Restoring Shine to Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen With Vinyl Flooring

Over time the shine on your vinyl flooring can get dull. This is a guide about restoring shine to vinyl flooring.



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Question: Restoring Shine to Vinyl Flooring

What is the best way to make my vinyl tile flooring shine without being slippery? Someone suggested table salt and hot water. Has anyone tried it and does it work?

By Sheila from New York City, NY

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By Hearts1 12 31 07/16/2010

I just noticed another post that said never use Mop & Glow because it leaves a thin shine, and gets a build up. When my vinyl floor was installed it did not shine. Does that mean it's not supposed to?


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Question: Removing Dull Marks on New Vinyl Kitchen Floor

How can I remove dull spots on my new vinyl kitchen floor? I just got a new kitchen floor and after a day or so some glue seeped up along some of the edges of the tiles. I used a wet sponge to remove the excess glue, but now I have dull spots where I rubbed off the glue. Help! The floor is brand new and does not look good.

By Tom

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Question: Restoring Shine to No-Wax Vinyl Tiles

I am looking for cleaning tips for restoring the shine to no-wax vinyl maple tiles.

Danny from Fredericksburg, VA

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