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Repairing Purses

Don't throw out your favorite purse just because it is broken or slightly damaged; try repairing it. This is a guide about repairing purses.


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May 30, 2007 Flag

Before you throw out your worn or dated purse, remove and save the handles, zippers, leather and other hardware to use again on a home made purse. These parts are expensive to buy new. I search yard sales and second hand stores for cheap purses with really great handles and the nice hardware that comes with it, for about $2.00 per purse.


But, I don't stop there! If I have a favorite but older purse that is on it's way out, I take a photo, then take it apart and use the parts to make pattern pieces, I tend to like the same comfy shape in a bag.

The handles will work on any bag, felted, crochet, fabric, or plastic, and I add embellishments in coordinating colors to tie it all together, you get the idea! :-)

Hope this helps you get started on your first purse or helps you to add something new to your next purse.

I'm not just fickle, I'm thrifty too!

By ficklephonebug from Bakersfield, CA

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June 7, 20120 found this helpful

Do you have any photos of the purses you have made? Do you use a special sewing machine, to sew the leather, heavier fabrics, etc?

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September 14, 2015 Flag

I found a beautiful designer handbag in a consignment shop for $30. If it were new it would retail for over $400. It had worn handles, but there is a product called Edge Kote that made it look like new.

Total Time: 10 minutes per coat of Edge Kote

Yield: One bottle lasts for a long time.


  • 1 bottle Edge Kote (I got mine at Amazon)
  • 1 leather product that needs repair
  • small brush or Q-tips
  • newspaper or rags to protect the surface you are working on
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  1. Put a small amount of Edge Kote on the area that needs repair.
  2. Wait at least 10 minutes between coats.
  3. When you are done you can buff if you want it shinier, or sand if you want it duller. I liked mine just the way it was.
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September 21, 20150 found this helpful

Thanks for this tip! I didn't know a product like this exists, but I'll be looking for some to repair a couple of things I have. You got my vote!

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August 17, 2010

belt for purse handle

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I've had this brand new handbag for many years now, but it just sits in the closet because although I like the brown crocheted material of the handbag, I wasn't too crazy about its faux lizard trim on the handle.



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November 1, 2016 Flag

Could someone help me revive the brown leather design and strap of my Celine bag? This bag is my favorite and I want to put life into it again, bring it to its glory. Hope you could all share tips.

Thank you so much.

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November 2, 20160 found this helpful

A good shoe repair shop will be able to clean, repair, update, etc., your bag.

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December 16, 20160 found this helpful


Did you purchase this handbag new? Do you know for certain it is a genuine Celine and not a "knock-off/fake"?

If it genuine - then - Considering the cost of almost any Celine handbag I would not recommend trying to do any cleaning or repairs with any "home" products.

Ordinarily, I would also recommend a local repair shop but - with a handbag like this???

There might be a local shoe repair shop in your area that would know something about "refurbishing" a purse but probably NOT one in/of this price category.

If you were to first tell the repair man the approximate cost of this purse and ask if he would guarantee not to mess up your bag - most likely he wouldn't touch it "with a ten foot pole".

Celine will almost always clean and repair their handbags - AND - many times the repair/cleaning is free - they may even send you a postage paid shipping box to ship it in.

Here is an email link to Celine that may get you started on what to expect from their customer services division:

https://www.cel  ormation/contact

If you find that you have a nice looking "fake" Celine then a local repair shop could probably do a very good job.

If you still wish to try some home solutions then you should first try to determine all types of material your bag is made of.

You can probably find a lot of suggestions on Google for each type of material.

As for leather, I often use leather cleaning/restoring products from my local auto store or even from the automotive section in Walmart or Target stores.

Good luck with restoring your lovely handbag.

Maybe you could post back with what you decide to do and let us know how it works out for you.

Holidays soon - hope they are ones to remember with love.

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June 23, 2016 Flag

I got this purse from a lady I babysit for who was getting rid of it because she was dissapointed in the straps. So I figure it's free and I like it. How do I fix the straps? The body is good; it's just the straps look like hell.

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June 24, 20160 found this helpful

The straps need to be replaced-they are too far gone to fix. A good shoe repair service can replace the straps for you, however, the cost may be more than you want to pay. You can request an estimate from the shoe repair service to decide.

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June 25, 20160 found this helpful

If the cost of having them repaired is not worth it, maybe you could cut them off entirely and replace them with something else -- a decorative chain belt, a silk tie, a leather belt????? Or could you use it without the strap at all? Think outside the box on this one!

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September 4, 2016 Flag

I absolutely love this bag and I don't care how beat up it is except for the fact the strap is broken and I'm scared to try and sew it and make it even worse. I'm not too worried about fixing the side. Help!

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Anonymous Flag
January 20, 20170 found this helpful

I have a similar bag strap problem. Did you ever resolve it?

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July 1, 2015

I would like to have repairs done on a per Coach Bag that my sister had gotten me. It needs new handles and the strip in the front needs to be replaced. I would like to know about how much it would cost. Does anyone know where I can get this information?

