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Selling Trees on Your Land for Lumber

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A man cutting down a tree.

If you own acres or even a larger residential lot you may have trees that you would like to have removed and be able to sell for the lumber. This is a guide about selling trees on your land for lumber.



Here are questions related to Selling Trees on Your Land for Lumber.

Question: Selling Trees I Want to Remove from My Yard


We have 5 big oak tree in our back yard and we want to get rid off them. Wondering if there are any company will buy them? I live in New Jersey. Can someone please give me some information? Thanks a lot!

Hardiness Zone: 6b

Sarah from Livingston, NJ


Sarah, It sounds like you have found some great resources. The following information does not sound like it applies to your particular situation (although check out the link at the end). Nevertheless, it may be of value to others who are considering selling the trees in their backyards for profit.

Recently, a story appeared in the news in Rochester, MN, about a company going door-to door and offering residents money in exchange for their walnut trees. As many of you probably know, Walnut is a type of wood highly prized for its strength, versatility, and beautiful wood grain, and currently, the price of Walnut has gotten quite high.

The practice of selling off your backyard trees is legal and in most cases, the companies buying them are perfectly legitimate. The problem is that during tough economic times people sometimes become shortsighted and have a difficult time passing up a seemingly great deal.

In most cases, leaving the trees there is of much greater value to homeowners than the money offered by companies to remove them. Not only do the trees provide shade, fresh air, contribute to water quality, and provide shelter and food to neighborhood animals, but mature trees (the ones usually sought after by companies) can add up to 10% to a homeowner's property value. That equates to a dollar amount that is usually a far greater than they receive for selling them.

Make sure if you are thinking about selling one or more of trees on you're property (especially if it's an urban property) that you consider all aspects of the deal before committing to the transaction. Also be aware that legitimate companies do not usually go door-to-door making offers, and all should be happy to provide you with a copy of their license and insurance, as well as several references.

Here are some other ways to make money from the trees (and plants) on your land without necessarily selling them:



Best Answers

By Cheryl Waldrop03/16/2008

If they are big old oak trees, I'd suggest calling a local furniture maker, cabinet maker, or lumber mill. Large old oak trees can be quarter-sawn to produce a grain called 'tiger oak', which is extremely rare and quite expensive. There are very few large old oak trees left which are large enough to be cut this way, in order to produce this wood grain. I would not under any circumstances pay someone to cut these trees. I'd sell them. The furniture that will be made from them will be sold for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! Do a Google search for 'Tiger Oak Furniture' and see what the prices are for yourself. I only know this because I own several pieces of this type furniture (I inherited it, I could never afford it). I do know that when the big old oak tree in my front yard goes down, i'm having some furniture made out of it.
I hope that this helps you!

Best Answers

By debbie (Guest Post)01/24/2008

Hi, I posted an article on freecycle. Its a yahoo group you can sign up at no cost. Post the wood and say bring a truck and friends to help you and you can have all you want.

Best Answers

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]01/22/2008

Call a few lumber yards in your area, and find out if there is a company who will remove your trees and pay you for the wood.

Question: Finding Someone to Cut Trees for the Lumber

The lumber is free just; I just want them cut down. They are on the property we just bought. How do I find someone to do this?

By Lenore S.


Best Answers

By Rae B. [2]02/19/2014

Check for a Craigslist page for your area and place an ad for firewood or lumber. You can offer it for free if it is your desire to just get it done.
A lot of people need firewood or there may be someone in your area that can have the wood cut into usable planks. Good wishes to you. Rae

Best Answers

By Louise B. [5]02/16/2014

Unless you have a large number of trees on many acres of land, it is unlikely that anyone will want them for lumber. Lumbering is big business, and people involved in it don't come to cut down half a dozen trees. You MAY find someone who would cut them down for you for firewood. How many trees are you talking about?

Question: Clearing Land and Selling the Trees

I have approx. 9 acres of property in Alabama that I want to clear and sell the trees. How do I get started and who do I contact?

