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Removing Urine Odors from a Couch

Couch with urine odors.

Removing urine odors from upholstered furniture can be difficult. This is a guide about removing urine odors from a couch.


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Here are questions related to Removing Urine Odors from a Couch.

Question: Removing Urine Odor from Microfiber Furniture

My son had an accident on my beautiful microfiber recliner. I soaked up as much of the pee as I could and then covered the area with baking soda and let it dry. It still smells strongly of urine! What can I use to get the smell out of the cushion/padding that is also safe for the fabric since it can't be removed?

By Mommyx3 from DC

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Best Answer

By Lisa 2 656 06/07/2010

I used an enzymatic cleaner on my microfiber couch when our wee little kitten had an accident (pee). I have PetZyme from PetSmart, but you can find other brands elsewhere. I saturated the area, used the attachments from my carpet cleaner, and sprayed the area again. We have no pee smell, and no stains.

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Question: Cleaning Puppy Stains and Odors from Couch

I have a hunter green micro suede couch that has been slobbered, vomited, and urinated on by my puppy. Any tricks to get the smell/stains out without ruining the color? I really don't want to pay $200 to get this cleaned when I know he'll just do it again. Thanks!

Kara from Coatesville, PA

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Most Recent Answer

By Ti-Dub (Guest Post) 11/04/2008

I have a cream colored micro-suede couch and a 6 year old in my home. It's been through a lot. I did not want to pay $200 to have it cleaned either. Instead, I purchased a steam cleaner for $139 and OxySteam solution. IT WORKS GREAT! It's not that great with hard core stains like ink or dye, but things like juice and dirt it's wonderful. The solution also leaves behind a nice fresh smell and all the urine and other wonderful juices are sucked out.

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Question: Urine Odor on Microfiber Couch

I need help and I have tried everything (so I think). My husband fell asleep on our couch and had an accident. It's not suede, but it feels like it and I can't get rid of the smell of urine to save my life. Is there something I am missing that I haven't tried?

By Melissa from Mesa, AZ

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By Gloria Hayes 18 96 04/27/2010

Regular old grocery store vinegar-pour it directly on, let it soak in to the padding and sit for awhile.
Another product which is very good is Odo-Ban; it is kind of hard to find, but I have found it in the pet section at walMart, and Sam's Club carries it constantly, if you live near one. My brother before his death was a severe diabetic, and incontinent a lot. I put the Odo-ban in with the detergent in the machine and washed his sweat pants and it erased all, and I mean all signs there was ever any urine on them, and they would be SOAKED,and sit in the laundry sometimes a day or two before I had a load, so it works!

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Question: Removing Urine from Couch Cushions and Frame

A friend's son had quite a big "accident" on my daughter's loveseat when he slept over, but didn't tell her. My daughter and her kids discovered it the following day, late in the afternoon when they were sitting on the couch and noticed it was pretty damp.

Because it was the weekend and no companies were open, she took the fabric covers off and washed them, but didn't know what to do with the cushions and the wood frame of the couch. She called several furniture cleaners on the following Monday, and was told it will be impossible to get the urine stain and odor out of the wood and foam cushions because the first 48 hours are so critical in getting out those stains and odors!

She also got estimates of over $1500 from upholsterers to redo the cushions and fabric, but no guarantee on the wood! Aside from getting all new furniture, which they cannot afford right now, do any ThirftyFun members have some tried-and-true solutions? Thanks very much.

By Caseye

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By hawthorndarkmoon 1 20 08/18/2011

My son has a habit of not telling us when he has accidents on the couch and we will find them later, sometimes much later. What has worked well for us is to take the covers off and wash them in the washer with vinegar in a Downy ball instead of fabric softener. For the foam cushions, we Febreeze them until they are dripping and let the cushion dry in the sun. The cushion usually takes a couple of days to dry completely. We've never had the urine get on the wood so I don't know what would work with that. Maybe a pet urine product with enzymes in it would work?

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Question: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch

How do I get human urine smell out of couch cushions?

By Nancy from Long Island, NY

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By Beth 25 1,120 12/19/2010

Nature's Miracle for pet odors may work. They also make a solution for use in doing laundry. I know they have a web-site. It would be worth looking up to see if they have an upholstery cleaner.

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Question: Urine Odor on Couch

How do I get rid of a smell that smells like pee?

    By laxgirlash7 [1]

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    By Myrna 15 1,066 09/23/2015

    SCOE10X is recommended.

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    Question: Removing Urine Odor from a Couch

    I am looking for something to remove odors in a couch, such as human urine and flatulence. Febreze only masks for a few minutes and leaves a film.

    By Irene C.