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December 29, 20150 found this helpful

Be careful . That was not my experience . They returned my bag and said it couldn't be repaired. I was sent a 40% voucher . Why would I spend money on another bag ? They don't always repair their product . Sad but true .

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September 11, 20160 found this helpful

From Coach website. http://www.coac  ir-services.html

We offer a one year warranty on our handbags, briefcases and small leather goods.

Beyond the warranty period, we offer repair services for some of our products at set fees. Please see our Repair Policy.

Please call 1-800-444-3611 or email for more information.

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June 12, 2016 Flag

I got this bag at a church bazaar, the rivets are almost coming off. I would like to replace the handles which have buckles. I am checking Yelp for shoe repair stores, I think it might be hard to match the "brown" hue.

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June 12, 20160 found this helpful

You might be surprized at just what a good shoe repair shop can do for your new bag! Well worth a try!

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August 23, 2015 Flag

This is my favorite handbag gifted to me by a special person. I was riding a bicycle and put this bag on the handle. I don't know how, but it got a a hole and few scratches. My heart sank when I saw the hole. I am a college student. I can't afford to lose it or get it repaired in a professional store. Kindly suggest a thrifty, cheapest, almost free solution to repair it and reuse it. I don't mind doing it by myself. I just want it repaired and reusable. Please help me.

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August 24, 20150 found this helpful

Take your purse to a shoe repair service, look for one in a nice area, and ask for an estimate for repair. You might be surprised at what they can do.

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August 24, 20150 found this helpful

I can't think of any way to repair that sort of damage. Is it a real leather handbag, or synthetic? If it was more of a sporty bag, you might be able to glue a patch on it that might look cute, but since this is such a dressy bag, I think you should check out a shoe repair place and see if they can fix it for you.

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April 15, 2016 Flag

My purse straps are disintegrating. I love how organised this bag keeps me. Please help me restore the straps.

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April 15, 20160 found this helpful

As your bag is very important to you, might be worth taking it to a good shoe repair service for an estimate on repair. Most shoe repair services provide repairs for much more than just shoes-belts, leather clothing and other goods, etc. From your picture, it appears the bag's handles are not leather, however, a shoe repair service will be able to provide a good repair as they have the machines, tools and materials and expertise that most people do not have.

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November 5, 2015 Flag

How do I fix the handle on my Gucci bag?

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November 5, 20150 found this helpful

Your local shoe repair shop repairs many items other than shoes. Take your bag to a shop for an estimate to repair the handle.

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August 8, 2015 Flag

The M fell off and lost from the front of my purse. So you know anywhere to get a replacement M?

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August 8, 20150 found this helpful

A local shoe repair service may be able to replace the letter as they have access to many resources for repair. You can also contact the company directly for help.

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December 1, 2013 Flag

I have a brand new fake vinyl Coach purse. The straps are stretched to thread and vinyl is broken where the end wraps around metal ring. What to do?

By Nancy from Elkton, MD

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December 3, 20130 found this helpful

Hi - I believe this would difficult for you to repair and suggest you take it to a shoe repair shop. Be sure to get an estimate before you leave the purse!

Just for information:

Most people do not know that it is illegal to sell, buy or have in your possession a "fake" item of any brand name.

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December 4, 20130 found this helpful

I have used E-6000 glue and even gorilla glue to glue the strap back in place. If you use gorilla use very little as it "grows" or foams up. Just put a bit into the strap, vise it - with a clothes pin or gripper vise til it sets and it will be good as new. Good luck.

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July 14, 2015 Flag

I only like shoulder purses. I bought some purses that I liked, but they have handles plus they came with a shoulder strap. I want to take the handles off and cut the shoulder strap in half and put each half in place of the handles. I thought I could take them to a shoe repair, but I have found out they are almost extinct. Does someone know if there is a stapler that would go thru the double layer of leather or if you know what kind of gadget that was used in the picture? That would work if I knew what it was.

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July 15, 20150 found this helpful

go to the miche site ..they sell the rings as well as the different straps ..


check at goodwill for one of their bags and use the parts ..

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May 10, 2016 Flag

I have a handbag made of cork and the cork is flaking off in various places. Is there any way this can be repaired?

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March 4, 2015 Flag

My bag has a shoulder strap that is attached to metal rings. The clip on the ring keeps coming loose from the ring on the strap. I tried Super Glue, but it only holds it for a short time. Help!

By W.W.

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July 25, 20150 found this helpful

If I were you & there is a slight head on that latch...go to hard wear Store & find a small washer to fit on end after you put thru in place so it will not be able to come out anymore...then superglue in place should stay permanent

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January 13, 20150 found this helpful

spots on purse

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I have a yellow plastic, maybe pleather, purse that got impressed on by an animal print purse when stored in the same bin. So now it has random darker yellow snake skin spots on my yellow purse. It almost looks like the plastic top got suctioned or stuck to the yellow layer under it.

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