By mind of milli from Atlanta, GA

Best Answer

By Frances Adams [11]09/19/2009

See if there is any logging/forestry companies local to you. Try checking in the yellow pages. They can usually give you the names of some that may be interested.

Question: Finding Someone to Cut Trees for the Lumber

I am a Roswell resident and have ten pines (in excess of 70 feet tall, and about a foot and a half in diameter), plus a bunch of scrub pines on my property that we want removed. I don't care to be paid for the lumber, I just want to know if there is someone who will come and cut them and take them. We recently had trees removed from our front yard - and they tree removal service had a lumber company come pick up our wood and sell it. Anyone have any thoughts?

By jennifer

Best Answer

By cybergrannie [30]04/25/2014

Hi - Sorry but I do not know where Roswell is located but I have had experience with having trees removed in Florida.

Since you had trees removed before - have you ask the same company about these trees?
There should be a list of companies in your telephone book or Google the info with your location. maybe local companies will be listed.
Also look for names of any lumber companies or sawmills.

The problem with pines:
1. Usually is not a favorite for firewood so smaller companies do not cut them.
2. Pines may take heavier equipment and moving that kind of equipment is expensive.
3. Also, a log truck may have to be used and that is costly also.
4. Tree companies would have to weigh the cost of sending the equipment, truck and labor against how many "usable" trees are at that location AND how close they are to a house or buildings (insurance).
5. They would also need to know if their trucks could drive into your yard.

I had pines similar to what you mentioned but finally had to pay to have them removed. Maybe there are more tree companies near you.
Good luck.

Question: Selling Trees on Property

My mother died and left to my brother and I 86 acres of land near Albany, New York. We have put the sale of the acreage in the hands of a realtor. A man called my brother last week and wanted to know if he could cut down the ash trees on the property. My brother said yes and I am worried that this man is not reputable and will not pay my brother for the cutting down of the trees as he promised.

How do we handle this issue so we are assured we are not being swindled? My brother lives in New Jersey and I live in Maryland, we have no way of keeping tabs on the process of the cutting of the trees, we need some guidance on this. Thanks.

By ClaireD

Most Recent Answer

By Brent02/08/2015

All of the points made above are good. You may find that the whole lot is cleared, or the remaining trees are so damaged as to be worthless.
Contact a Forestry association or an Arborist association, and have a tree professional examine the trees, and property. You will be sent a report on the quality of the trees and what they might be worth, how many of the trees are marketable, and what other species are present.
If you are planning on selling the lot as a wooded lot, this step is crucial to ensure there is still value left; if it is to be developed, then the quality of trees needs to be determined to see if they add value to land, or add a cost.

The contractor needs to have insurance - for himself and workers, and a written contract is the best way to protect both of you. The Forestry/Arborist professional can prob help you with this (along with a lawyer), and they may know reputable professionals in the area to carry out the work. And the Forestry professional may be able to oversee the work.

Allowing "some guy" with no more info than that to carry out this very dangerous job is asking for a lot of trouble. Act fast. Unknowns often work fast, and come and go fast, and no way to find them. A site visit would be preferable, even if it is winter, or at least in the Spring.

Question: Selling Tree Timber

I live in Bethesda, Maryland and have a large fat tree in my yard that needs to go. Who can I sell the timber to and how?

By Christine N.

Most Recent Answer

By BracyP09/16/2013

Christine N.,
As many people have stated already you may need to Pay someone else to cut down your trees. This is not always the case however. Call up the lumber mills and logging companies in your area. They may be able to tell you whether they will do this or not.

In most cases they will not if you are a residential property; especially in a densely populated area. The reasons are that most contractors that would sell the lumber to a mill would have to pay too much to get their equipment to your site. If there are a large number of trees (100's) then it might be worth it, but only if they have a very good liability insurance company. The insurance requirements are completely different if they are harvesting from residential areas and are usually too expense to hold that kind of policy since it is very rare and not much, if any, profit in it.