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    Most Recent Answer

    By jean99 6 30 09/24/2012

    The way to get rid of the smell for good is with bio-remediation, that is, letting the correct bacteria eat the organic matter, ie, the urine. Make sure that whatever product you use has live bacterial spores. I use a product from Winsol Labs called Trio Plus. The smallest amount you can buy however, is one gallon. You don't need that much so you can buy a similar product like Nature's Miracle at a pet store, or Earthworm Septic Liquid. Any bacterial product made for septic systems like Rid-X will also work. Rid-X comes in liquid form but since you need so little of it I would recommend the powder which is less expensive.

    Mix about a teaspoon of the powder with enough water to cover the area with the urine. Rid-X will not have a fragrance since it is meant for septic systems. Many of the products made for removing cat urine or spray have a pleasant odor. Either type will work.

    The Winsol Labs web site describes how the process works. Basically, the good bacteria, the same ones that decompose organic matter in nature, eat the urine or other matter like blood
    or feces, and leave only carbon dioxide and water. Scroll down to the paragraph that starts with the sentence "The real secret to removing sour milk, urine or food odors is to understand the nature of the problem."

    Another good product is Earthworm Septic Liquid. Whole Foods carries the Earthworm products. I like the Earthworm company because they do not test their products on animals.

    Flatulence produces a gas which will quickly dissipate. If you still smell what you think is flatulence there is probably some organic matter on the couch, which can be removed with the same product. You'll need a product like Nature's Miracle. Walmart, and pet stores carry similar products. Get something that smells nice. Make sure that the product has live bacterial spores and is not just a cover up for odors. Call the manufacturer.

    Spray or douse the couch cushions with the product. Add water if necessary to completely reach all of the urine. Wet the area on the couch and keep it wet or very moist for at least three or four days. You could put a plastic bag under the cushion and turn the cushion over so the side with the urine stays wet. If the urine went through the whole cushion, put it in a big plastic bag and do the same. If the smell is still there after it dries, repeat the process. If urine getting on the couch is a regular occurrence, spritz the couch cushions with Nature's Miracle or something similar with live bacterial spores. That way the 'beneficial' bacteria will start removing the urine as soon as it occurs. You can also spritz some around the bottom of the toilet if you have boys who sometimes miss the toilet. I hope this helps. Good luck

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    Question: Removing Urine from a Couch

    How do I remove the urine smell off the couch?

    By Marina from San Diego, CA

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    Most Recent Answer

    By vicki hood 4 564 11/30/2010

    Lots of white vinegar. Let it dry. No harm to most fabrics. Professionals use it.

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    Question: Removing Urine Odor from Couch

    What's the best way to get human urine stains and odor out of a couch?

      By Janet Ford H. [1]

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      Question: Cleaning Urine Odor Out of a Microfiber Recliner

      reclinerHow do I get urine smell out of a light brown microfiber recliner?

      By Brad P.

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      Question: Cleaning Urine Off a Recliner

      How do I clean a Lazyboy recliner that has human urine on the seat.

      By Elaine C.

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      Question: Removing Human Urine Smell from Couch

      There is a urine smell on my couch which I am unable to get rid of. I would really appreciate any tips. Thanks.

      By the dinger from Dublin

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      Question: Removing Urine Odor from Furniture

      How do I remove human urine odor from furniture?

      By cliftonc

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      Question: Removing Urine Smell from Couch

      How do I get my children's urine smell out of my couch? It's a corner couch and it has pillows for the back, So how do I get the smell out of my couch? I have tried everything. Does anyone know any tricks, because I have taken the covers off and washed them in the washer, but the couch cushions still smell like urine.

      By Ashlee

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      Question: Removing a Dog Pee Stain on Couch

      How do I remove a dog pee stain off the side of couch?

      By Liza from Asheville, NC

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      Solutions: Removing Urine Odors from a Couch

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      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

      Archive: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      My 2 year old wet the bed, as so to speak on my couch. Is there anyway of removing urine from a couch cushion. I'm afraid if I throw in the washer it will mess my cushion up. I need all the suggestions I can get. Thank you.

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      Soak the area with a solution used for pet stains. We use Pet Out that we got at WalMart. You could try just soaking the area with vinegar first, but the pet solutions usually have enzymes that actually break down the odor causing bacteria. (06/11/2004)

      By Patticat

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      I've had this happen more than once. I pour a very generous amount of vinegar on the spot - probably 1/4 to 1/2 the bottle. After it soaks in, put cushion on its side and let it dry for a day or so. It always works for me. (06/11/2004)

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      I just read something on this. First, of course, soak as much liquid as you can up with old towels. Then liberally pour borox on the area. Leave for a day - the borax will turn yellow. Remove borax and repeat until borax stays completely white and your urine will be all gone and absolutely no odor. (06/11/2004)

      By Toni K.

