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Relieving Itching for Dogs

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Determining the cause of your pet's itchy skin, is the first step to providing relief. This is a guide about relieving itching for dogs.


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September 5, 2010

Can I use Calagel on my dog till I can get her to the vet on Tuesday? She has a rash all over her she is going crazy! She is a Beagle.

By Rachelle from Salem, OH

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September 19, 20120 found this helpful

For all your itchy dog questions: remember the skin is the biggest organ in the body and it is first to show trauma in the system. Skin allergies are usually diet related. Wheat, corn and soy are the three biggest allergens in dogs and you'll find these as the top 3 ingredients in most dry dog foods. Eliminate these three ingredients, find a food that is human grade and grains free - this is what is biologically appropriate for dog's diet.

Most skin issues will vanish in 2-3 months (takes time for the body to detox and regenerate). Vets have no understanding of diet and recommend things I wouldn't feed to my worse enemy. Also a lot of personality issues calm down or go away when diet is corrected. Lastly, find a holistic vet who can advise you of holistic ways to increase your pet's immunity and health without the toxic effects of western medicine.

Regular vets (and MD's) "bandaid" problems or slash, burn and toxify while Holistic Vets (and ND's) seek to find a root cause and cure the problem. It's time for a whole new way of thinking for us and our pets!

Also recommend Gold Detox Kit from Amber Technology - it detoxes and regenerates all the body's organs and systems with an organic, non-toxic product. Very inexpensive for the results. Recommend doing it once a year. Dog's bodies are designed to live 25-30 years - we are the ones shortening them by poor nutrition and over vaccinations (read "Stop the Shots!: Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets!" and "Food Pets Die For" to understand diet).

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October 20, 20150 found this helpful

I found out from my vet my dog is not only allergic to flea bites, but to freshly mown grass and to keep him off it for 24 hours after being mowed.

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September 5, 20100 found this helpful

I have a tiny 3 year old Beagle. She seems to have a perpetual itching problem, sometimes so severe that she whines loudly. She has been identified with mange and was treated with medicines (antihistamines) and medicinal rinses for it, but her condition has stayed the same.
I really pity her when she scratches herself near her lower jaw and screams. Her lower jaw and ears, which are her major scratching spots, are slightly red now and she has also lost some of fur due to this.

I have a 7 year old black Labrador, too. Lately she has started to have patches of dry flaky skin. Her fur comes out in tufts when she is scratching herself. She is always biting and licking herself on different spots on her body, mainly under her lower belly. Will olive oil or cod liver oil help? Can someone help me please?


By leenavipul from Delhi ncr, India


Relieving Itching for Dogs

If your pet has mange, look on the Thriftyfun search for IVOMEC for cattle to control some mange variety. (09/29/2009)

By Lorelei

Relieving Itching for Dogs

The itching could be caused by a flea allergy. My cat Skooter has a horrible flea allergy and was always scratching himself until I got him on Advantage Flea Preventive. Advantage is sold for dogs, too. As a matter of fact, 1 tube of Advantage for dogs, a blue box, can be divided into 10 .4 ml. doses for cats for huge savings and this is what I do for my cats.

I have given dogs a tablespoon of veggie oil daily to help prevent dry skin and it has worked. If the itching is bad, the vet should be able to give the dog(s) a shot to stop the itching.


By Mary in Camden, MI

Relieving Itching for Dogs

Borax all carpets for fleas. Leave for 2 weeks before you vacuum. Use Willard water xxx for the itches. Use more often at first. WW xxx will stop the itching overnight. Very healing. (09/29/2009)

By muttmom

Relieving Itching for Dogs

Me again. Food allergies maybe? Corn, wheat, and soy should never be in dog or cat food. They are notorious for food allergies. Science Diet? Most of their foods list corn #1. (09/29/2009)


By muttmom

Relieving Itching for Dogs

I have a Shihtzu/Pug mix with same problem. My vet has me putting olive oil on her food. Also I limit baths to every 15 days and use Avon Skin so Soft. (09/30/2009)

By chrissym15

Relieving Itching for Dogs

Fish oil capsules and flax seed capsules.
You can give them what you give yourself and not buy the expensive ones at the vets. Sorry to hear about your pups.

Our Airedale had terrible itching and scratching due to allergies and hotspots to the point where he would bleed from the gauges and we had to put a cone on his head. His scratched his underbelly, back, head, everywhere. We tried everything for years, shots, prednisone/cortisone, tea tree oil, hydrocortisone creams, even benedryl didn't touch it, etc.
It wasn't until we started giving him fish oil capsules and flaxseed capsules that it stopped almost totally. We gave him the ones from Sam's, but you can get a great deal on "buy one get one free" at drugstores. They work in the body from the inside out and are an anti-inflammatory.
The vet was impressed and so were we. We didn't want to keep him on prednisone as that is hard on the liver.