But do not get discouraged as you can only know if you call. Also don't just call one lumber mill or logging company. If you are willing to take the risk, then there are less reputable companies that need any amount of money from a job. The risk is that something goes wrong and the company didn't have any insurance for the job. I don't recommend this though. The best you may be able to hope for is that they do it for free. Otherwise you have to pay someone else.

A couple of final thoughts: Just because a lumber mill says that they don't do that doesn't mean that they might not do it in a few months. The lumber industry is very volatile and sometimes they are desperate for wood and others not so much.
Also a lumber mill or logging company might not be the best choice if you have a highly valued hard wood tree. Contact some local furniture companies that make specialized wood creations. They may arrange to have the wood removed for you and even pay you.

Good luck!

Question: Selling Mature Pine Trees

I would like to sell my 20-30 full mature pine trees. Does anyone know of any company that would buy them?

Diana from Ocala, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Linda Crawford [1]01/06/2009

Call your local county extension agent. They`'ll be able to tell you how best to procede.

Question: Selling Trees

My family has 25 acres and they would like to sell the trees. What do we do?

By Regina

Most Recent Answer

By Linda [37]01/21/2015

Be very sure you are dealing with a reputable person. My cousin had a man come give her an estimate on trees in the Houston area. The price wasn't what she wanted so she turned him down. Several days later when she went out to the property, the trees had been cleared! They will even cut the locks on gates... be very careful!

Question: Having Trees Removed and Selling the Lumber

I have 4 very large pine trees in my yard and would like them removed before they do damage to our house. One has already split in half and almost hit our house. My question is who do I hire to do this and how do I sell the lumber? I would like to make some money off the lumber. Will tree removal services make a deal with me or do I have to hire them to cut it down and then sell to someone else.

By jaynab

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]05/02/2013

I don't have any advice for you, but I do think you shouldn't get your hopes up about making any money from those trees. I think you will have to pay to have them taken down and have the wood hauled away, if you can't use it yourself for firewood. Please let us know if you do find some way of making money.

Question: Selling Trees in Georgia

I have 75 acres of scattered hardwood and small pine trees that will be lost if not removed before mining starts. I would like to sell the trees if at all possible. I am located in east Georgia. Who can do the cutting for me? Thanks.

By Nancy Morris

Most Recent Answer

By Pixiedust7 [7]07/29/2012

All I can do is wonder why you would allow 75 acres of mature trees to be cut down for mining? Do really want mining in your own back yard? Do you know that trees refresh the air and keep the temperature down? Trees are the lungs of the earth. Mining destroys, pollutes and contributes to global warming. How can you even consider allowing mining on your property?

Question: Tree Removal

I have 4-5 acres of oak and gum trees that I wood like to have cleared and in South Carolina. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Please.

By Lashawn

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [417]02/12/2015

If you just want the trees gone, but don't want any money, consider donating them. You can set it up so an energy assistance program can come in and cut them down for firewood. Here's a link that might help. PBP

Question: Getting Paid for Lumber

We have 5 acres in Mechanicsville, Virginia and would like to get about 2 to 3 acres cleared. It is probably about 70% pine. We are interested in having someone pay to come clear them, grind the stumps and take the lumber away. Thank you for any help!

By Autumn M.

Most Recent Answer

By Brent02/08/2015

I would approach a Forestry professional either thru a Forestry or Arborist association to get a value on the timber, and then approach a logging firm, or have the professional act as a go-between.
As already noted, the costs for felling and removing trees is high, and standing timber has to have a lot of value to make it worthwhile. There are people with portable sawmills that can cut your logs into lumber, they usually charge by the day, and the number of cuts made.

Tree services can cut the trees, and may remove the logs - but they charge for the work done. And it is not cheap, and they won't do it for free. Loggers can take down the trees, and remove the logs, but all the branches and "waste wood" is left behind.

