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Remedies for Chigger Bites

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Chigger on Leaf
Chiggers are the larvae of a variety of arachnid mites. Their irritating bites can quickly ruin your outdoor adventure.This is a guide about remedies for chigger bites.


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July 22, 2008

Too bad there is not a category for "Keeping Your Sanity" because during chigger season, that is what this is. I have found several things that help but the best is Rid. Yes, the product you use for head lice. I am always embarrassed when I have to buy it, and usually end up having to ask where it is. I have also found that spraying around my ankles and legs with vinegar each time I go out usually keeps the chiggers at bay, but got lazy and didn't do it for a while. Mistake!


By Rainbowridergrma from Cross Plains, TX

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July 15, 2014

I am allergenic to chigger bites. Found how to kill them on me quickly.
Take a bath dry off. Then use the head lice medication and rub all over body.
Do not put on face or hands. Wash hands after application. You can spot treat if you want. But you must do a large area around the bite, chiggers will move. I do this at night before bed. Next morning, I take a shower to wash off. Chiggers are dead.

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August 21, 2005

I am an avid gardener but am getting frustrated. I live in the Piedmont area of NC and for some reason, this year I have had the WORST time with chigger bites. They seem to go out of their way to bite me! I slather myself in bug repellant, wear light, neutral colors while gardening and I still walk inside after a half hour of weeding or picking ripe vegetables only to scratch my arms or legs until I almost get a bruise. No one else seems to get attacked by these mealy creatures. Any solutions?



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I was reading some posts on "Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets" (I LOVE this website!)...there were several mentions of dryer sheets repelling mosquitos & ants...maybe they work for chiggers too! ANYTHING is worth a shot to prevent a chigger attack! AND, if they work, you'll come in from gardening smelling good, too! :D

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August 22, 20050 found this helpful

Try taking B Complex vitamins. They seem to repel all the biting insects. Something about the smell. Our family takes them before we go to outdoor parties and don't get a single chigger or mosquito bite.

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 22, 20050 found this helpful

I have the same problem too. Part of the problem is that chiggers go toward heat. I put off alot of body heat. Also, I wear alot of fragrance and they seem to enjoy my perfume very much. If I know I'm spending much time outdoors, I don't wear perfume and try to use unscented deodorant. It also helps if I've come out from an air-conditioned house instead of a hot car.

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August 22, 20050 found this helpful

I really don't know what you would take too stop them from bitting but if it was me now i would take a bath in bleach water as soon as you can, cause if they burrle under your skin it is hard too get rid of them. About 1/2-1 cup of bleach. Depending on how much water you use. That does kill the chiggers

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 22, 20050 found this helpful

i don't know what to use so jiggers don't bite ... but to stop the itch of jiggers , use preparation H .really works !!!!!!!!!!!! hope this helps ......... elva

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 23, 20050 found this helpful

Works for mosquitoes, maybe chiggers too?:

1. Rub your skin with the inside of an orange peel.

2. My number one choice is this: When you take a shower use lavender/lemon grass soap from Sally's Beauty Supply. When I was helping a friend pick beans. She, her husband and my son were all being bothered by bugs. I seemed to be in my "own little world" blissfully unaware that there were any bugs and realized that the lady that told me about the soap was right. Maybe it will work for chiggers too. I live in the NC piedmont area.

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 23, 20050 found this helpful

There is (or used to be) a product called "Chigger Rid". It was in a small bottle with a little brush and you would brush it on the bite. It had the consistency and look and even the smell of clear nail polish. So, that's what I tried and it worked just fine. No more itch. And almost everyone has clear nail polish on hand. Also, cheaper than the commercial product.

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 23, 20050 found this helpful

Try the AVON Skin-So -Soft. No one (including Avon) can say exactly why this product repels insects, it does work. Find an Avon Lady who will steer you to the right product. And your skin will feel nice and the smell is very pleasant.