I hope this at least might give your pups some relief. It won't cure the mites, but might help with the inflammation they cause.

For years I was extremely sick with asthma and allergies myself. I started taking the oils along with some other supplements and I rarely need meds now. I use to max out my meds before. Our bodies need the Omega 3s or we can get sick in a myriad of ways. I really hope this helps you! (09/30/2009)

By italianswede

Relieving Itching for Dogs

Try changing their food. I had several dogs that the vets were charging me major bucks for this and that for dry skin then on a spur of a moment switched foods. I was in a sporting goods store with my husband and we started talking and the man and I got onto dogs and I mentioned my dogs itching he mentioned a product called Sportsman's pride or Black Gold he said that's what he fed all his dogs. It cured my dog's itch and it is a good food all the way around. I now have 12 dogs and 16 cats and that's all I feed them and they love it and won't eat another brand.

Debbie (09/30/2009)

By dcsprsmm

Relieving Itching for Dogs

Definitely watch out for food allergies, particularly corn in dog food.

Also, check out online. They have a pet section that talks about these sort of things a fair amount.

Good luck! (10/01/2009)

By Gina J.

Relieving Itching for Dogs

Vitamins for your pets are wonderful, esp Es and Omega fish oils daily. My 8+yr old German Shorthair has eyelash length hair. We have no problem if we keep her clean. Her bath cleaner is J&J Baby wash. It has been for all her life. My allergies demand a clean dog and she loves the shower. We don't use anything with a scent to it, she has similar allergies to what I do.

Even when the guys take her out to run her, etc. she gets a shower afterwards. Summertime, the little 4 ft pool is set up to rinse feet in. The kids run in and stay cool, etc. I sometimes find the dog doing her roll in the water instead of the grass. Oh, my dog also loves to be vacuumed. Turn it on to use it on the floors, she is right there for her turn.

As she ages, she has some callouses on her elbow area which need a plain petroleum based product like Vaseline. If my skin is dry, consider her's to be also. We do Frontline April through December and have never ever had a tick. (12/18/2009)

By T&T Grandma

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September 28, 20090 found this helpful

We have four dogs. Two golden retrievers and two small poodles. My male retriever has a very bad sore on his left foot, on the top and on the side. We have been to the vet. He gave him an antibiotic and a head cone. It looked like it was gone so I took off the cone. Within a week it came right back.

I clean it regularly with peroxide and a pain and itch relief medicine that goes right on the sore. It is not working, and now he has started to limp a little bit. We are going back to see the vet, but I thought I could get some medicine for him.

My mini poodle is a neutered male that is forever scratching something till it bleeds, usually on his neck, but elsewhere too. Does anyone know how much Benadryl to give to my little poodle who weighs about 25 lbs? Thank you.




Relieving Itching for Dogs

Benadryl is 1 mg per pound every 12 hours. Also fish oil is great for them, hide the pill in a ball of moist food. has some remedies for pets there. too.

Our vet gave our German benadryl and fish oil capsules for his scratchy skin. You should see how much better his coat is now.

Here is the link for other otc meds for dogs and cats: (02/17/2009)

By Robyn Fed

Relieving Itching for Dogs

I give my lab mix unrefined, virgin coconut oil (VCO) daily with her meals. You want to give it by weight. Sadie is around 55 lbs and I give her 1Tbsp daily. It is easy to find the right amount for your pet (dog, cat, bird, horse) by typing it in Google. I am also going to start bathing her in it for skin, coat, and pest purposes. The VCO will "drown" fleas and chase out ticks. To feed, you simply spoon it out (it is a hard oil) and put it on food. To bathe, you must heat the jar to turn it to liquid, then pour over your animal like you would shampoo (not too hot though). Leave it on for a half-hour to an hour and then wash off. (02/18/2009)

By kayleen

Relieving Itching for Dogs

I found a remedy that works on Peoples Pharmacy. My dog had a spot on the base of her tail that was getting raw, etc. Use 3 equal parts of baby oil, water, and Listerine (the name brand). Put it in a spray bottle and shake before each use. You can spray several times a day if necessary. It worked for me. (02/18/2009)

By Sue

Relieving Itching for Dogs

Try Wheatgrass, nature's medicine. There is a story in this book by the "Wheatgrass Nature's Medicine" that describes a woman and trying everything even steroids (they quit working) until she finally tries wheatgrass as a last resort and it worked like a charm curing all. Good luck. (03/02/2009)

By Scott

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