The stumps are usually ground out by a separate contractor that specializes in this kind of work; even if you use a bulldozer to remove the stumps, this would be a separate contractor, and removal of the stumps from the site would be an added cost,.

I would NOT post an ad on Craigslist. While you might be supremely lucky and get a competent contractor the likelihood of this is very, very low. You want a company that is insured, knows what they are doing, is willing to sign a contract with you - so you and they are protected.

Getting the job done for free sounds like a great idea. But such a job would take weeks or months to complete, and what is the contractor doing for money, and paying his help and bills during this time? If he/she has to cut corners, a lawsuit against you for injuries will likely be the end result of going cheap.

Hire someone, and get the job done right. If you don't know anything about it, DONT do the job yourself. Felling trees is very, very dangerous.

Question: Selling Trees

What is the average price paid for standing red oak and black walnut trees?

By Dixie

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]01/05/2015

There is no average price for trees because they can be sold in several different ways and there is no "average" tree.

There are a lot of sites on the Internet to help someone wishing to sell trees. You can try your question on Google - just be sure to put more information in the question than given here - especially your city/state.

If you are talking about just a few yard trees - be ready to pay to have them removed.

Question: Selling Walnut Trees for Lumber

I have 2 very large black walnut trees that I would like to sell for lumber.

By Michelle U.

Most Recent Answer

By Ricardo A.11/24/2014

I have one large walnut tree (80 ft. tall, 8ft in circ.) I would like to sell it for lumber but I don't know how. I am a disabled Marine and can sure need the money to pay bills and medical expenses.

Question: Selling Trees

I have about a dozen mature trees on my property near Mountain in northeast Wisconsin that I need removed to construct a new home. All are 18"+ at the base and are tall and straight. They are white pine, hemlock, and black spruce. Is there significant value?

By Greg Z

Most Recent Answer

By luzm01/09/2015

I need to sell more than 100 trees in central Florida. Could you let me know who can I contact in this area since you sold yours in Florida?

Question: Selling Trees for Lumber

I have 2 30ft oak trees on my front lawn and will be charged $3200 to have them cut down and hauled away. I know that the company that does it will sell the lumber to someone after the whole process is done. Is there anyway that I can profit from getting them taken down?

By Johnny make money from Tampa, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Ken 07/22/2013

Get another quote or two from lawn care/tree trimmers. The amount you have been quoted is outrageous for cutting down two 30' trees.

Question: Finding Someone to Remove Trees in Exchange for the Wood

I have 2 maple trees that I would like to be removed (for free, in exchange for the wood/big trunk). I live in Massachusetts, north shore area. Does anyone know how I can go about this process?

By Susan D.

Most Recent Answer

By Suntydt [75]05/09/2012

You can post on Craigslist for your area in the FREE section. If you aren't familiar with Craigslist it is and you narrow down to the closest area nearest you on the right. I would be careful though, if the trees can fall on anything that could be a potential accident waiting to happen. You won't want just anyone dropping your trees.

You can also look on Craigslist for someone wanting wood in exchange for cutting it down.

You can try contacting a lumber mill, they may be interested in the wood and would know how to drop the trees without causing damage.

You can also call a lawn service and see if they know anyone they would recommend. Many landscape businesses recommend different businesses for services they don't offer.

Question: Selling an Old Oak Tree

I have an old oak tree that I want removed for salvage. Tiger oak is extremely expensive. I do not want to pay for removal. If possible I would like to get paid.

By Trish

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/19/2015

Most tree companies are not interested in and will not pay for one tree or even several tree removals as the expense of operating their machines, paying employees and insurance far exceeds any potential profit. You can contact tree services in your area for possibilities.

Question: Gum Tree Removal

I have a 70 plus foot gum tree in Charleston, SC that needs to come down. Would that be good for firewood? If so, any idea who to contact to remove this tree?

By Zane P.

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/05/2015

Gum trees are not recommended for firewood as they are very difficult to cut and do not burn well. You can call a local arborist or tree company to remove the tree.

Question: Selling Trees

I have land with trees and would like to sell them. How do I go about that?