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August 23, 20050 found this helpful

Here is a great article from the Oklahoma Poison Control Center on chigger bites and avoiding them:

http://www.okla … ral/chiggers.asp

Susan from ThriftyFun

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By guest (Guest Post)
September 9, 20060 found this helpful

Got the little buggers right now. trying the nail polish thing right now,probably gonna do the bleach bath. Let you know how it turns out

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By guest (Guest Post)
April 20, 20080 found this helpful

The best possible way to get rid of jiggers is clear nail polish. This i learned from my mom. I went into the woods and I mean 3 days later it was so bad my stomach was covered, but clear nail polish will kill them. You still get the itch or you can get this new product called jiggers gone. It works in 30 secs and it takes the bumps down.

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July 7, 20050 found this helpful

I think I have chigger bites but I was wondering how can I get rid of them. Any suggestions? i have tried clear finger nail polish but I scratch it off. If you have ANY suggestions please post them.


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May 25, 20100 found this helpful

Yes, do a search for Cure Chigger Bites or Chigger Bite Treatment and get the cure from those guys. You will not regret it.

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April 16, 20100 found this helpful

I think I have chigger bites, but I was wondering how can I get rid

of them. Any suggestions? I have tried clear finger nail polish, but

I scratch it off. If you have any suggestions please post them.



Chigger Bites

My grandmother's remedy was to put two capfuls of bleach into the

bathwater. It has worked very well over the years. (07/07/2005)

By poet

Chigger Bites

Your local pharmacy or Walmart should have a cream called

Chiggerrid. It works to relieve the itching or take Benadryl also to


By profile=thr777109">CEIL

Chigger Bites

I had tried this remedy on mosquito bites and it works very well.

Meat Tenderizer, mixed with water, to make a paste, put on your

chigger bites. Continue using it until it stops the itching. This

works on most insect bites, including wasps.
You will be amazed how the itching stops and goes away very fast.

By Dee

Chigger Bites

We used a salt water bath immediately after being exposed to

chiggers. I don't know if it will work on them now, but it's

something you can keep in mind next time it happens. (07/07/2005)

By Jo

Chigger Bites

If you don't want to bathe in bleach water, just dip a cotton swab

into the bleach bottle and dab it on each bite. It may sting if

you've scratched the bites a lot, but the itching will stop and the

bites will dry out. (07/07/2005)

By Cheryl from MO

Chigger Bites

You can control the itching by putting a piece of scotch tape over

the bite area. Trust me, it works. (07/07/2005)

By Sandie

Chigger Bites

I use the clear fingernail polish with liquid band aid on top,

because I am more likely to scratch if they just itch a tiny bit.

Renew every day. (07/12/2005)

By suzi homemaker

Chigger Bites

May daughter had very bad ones and I found on the internet that a

paste of baking soda and water would help the itching and keep them

from getting bigger. Hope this helps. (07/23/2005)

By Rose Mary B

Chigger Bites

I bought that Chiggerex the other day for mosquito bites and it was

a wasted $3.59. Next time I will read the bottle, and if it says

apply as much as you want it means it doesn't work. It didn't do

diddlysquat. And we are on a limited fixed income. Our oldtimer

friend said to mix a paste out of vinegar and baking soda to put on

the bites. Works like a charm. You have to mess with it a little bit

to get it the right consistency. And put a towel under whatever you

dobbed, it does flake off. Repeat maybe 3 or 4 times a day, or only

as necessary. (07/01/2006)

By profile=thr675304">loridawn1956

Chigger Bites

My son has chigger bites and the doctor told us to put Ambesol on

them. Yes, that's the teething stuff. It contains benzocaine which

will numb them and stop the itch. If you get a bunch of bites, she

said to take some Benadryl. Hope that helps everyone out.


By Kelly

Chigger Bites

The best thing I've found that works for me and the kids is stick

deodorant. This seals the pores and I think the chemicals in the

deodorant act like a pesticide because it works. It stops the itching

right away. Good luck. (07/16/2006)

By toolfish

Chigger Bites

People, I found the solution, I have tried everything, but couldn't

stop them. I finally used Clorox bleach spray. Spray it on, wait 3-4

minutes, wash it.

