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Removing Lipstick Stains on Clothing

Lipstick stain on a white shirt.

Lipstick leaves an oily waxy stain on clothing that can be difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing lipstick stains on clothing.


Solutions: Removing Lipstick Stains on Clothing

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Tip: Pretreating Lipstick Stains

If you get a lipstick stain on your clothing, try pretreating it with cold cream or shortening. Then rub a little grease fighting dish detergent into it and launder as usual.

Tip: Lipstick Stains - The Amazing Uses of Avon's Skin So Soft

If Mom has makeup, even only for rare occasions, the lipstick will one day become the lip, face or clothing smear (of course only on the children's best clothing, not the play clothes which could go easily in the rag bin). It may also become a stain on the most obvious spot in the whole house, in the middle of the living room carpeting.

Lipstick On Carpet: Take a small amount of Skin so Soft and a soft rag and gently work it into the rug, gently not rubbing it deeper into the fibers, this can be dabbed until little is left and a good spot cleaner can remove the residue left behind.

Lipstick On Face: For the beautiful faces of lipstick, a soft wash cloth and skin so soft will do the trick without the tale tale clown look left for days.

Lipstick On Clothing: Spray or pour a small amount on the clothing, dab lightly rub, and launder the former reminder for years away and no one will no the lipstick culprit had struck again.

By Shelley

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Here are questions related to Removing Lipstick Stains on Clothing.

Question: Lipstick on Polyester

My daughter's first communion was yesterday and someone got lipstick on the front of her dress when giving her a hug. The dress says it's 100% polyester and can be washed in cold. She has to wear it again soon for pictures. How do I get the stain out?

By Marilyn from St. Charles, MO


Most Recent Answer

By Glenda04/21/2010

I've had great luck using hair spray. Just saturate the area, leave on for a couple minutes, then rinse. Repeat as necessary. It works on ink too.

Question: Removing Lipstick Stain on Silk

I got red lipstick on a white silk dress, how can I get the lipstick off?

By furch from CA


Most Recent Answer

By Sandy [6]08/30/2009

Victoria's Secret sells a product specifically for lipstick and other oils on lingerie. I think it was $10 but a little goes a long way and it really does work.

Question: Removing Lipstick Stains on White Jeans

I have white jeans stained with lipstick in the dryer. How do I treat the stain?

By Vivian

Most Recent Answer

By sarah bajan [1]10/09/2012

Try adding warm water with detergent and see if that helps.

Question: Removing Lipstick from Clothing

I dropped a lipstick on a white shirt and now I have a huge mark. How can I clean it off? I haven't done anything with it yet.

By Colleen M

Most Recent Answer

By eric02/12/2012

I've removed lipstick (and other oil and wax based) stains from my cotton and cotton blend dress shirts by doing the following. Will it work on other materials or your stains I can't say.
What you need:
Good old fashion Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol
Liquid Dish Soap (amazing Dawn works well)
A clean cloth or two (face cloths works well)
Wet a section of the cloth with alcohol
Blot stain with wet section of cloth. Keep blotting using clean wet cloth sections until stain lifts (large stain do in sections)
Next blot the area with some liquid dish soap and
Keep in mind
Read the care tag on the shirt (Dry Clean Only - take to your Dry Cleaner)
Never Rub - Blot Only
Longer the stain has been - the harder to remove
If the shirt and stain has been laundered it may be too late
Never use hot water or heat dry the stain.
If all else fails, and as a last resort you may want to (and as crazy as this sounds) replace the Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol with "WD-40".

Question: Removing Lipstick Stains from Clothing

How do you get lipstick out of a white, gauzy nylon blouse?

By Cindy

Most Recent Answer

By joan [7]09/04/2011

I watched a gal use plain white toothpaste to remove lipstick from a synthetic dress.

Question: Removing Lipstick Stain from Dried Clothing

How do I remove a lipstick stain from my clothes? It was in my kid's pocket and transferred in the dryer to everything! Please advise.

By Sara M. Hello Kitty clothing with lipstick stains. White laundry with lipstick stains.

Most Recent Answer

By am-am [1]06/22/2011

I would say try to boil water when its boiling pour it into basin and mix with tide powder and then put your stain clothe maybe the lipstick will come off from your clothe..Sometime my aunt do this way and it was working for her.

Question: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

How do I wash lipstick out of a full load of clothes that got lipstick all over them from the dryer. They are formals and dress clothes and made from a variety of fabrics.

By Tamaria from Tacoma

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [54]03/06/2011

You have to consult the dry cleaners on this if you don't want to screw it up. My granddaughter just did this to my clothes and dryer. A scented and dyed lip gloss. I had to use Amway Trizyme, Amway SA8 in the washer on hot water to remove it.

Question: Lipstick Stain on Leather

How do I remove red lipstick from leather?

Nancy from California

Most Recent Answer

By marieaa65 [2]05/28/2006

Wipe it clean with WD-40. Won't hurt the purse.

Question: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

How do you remove lipstick stains from clothing?

By Ronie


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Archive: Removing Lipstick and Other Oil Stains From Clothing

How can I remove lipstick stains from clothing?

Lipstick Stains

To remove lipstick stains from laundry, rub with petroleum jelly.