By Alex from Cumming, GA

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]01/19/2015

Google your question but add your city/county/state for information.
"How to sell trees, city/state" will give you lots of information.

Question: Selling Redwood Trees

I have two very large trees close to my house. They are so big that using them for fire wood seemes a waste. Who would buy them and pay the best price? One tree is about 140 ft tall and at the base it measurs 4.5 ft. The sequoia is about 160 ft. tall and 36 ft around the base. I am aware some mills do not take that size so who does?

By Donald

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]01/12/2015

We, of course, have no idea as to what city/state/country you live in so the answer would have to be general. You can ask your question (maybe - who buys trees in ?) or (how to sell trees in?) on Google.

You will probably not find anyone to buy 2 residential trees so be prepared to pay someone to remove them (costly) if you really wish to remove them. Also, some counties/cities require a permit before you can remove a tree.

Question: Selling Young Pine Trees

What can I do with a half an acre of thick pine 8 to 10 years old? I want to clear, but do not want to waste.

By ca

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/04/2015

You do not provide your location - would certainly help. However, you can contact local tree removal services to learn what they do with their wood. I have seen local services in my area put it out for free firewood, take to wood processing companies, etc.

Question: Selling Trees on Property

I own 2 acres of land, in Decatur Illinois. There's between 500 and a 1000 trees on my land that I'm interesting in selling. Who do I get in touch with?

By Andrew E.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]12/07/2014

You can contact the following:
They may be able to give you a list of potential "buyers".

You can also Google your question or try to find mills in your area. Most mills will give you information even if they are not buying.

Question: Selling Black Walnut Trees

I have a 2 acre lot full of them in Illinois. I need to remove them.

By Norma

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]12/01/2014

Try putting your question on Google - you will get lots of information.
A simple question - Who buys black walnut trees in Illinois?

Question: Selling Trees

How can I sell trees on my property?

By Sean D.

Most Recent Answer

By roscoejordan7312/15/2014

I have around 200 trees I want to sell. I will cut them all myself, but I need to know if you will buy them. It's a hundred and fifty oak trees and the rest are pine trees.

Question: Having Redwood Trees Cut

I need to have 25 to 30 redwood trees on my California valley property cut down. Are there people who will cut them down for their use?

By ladybug

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]11/23/2014

Yes, there are. Redwood lumber is highly prized. However, it's also illegal to cut them down without a permit. You could be fined.

Question: Selling a Poplar Tree

I have a large poplar tree that was struck by lightening yet is alive and doing well. I'd like to see if I can sell it.

By Paige

Most Recent Answer

By mccoychris9010/22/2014

Unfortunately for you people don't "buy" trees. People will not come and cut down your tree and pay you. Cutting down trees has many expenses. Insurance, Labor, Equipment, Storage, Hauling, Fuel consumption. You will not find anyone who will cut one tree down and pay you...period.

RE: Selling a Poplar Tree

Question: Finding a Buyer for Timber

I have 5 acres of wooded land and I would like to sell a certain number of trees. I would like to find someone to cut, remove, and buy these trees. Any recommendations?

By Denise M.

Most Recent Answer

By fgmulderick09/18/2014

My wife and I built our house in 1984 with theses and a few more of medium size, needless to say in 30 years our 26 (and these were about 12" at that time) have grown QUITE a bit, a good average would be 20 to 26"diameter, heght no less than 120'.Can we sell them for a profit; to cart away, looking for answers and/or solutions.

Question: Selling Spotted Gum Trees

I have a property on the south coast and have approx. 5000 spotted gum trees of mature age.

By Randall

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]08/02/2014

I do not know what country you are from but I believe you will have to contact local mills for this information.

You could try Google for information. Maybe search "Selling Spotted Gum Trees in ?" will give you a start. Just enter your area and search from there. Lots of information is available and you can narrow your search to your local area.