In 10 minutes no itching, healing is fast. (08/14/2007)

By Brian

Chigger Bites

Try pure, clear aloe vera gel. (Not the green-colored kind marketed

for sunburns.) You can get it at natural food stores and some

specialty grocers, and it feels even better if you chill it in the

fridge before putting it on. (FYI, once the protective seal on the

aloe vera is open it must be refrigerated. It keeps for a long time.)

Simply apply some of the aloe vera on irritated skin with your bare

hands and let the liquid dry. I have found that this method is

pretty effective for me and my young nieces and nephews. Plus, it's

all natural and far safer (for you and, especially, for young kids)

than bleach. Good luck. Hopefully this will work for you, too.

As far as a repellent goes, you can try natural remedies for this

as well. A simple and effective recipe for insect repellent follows,

and yields about 4 oz:

(use any three of the following essential oils:)

  • 25-30 drops lavender oil
  • 25-30 drops peppermint oil
  • 23-30 drops geranium oil
  • 25-30 drops lemongrass oil
  • 25-30 drops cedar oil
  • AND
  • witch hazel
  • jojoba OR
  • sweet almond oil


Mix the selected 3 essential oils in a 4 oz spray bottle. Add

about 1 to 2 tablespoons of either the jojoba or sweet almond oil.

Fill the remaining space in the spray bottle with witch hazel.

Replace the cap and spray nozzle and gently shake to combine all

ingredients. To use, spray liberally on skin and clothing, focusing

especially on ankles, forearms, armpits, and the pelvic area

(especially if you intend to be out sunbathing in a swimsuit.)

The bug repellent can be stored in a cool, dry area. It doesn't

need to be refrigerated. The liquids and oils will separate

naturally, but alleviating this only requires another gentle shake

before use. The witch hazel in the mix will prevent the repellent

from feeling greasy or too oily, and the jojoba or sweet almond oil

will help moisturize your skin at the same time.

If you suspect that chigger larvae have worked their way into

your skin or are still present, a hot shower should kill them and

remedy this. After the shower, go ahead and apply the aloe vera.

Here's to a chigger-less summer.

By P

Chigger Bites

My husband just got over it and he says that Absorbine Jr. worked

the best to get the itch to go away, he kept it handy and just put

it on when the itch started up again. The welts will go away in

about a week. (10/05/2007)

By profile=thr887721">Country gal

Chigger Bites

Chiggers only bite in the juvenile stage. They drop off shortly

after gorging them selves on mammalian fluids (you). Contrary to

popular opinion they do not embed themselves in your skin, so do not

use nail polish or bleach as it is only adding toxins to toxins.

Chiggers inject a small amount of an antiseptic material to numb the

area that they are attacking and they are generally not detected

until long after they have fallen off.

You can, if you are particularly sensitive, notice a small tickle

sensation as they attach, but it is barely noticeable. Some

responders are right in warning: "Do not scratch" as this can lead

to secondary infections, possible scarring and open portals to some

very nasty bacteria (MRSA aka flesh eating bacteria). My advice is

to use a product called Mitigator Sting and Bite Scrub. It has

baking soda, papain (meat tenderizer to absorb toxins), and walnut

shell granules to open the pores.

Scrubbing with your fingertips substitutes for scratching with

your fingernails and since it has no harsh chemicals or foul odors

it can be reapplied as often as needed. You can find it at Longs

Drug stores or on the web at: (03/11/2008)

By Patrick

Chigger Bites

It's surprising, I scanned through all the previous posts and no one

mentioned the one "cure" that worked on my little boy. I popped him

into a tub filled with an Epsom salt bath; let him play for about

1/2 hour. When he was out and dried, pj'd and fed, I gave him

Benadryl and the next morning he was major better. Moral: Epsom

salts aren't just grandma's cure-all. It worked. (05/21/2008)

By profile=thr375743">doodles

Chigger Bites

I know if I make a paste from oatmeal and put it on my skin for 30

minutes once a day for 3 days, my poison oak was cured. It pulls out

the poison from the skin. I wonder if it would apply to chigger

bites. I used Caladryl for the itchiness in between.

