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Rent Assistance for a Low Income Family

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Sticky note reminder to pay the rent.

Depending on where you are located, there are programs available that can help pay the rent. This guide is about rent assistance for a low income family.



Here are questions related to Rent Assistance for a Low Income Family.

Question: Finding Rent Assistance for Low Income Family

I need help paying my rent. I am a mother of 3. I lost my job and I need help to pay my rent before 10 days are up or I will be evicted. I have no money for Christmas, that's OK. I just need help to keep a roof over their heads. Please tell me where I can find help for my family.

By Cheryl


Best Answers

By HAPPYINHARNED [13]11/28/2012

You can go to a local church or try the county outreach program, where you sign up for food stamps. They may be able to send you in the right direction. To get help with housing since there are so many on the housing list waiting and government seems to ignore that fact. You will be better off getting homeless and going to a shelter for women and children. Ky will pay for housing for a whole year if you go into a shelter. Otherwise there is no help for you. Good Luck, hope the community services can help.

Best Answers

By Alicia [6]11/28/2012

Even if you'd move into subsidized housing you would still need rent and deposit. I think your best bet would be churches, even if they will only help a little it might be enough to keep you from being homeless. Sign up for cash assistance at your local welfare until you can get back on your feet.

Question: Low Income Apartments in North Carolina

How do I find an apartment in NC to rent on my social Security supplemental income? I am younger than 46 and I am widowed. I have 2 cats. My income is less than $426.00 per month only.

Eliza from Charlotte, NC


Most Recent Answer

By Brainiac (Guest Post)01/11/2009

The waiting list for HUD housing is 2-5 years in NC (Wake County)

Question: Finding Rental Assistance Programs in New Jersey

Does anyone know where I can get rental assistance in northern New Jersey? I live in Kearny, New Jersey. I have tried many places, but no one seems to want to help.

By Lynda

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]06/18/2014

Have you checked with the Department of Social Services/Welfare Office? All states/cities have an assistance program, that is funded by the Federal Government. I think is is called Section 8, and it has slightly different names all over. Usually there is a waiting list that is quit long to get onto the program. Where I live, in a city of about 150,000 people there is roughly a five year waiting list to get the assistance.

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