Question: Selling Trees for Telephone Poles

I have about 15 pine trees that could be used for telephone poles and about 4 other pines and one cedar that need to be removed.

By Carol R.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]07/14/2014

Hi - do we know where you live?

Telling if trees can be used for telephone poles is usually a job for an expert but your trees must be large?

You may try calling your local agriculture center for some info or try calling local lumber mills or lumber yards.

It is very expensive to move equipment to an area so most companies will not do this for a small amount of trees unless they are working close by. Also, they may charge you instead of paying you for removing these trees.

Question: Selling Pine Trees for Utility Poles

Who in our area will buy about 75 to 100 pine trees that are big enough to make utility poles out of them?

By Michael

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]06/23/2014

Thrifty readers do not (?) know where your area is but the answer would generally be the same.

Check out mills and lumber yards in your area. If no luck there you can check some of your local lumber sales "stores" and seek information from them. Maybe someone else will be able to help you more.

Question: Selling Trees for the Wood

I am interested in selling 55 large trees. They are mostly large cherry and maple.

By Albert from Evansville, IN

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]06/02/2014

I think you will have to contact companies in your local area to find out if anyone is interested in your trees.
Try lumber yards, mills and even local area farm stores may be able to help you.

I receive a tax break (Florida) for the trees on my property - which is better than the money made from selling them.

Question: Selling Trees

Trees behind a fence.I have a little over an acre of trees. I want to sell some pines and some hardwood.

By Mark from Monroe, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Carol Swanson [17]04/14/2014

I suggest contacting the Georgia State Grange. They might be able to suggest an ethical person who will help you timber your woodlot. You will find there are many people willing to cut your trees for timber, but they don't know what they are doing or they only want to cheat you from your money.

If the photo on this site is your property, it doesn't look to me like the trees are very old.

Question: Finding a Buyer for Standing Trees

I have 12 acres in Timmonsville county with trees on it. Can you help me?

By Deaven

Most Recent Answer

By -Andy11/17/2014

Do you have any oak, walnut, or maple to be removed? Is this the infamous Timmonsville, SC?

Question: Getting Started Selling Trees

I have about 90 acres in Texas and have a lot of timber. If I wanted to sell some, how do I get started?

By Bryson W. from Houston, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Linda [37]03/04/2014

Be very careful and be sure you contact a reputable 'lumberjack'. My counsin contacted a business, they came out and didn't meet the needs of my cousin. Later that month when she returned to her land it had been cleared! Gate bolts cut and trees gone!

Question: Selling Trees for the Lumber

My husband recently purchased property on Lynches River in South Carolina. There are some older and rather large pine trees that we would like to have cut. Can you help us? How do I find someone to take them down?


Most Recent Answer

By jtodd03412/12/2014

Do you have and hardwoods to be removed like Oak, hickory, or maple?

Question: Giving Away Trees

I have 150 pine trees that I'll give away for free. They are 10-16 feet in diameter and 60 feet plus tall. I live in Ocala, Florida. Any suggestions on how to give pine trees away free?

By Don

Most Recent Answer

By Lady S.10/18/2013

How old is this post? Do you still have those trees to give away?

Editor's Note: This request was posted on September 17, 2013 so about a month ago.

Question: How Can I Sell My Redwood Tree?

I have a huge Sequoia Redwood tree and would like to sell it.

By Sandra V

Most Recent Answer

By abeaut03/19/2014

Hi Sequoia, Please find out if your tree is an endangered species that no one would be allowed to kill OR market before you take any action. You may risk fines or even jail time. Also, consider that the tree has been living there happily for many hundreds of years and cannot be regrown in our current environment. Just sell the property to someone who will appreciate the tree or give to Nature Conservancy!

Question: Selling Black Walnut Trees

I was just wondering how much I could get for two large black walnut trees. They are hanging over my roof and they need to go.

By Cameron

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]08/20/2013

Hi - you should call several tree removal companies in your area (?) and see if they are even interested in buying. You may have to pay someone to remove them.