Good luck. (06/24/2008)

By none

Chigger Bites

I have used GIMP by Link Laboratories, it is a mixture of camphor

oil and iodine. It relieves itching quickly and in about 3 days they

are gone. (06/29/2008)

By Mark

Chigger Bites

The best thing I did when I had chiggers was I went swimming. I

honestly didn't know that it would help till I got out of the pool

and everything was gone and no more itching. So I guess the chlorine

helps. So just go swimming and see if that helps for you.


Chigger Bites

A couple of postings have already stated this, unfortunately, the

itch won't be totally gone until your body has reabsorbed the

"feeding tube" it created when the chigger bit your skin.

If you've been outdoors, be sure to shower soon afterwards to

remove any leftover critters, and wash your clothes too, as soon as


If you've been bitten, popular anti-itch lotions, topical

analgesics and/or antiseptics, and in extreme cases the use of

prescription medications, plus time, are the only relief available.

You can use nail polish, but its not a cure mostly a reminder not to

scratch the welt. As already mentioned on this site, though chiggers

do not carry disease, scratching the affected area may lead to a

secondary infection, something you want to avoid. So, wash up well,

apply OTC products to alleviate the itch, and see a physician if the

bites are extremely bad, or are really bothering you.

Having grown up in central Missouri, playing outdoors in the

woods and tall grasses was a daily event. Before going out, mom

would douse our clothing (leg, waist, and arm openings) with

powdered sulfur (also known as "flowers of sulfur"). You don't need

to eat matches, folks, but sulfur works; ask any hunter. But be

forewarned, sulfur stinks. Powdered sulfur is available at pharmacy


The Missouri Department of Conservation has a good article on

chiggers, their bites, prevention, relief, etc. - recommended

reading for those unfamiliar with the chigger mite.

Good luck.


By profile=thr798354">Mo_Sal

Chigger Bites

I worked on MODOT and the thing I found out was to "dry out the

skin". Bleach really dries out the skin. Also the same applies to

Poison Ivy and such. I also found just washing yourself with soap,

like anti-bacterial Dial will help a lot. After a while, just

washing myself with Dial took care of the problem. (07/17/2008)

By Doug

Chigger Bites

Lucky me, I have had to deal with poison ivy and chigger bites 2

years in a row. Well, last summer, week 3 into the poison ivy after

trying everything, my mom mentioned "Ivy Dry". We looked it up and

it's still available. Well, it works wonders on poison ivy. But,

what I'm getting to is Ivy Dry works well on all kinds of bug bites

as well. The only bad thing is wherever you spray it, that skin will

get dried out and the spray stings like crazy when you first spray

it on. But I promise you, this stuff works great. It's about $10 and

you can find it at CVS and Kroger and there's more, but those 2 are

where I have purchased it from. Hope this helps.

Here's a picture. (07/31/2008)

By Margaret

Chigger Bites

I also use Vicks, a couple applications and the itch and bite are

gone. (08/07/2008)

By Carmen

Chigger Bites

I tried this stuff called Chigger Tox get's rid of the itch fast.


By Paige

Chigger Bites

Chigger bites are the worst. I have found that preparation H works

well on the bites. Try the cooling gel Prep H. I also put paint

thinner on them and that seemed to relieve most of the itching. If

they have been scratched it will burn, but the burn is not as bad as

the itch.

Tammymag (07/10/2009)

By profile=thr554426">tammymag

Chigger Bites

I just came back from VA beach, and found myself to be covered with

chigger bites. I have just started a couple of treatments. The

Neosporin didn't really do anything. I am now trying to take

Benadryl and also I read that Listerine mouthwash can feel really

good. So I took a scalding hot soapy bath, and then poured the

mouthwash all over me, making sure to get it everywhere, and then

let myself air dry. I have immediate relief, and the bites seem to

have gone down in size immensely. I am going to keep the treatment

up once a day and I will let you all know how it goes. I also washed

all my clothes and bedding on the burning hot cycle of my washing

machine, just in case. (09/01/2009)

By profile=thr456105">touchstone

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