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Removing Shiny Iron Marks on Polyester Clothing

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Ironing Polyester

The shiny marks left on polyester clothing by a too hot iron are quite likely scorched or melted synthetic fibers. This is a guide about removing shiny iron marks on polyester clothing.



Here are questions related to Removing Shiny Iron Marks on Polyester Clothing.

Question: Iron Mark on Clothing

How do you remove hot iron marks from polyester?

By Netty from Defiance, OH


Most Recent Answer


Sorry but there is no way to remove a burn mark no matter what type of fabric. :-(

Question: Shiny Spot on Polyester Pants from Iron

I accidently used an iron that was too hot on my polester black pants while pressing the hem. Now I have an area that is shiney on that area of the pants. Is there any help for this or is the fabric simply melted? Any ideas would be appreciated.

By Diannia C. from Defuniak Springs, FL


Most Recent Answer

By Janette [87]02/01/2013

I read this somewhere that if you spray the area pretty heavily with white vinegar and then lay over that a damp cloth. Next barely set your iron down on the cloth until there is a little steam coming from the cloth. Iron should be set according to the fabric. Do this for just a few seconds. The shiny area will be gone. Hope this helps.


Question: Iron Marks On Polyester T-shirt

Mark on shirt.I bought a polyester t-shirt and by mistake ironed it, now there is a shiny patch on it. Please suggest a way how to remove that patch.


Question: Silver Line on Black Trousers

I have a pair of new black trousers and now I've ironed them, a silver line has appeared. How do you get rid of the silver line? I heard vinegar will do the trick - is that right?

Suzie from Seattle, WA

Solutions: Removing Shiny Iron Marks on Polyester Clothing

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