By Brenda Cole


The best thing I have ever found to remove lipstick (after having washed and dried lipstick in pants pockets--twice) is to soak the stained clothes in a washer full of water with 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent and 1 cup color-safe bleach. Don't know why it works, but it does!

Post by calnorth

Removing Lipstick and Other Oil Stains From Clothing

To remove lipstick, oil or oil based products - squirt a little Ronson's lighter fluid. That will break down the oil. Then a little soap to break down the lighter fluid. Works on everthing but silk.

Archive: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

I am trying to get lipstick out of white clothes that was washed and put in dryer.

Becka from Danvers, MA

RE: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

After getting the bulk of the lipstick out with whatever works, if the red stain is still there, be patient and keep it moist with Creme Perioxide from beauty supply, if a washable cotton. It works but MUST be washed out or it will eat a hole eventually/otherwise. It is the ONLY thing I know of or have found that truly gets stubborn stains out left by bleach and cleansers. (08/02/2006)

By Lynda

Archive: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

How do you remove lipstick from laundered clothing?


RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

Buy a bottle of Greased Lightning. It removes all types of stains, even those that have set in from being in the dryer. I would spot test first to make sure it doesn't fade the material but to date have not had that happen. (09/15/2004)

By Patti

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

Be careful with the Greases Lightning. It took the paint right off my house! Usually if the shirt was already put in the dryer, the stain is pretty much set in... you could try putting a dab of detergent or Dawn on the spot and scrubbing it in with an old toothbrush, or maybe try oxyclean. (09/16/2004)

By kimmcg

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

Try washing the items with 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent and 1 cup powdered laundry detergent. It even works on stuff that's already been dried. I accidently washed a whole load of khakis with a tube of pink lipstick, and this took it out completely! (11/11/2004)

By calnorth

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

Calnorth is a genius! I washed and dried a whole load of clothes with pink lipstick. Soaked it in one cup of powdered laundry soap and one cup of dishwasher detergent (in wash machine with hot water) and it removed all lipstick! Took two soakings, but worked like a charm! Thanks for the help. (05/27/2005)

By Kate

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

Thanks Calnorth, 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent and 1 cup powdered laundry detergent in hot water works like magic on lipstick on laundered clothes. It saved my whole load of white laundry with Pink Lipstick discovered after dryer. (05/18/2006)

By Guest

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

An even quicker way to get lipstick out of clothes that have been dried in the dryer is to put dish detergent directly on the stains ( I have used Dawn detergent and generic they both worked.) Then quickly rub material together where the stains are. I have done this to about 5 different loads of laundry in the past, some of the clothes were literally covered with red lipstick. Just wash in hot water. It only takes one cycle and there is no soaking involved. Clothes come out without a single trace of lipstick! (06/12/2006)

By floridabelle

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

I had a few pieces of clothing that put in the dryer with wine colored lipstick. It melted and dried into them. I used Murphy's Oil Soap the original formula to rub on each stain then laundered. It worked like a charm. (07/17/2006)

By pyardy

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

A heavy duty hand cleaner like what painters use they sell at home depot works wonders! (07/27/2006)

By Nicole

RE: Lipstick Off Laundered Clothing?

The shortening-detergent method of removing the lipstick of of Mom's linen skirt worked like a dream. Thanks so much for the helpful information! (08/15/2006)

By M. Rach

Archive: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

How do I get lipstick off of white slacks?

Clarice from South Bend, IN

RE: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

Get a damp cloth and put a blob of dish soap on it - it will come right out. I wear red lipstick and I know. :) (03/16/2007)

By Lily 59

Lipstick Stains on Clothing

My mom used dish washing soap and it came out in less than 30 seconds! I haven't tried anything else but I think dish washing soap would be the best! If your in a hurry, just use dish washing soap! Since she used it, we carry wet wipes in the car and a bottle of dish washing soap just in case! Thanks! (09/05/2007)

By brantlie

RE: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

I just wanted to say 'THANK YOU , THANK YOU' to all those who suggested rubbing the affected area with Dawn dish soap, soaking it HOT water, washing and repeating as needed. I had an entire stick of dark red glitter lipstick go through the washer AND dryer with a load of designer jeans. The jeans looked as though someone had thrown paint on them. I was beside myself. I did the above treatment (repeating twice) and salvage each and every pair! (12/28/2007)

By krissy

RE: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

Another option is to spray hairspray on the item for 15 minutes and wash out with warm water. Works every time! (02/20/2008)

By Jacqueline

RE: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

Yes! The Dawn dish soap and warm water worked a miracle! I don't know how many times the clothing was washed and dried, but it ALL came out! (05/13/2008)

By Beckee

RE: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

Thank you so much for giving the hint for Red lipstick. My three year old got red lipstick on her dance costume at the rehearsal. With a little warm water and Dawn it came out like Magic. Thank you so much! (06/05/2008)

By Busymom5111

Archive: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

I tried to get lipstick out of my clothes with dish soap and laundry soap but it didn't work. Help!

Rita from Pinckney, MI

RE: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

Hairspray or WD 40 works like a charm. Oh, and baby wipes too! (10/31/2008)

By KimmyLynn

Archive: Lipstick Stains on Clothing

I tried to get lipstick out of my clothes with dish soap and laundry soap but it didn't work. Help!