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      I have cleaned couch cushions by filling my washing machine with warm water in which I have put some solution for pet stains. Start the machine to mix well then shut machine off, put cushion in and squeeze water thru cushion by hand, let sit for a few minutes and squeeze water thru again. Then set machine to drain & spin. Fill with clean cold water, hand squeeze water thru cushion again, drain & spin. DO NOT USE THE ADJITATOR. (06/12/2004)

      By Anna Sellars

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      Enzyme products are expensive and do not always remove all of the offending odors. Make sure it soaks the entire stained area and then place the cushion in a large plastic trash bag for 24 hrs. opening it occasionally to prevent mildew. After the soaking period is over place in the sun if possible (it naturally deodorizes) or use a fan to dry. (10/10/2004)

      By Danielle

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      When this happened at my house I couldn't find anything that worked until I took the couch cushions to the car wash. They have a foaming carpet cleaner there and I went over the cushions several times until I didn't smell it anymore! Try it! (04/26/2005)

      By Laura T.

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      I had a Pug who just peed on my Couch, and I took the cushions and soaked them to get the urine out. Now I can't get the cushions dried, now can I get rid of the urine and get my cushions dried. Please help. (01/04/2006)

      By Sag48602


      I actually took my cushions to the carwash, washed and rinsed them, poured vinegar and water on them, rinsed them out, and they never would dry! I ended up getting new cushions- $40.00 each- not too bad. (01/04/2006)

      By Cristie

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      I was able to clean a mattress in the back yard with Greased Lightning and the garden hose lots of sun drying. Soaked through then dried Is urine-off available in retail stores? (03/24/2006)

      By bedwetter's mom

      Steam Cleaner

      I steamed cleaned mine with my steam cleaner using orange formula cleanser. It not only worked but made my whole living room smell like citrus. If that doesn't work get some totally toddler from the baby section of walmart and clean it with that. To dry either set out to air dry or use a blow dryer. (10/02/2006)



      Whoever claimed that Urine-Off has never had a dissatisfied customer has not done a web-search of the product. There are many who have posted on the internet claiming that, like most enzyme cleaners for urine stains, it does not work. The latest entry to the market is Urine Gone which started as an "as seen on tv" product. I've read claims that it is a miracle cleaner (like the Urine-Off) as well as claims that it is rubbish. (12/20/2006)

      By interested mom-of-4

      RE: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch Cushion

      Following is the text of an email query I sent in January 2007, to the polyurethane foam association (FPA), a resource for information about flexible polyurethane foam cushioning in the United States, at

      "I am writing to ask if you know whether my polyurethane foam couch cushions may be submerged in water & hand washed with a gentle detergent for the purpose of removing pet urine."

      For what it may or may not be worth to you, this is the response I received several days later:

      If the cushioning is 100% flexible polyurethane foam, it is possible that hand washing with mild detergent could be successful. If you elect to do this, allow several days (perhaps more than a week) for the foam to dry naturally. Flexible polyurethane foam should never be dried using a hair drier, heat gun, clothes drier or heat lamp. This could create a very dangerous fire situation should the foam become heated to an ignition point by radiant heat or a spark.

      However, if the foam contains organic filler materials or a fiber wrap, exposure to water and a mild detergent could be destructive to the cushion.

      You may also find that removing the foam from the cushion cover is much easier than replacing the cover after cleaning. Fitting a 7" cushion back into its cover could be very challenging.

      Bottom line, we have no way of knowing the cushion content....and because of that, we are not able to provide cleaning suggestions. Only [the manufacturer] can provide that information.


      (Name Here)
      Executive Director"

      I got the manufacturer and model number of our couch by calling the store through we had purchased and financed. Unfortunately, manufacturer has no email address and to date has not responded to telephone messages left on their automatic answering machine. So I am starting out with least intrusive suggestions on this site and going from there. Thank you all! (01/06/2007)

      By Samayas

      Archive: Cleaning Urine Off a Couch

      My son feel asleep on the couch and had an accident, the couch is only 4 months old and has a large urine spot. How do I clean it?


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      I have 6 kids and 4 dogs and a 1 1/2 year old tan microfiber sectional.


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      How do you get dog urine out of couch cushions?


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      My daughter still pees at night and has peed through her pull-up a few times right onto my microfiber couch. I am looking for a home remedy to take out the smell. Can anyone help me?


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      Can baking soda clean up urine from my couch?


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      How do I remove pet urine smell from red microfiber sofa?