you.

          By Eileen from Ontario, Canada

          Question: Living Room Wall Color

          living roomMy living room has a stone fireplace from floor to ceiling. My sofa is slate gray with accents of green, light gray and beige. What would be a good wall color?

          By Sandi

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          I have a reddish burgandy couch, a dark blue wing back chair, and two dark brown small chairs. My curtains are similar to the blues in the wing back chair. What color should I paint the walls? The living room wall goes down the hallway also.

          By Tiena

          Question: Choosing Living Room Wall Color

          I have beige suede couches with a lot of natural wood. My lamps and accessories are bronze and black tones. I'd call it an open concept house. My kitchen has blue harmony walls with saphire blue granites. What color should I paint my walls in my living room?

          By Alicia Y.

          Question: Paint and Accessory Color Advice

          I have raspberry/black leather settees. What colour walls, cushions, and curtains should I go with?

          By Betty

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          My furniture pieces are cranberry red, navy blue, sage green, and tan. The flooring is hardwood, mid-range brown. Drapes are navy blue. What color should I paint the walls? Beige is not an option.

          By Ruth

          Question: Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

          What color do I paint the walls if my carpet is gray and my couch is chestnut brown? The trim is white.

          By Zina

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          I have a light gray sofa and love seat. What color is good for the wall?

          By Sara

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          I have just moved into a home which has a grey/sage mix carpet like a fleck. I have cream sofas. There is a fireplace wall I want to paint or paper. Would grey stone paper or brick red look best or what colour would you advise? Also what colour cushions, etc. should I use to tie it all in together? I do not want it to look too masculine. Thanks.

          By Pippa F

          Question: Paint Color Suggestion for Living Room

          I am looking for a paint color suggestion for a 14 x 19 living room with good light adjoining my dining room which is painted dark olive.

          By crhodes

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          Beige loveseat with dark base.I got a brown and beige chair and what to know what color should I paint the living room, please?

          By Jolaine

          Question: Living Room Paint Color Advice

          What color would look good on my living room walls? I have medium dark brown leather couches, a brown very large entertainment center, vaulted ceilings and orange/yellow terracotta tile. I'm trying to go with a Tuscan/Mediterranean style.

          By SR

          Question: Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice

          I have African mahogany floors by Mirage (Brass) in living room, dining room, and foyers. My furniture is traditional with rust colored sofas. The walls are now yellow/gold. Do I have to repaint the walls a different color?

          By Annette K.