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Recycled Container Craft Ideas

Recycled Ribbon Dispenser

Recycled containers of all sizes and shapes can be used in crafting projects. This is a guide about recycled container craft ideas.


Solutions: Recycled Container Craft Ideas

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Craft Project: Recycled Potpourri Jar

Recycled potpourri containersAn easy and inexpensive craft to make for mom for Mother's Day.

Approximate Time: 15 minutes or less


  • baby Food Jar (2.5 oz.)
  • tulle
  • rubberband
  • potpourri
  • ribbon
  • flower or bow
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • Sharpie marker
  • dip container lid
  • scissors
  • newspaper


Cover your work area with newspaper. Fill a clean baby food jar with potpourri.

Use the dip container lid as a stencil. With a Sharpie marker, trace a circle around the dip container lid on the tulle. Make sure you have newspaper underneath the tulle. Cut out the circle of tulle and put it on top of the baby food jar.

Wrap the rubberband around the top of the jar to keep the tulle in place.

Hot glue ribbon around the top of the jar to cover up the rubberband and then hot glue the flower or bow on the front.


I made these as a little gift to give each woman in our church for Mother's Day. My sister gave me the baby food jars. The tulle came from wedding decorations that were going to be thrown away. I saved the rubberbands from my Sunday paper.

I made about 65 jars and only paid for the potpourri. It was $1.00 a bag at Dollar General and I used 3 bags. I had a bunch of small ribbon flowers that I bought at the Goodwill in a bag of crafting supplies. These jars cost less than 22 cents each to make.

These would make good gifts if you were having a mother/daughter dinner before Mother's Day. You could sit a jar at each table setting.

They smell wonderful. But if you have allergies like me, you might want to take an allergy pill before starting this craft if you're going to make a bunch.

By Dana from Normaville, PA

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Tip: Pretty Personalized Recycled Containers

Why not recycle worthy containers right back into our homes, I say! I gather together appropriate recycle-worthy containers, and, with an inexpensive roll of yard sale or thrift store wallpaper, one can turn such containers into a darling variety of matching holders of whatever you want! Attach temporarily with double-sided tape, add a couple layers of decopage and voila! Cute containers for next to nothing.


By Joyous [4]

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Craft Project: Recycled Ribbon Dispenser

A ribbon dispenser made from a recycled containerTry this idea for a quick, inexpensive way to organize and dispense elastic, ribbon, twine or yarn.

Approximate Time: 15-30 minutes


  • Heat-in-the bowl soup container
  • Ribbon or paint or paper or fabric
  • Craft glue
A ribbon dispenser from a soup container


  1. Empty your soup container, wash and dry it. (I use containers from Progresso soup but any variety that offers a plastic, snap-on lid will work.) I remove the paper label that covers the outside of the container.

  2. Attach a length of cute ribbon around the upper edge of the container using craft glue. You could choose to paint the outside or cover it with paper or fabric.

  3. Roll elastic into a loose ball. Make the ball small enough to fit inside the container. Thread the loose end of the elastic though one opening in the lid and attach the lid back onto the container. You can then pull out the required length of elastic needed for your project and snip with scissors.

This container works equally well to dispense ribbon, small balls of yarn, or twine!

I sit the container inside a drawer on my sewing cabinet. My elastic is contained (rather than tangled up in other sewing supplies) and is always close at hand when needed.

By Pam from McMinnville, TN A ribbon dispenser made from a recycled container

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Tip: Retro Candy Dish

Retro Candy Dish

Here is a painted flower pot with metal tape handle. I used a drawer pull for the topper.

    By Carmen Dunning C. [3]

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    Tip: Recycled Zebra Clothespin

    Recycled Zebra Clothespin

    If you cut a circle out of a butter container lid, and then cut a 'U' shape inside of it, it will act like a temporary clothespin.

    It is a lazy, rainy day and I didn't have any clothespins. I put duct tape on one side of it.

    I am going to use a different type of plastic next time, since the paint will come off the butter container lid sometimes, depending on what kind of butter/margarine it is.

      By Robyn [369]

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