Question: Looking to Sell 30+ Acres of Trees

I am trying to locate a lumber mill or pallet company here in the midwest that would be interested in over 30+ acres of trees. There are a lot of oak, maple, cottonwood, sycamore, and some other trees; we have no idea.
I can provide pictures if needed. Or can you refer to a company that buys these trees. There are some very large cottonwoods as well.

By Kevin from Council Bluffs, IA

Most Recent Answer

By leo holmes11/03/2013

Is timber still available? Could you send pictures?

Question: Selling Wood

I have 2 acres of land that I'm trying to clear, but I don't have the money to pay for someone to cut the trees. How do I find someone interested in cutting 70-90 ft pine trees for the lumber? Let me know.

By Amanda

Most Recent Answer

By chelle in n.c.08/01/2013

Try your local classifieds sometimes they will post (cut trees for lumber), or check with lumber yards they may or know of someone who does,you could also put out your own classified. Hope this helps

Question: Selling Trees

I live in northern Lake County Illinois and have several mature oak and hickory trees I would like removed and possibly receive payment. Who would I contact for an estimate?

By Susan J

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]06/14/2013

In my area, one has to pay to have trees removed. It is not profitable to remove individual trees for the wood. However, it may not be the case in your area for those types of hardwood trees. Look online for "tree removal services" in your area. You could also consult the yellow pages of your phone directory.

Question: Selling Trees

I have lots of trees in my yard and I would like to sell them. How much do they usually sell for? How do I price them?

By Penny R from Kalamazoo, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Sandy [5]06/04/2013

In my neck of the woods we pay the tree removal company to remove the trees. I've never heard of the other way around, with the exception of Christmas tree farms. What kinds of trees can you sell?

Question: Selling My Trees

I live in Arkansas and have about 200-300 trees on 3 acres. Is there a logging company in Arkansas that will buy them?

By Robert

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link [5]07/19/2012

Does Arkansas have a state conservation department like Indiana? If so, they can help you. I would suggest you prepare a written contract/agreement that all the mess--tops, holes, stumps, branches, etc.--be cleaned up and that you sell them by sealed bid. Loggers can leave a terrible mess--some will come in, cut just what they want and leave the rest, including the tree tops.

Some will come in with dozers, knock down the ones they don't want to get to the oak, walnut, and other valuable trees and leave a mess of downed trees, deep dozer tracks, etc. Frankly, tree buyers in general have a terrible reputation; there are some honest ones, but seller beware! Ask for references and check them, twice.

Question: Selling Walnut Trees

Can I sell my walnut trees in Knoxville, Tennessee? Does anyone know of a company that might buy them or other method for selling these trees?

By Wess J.

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By Roo08/06/2011

It depends on where they are growing. If they are growing in your yard, lumbermills will not take the chance that there may have been a nail pounded into the trees over the many years it took to grow. Even one partial nail will kill a veneering blade, which is much more expensive to replace than the tree it was cutting. If the trees are in an orchard or forest, then research lumbermills, gunstock producers and firms that produce veneering products. Beyond those, fine furniture making shops where only one or two carpenters work might look for walnut stock, but these are harder to find and might not even be on the internet. One other idea would be to look for an Amish community nearby and see if they have a carpenter who could use whole trees. My family's farm has a grove of black walnut trees and we were not able to find a buyer for the wood because the grove stands on either side of our lane, with grass growing beneath the trees. From the lumberman's point of view, that constitutes a yard.

Question: Tree Removal for Lumber

We are considering buying land in north Florida, It is approximately 20+ acres. We would like about 5 acres cleared and would trade clearing for lumber. Is this a service that anyone provides?

By Mary

Question: Selling Trees for Lumber

Google map of propertyWe would like to sell our trees off of a 2 acre lot that is full, but don't know where to start.

By Tracy P

Question: Selling Pecan Trees

I am looking into selling 30 acres of pecan trees in Tulsa county. To whom and how does one sell trees that are not cut down on your property?

By C.C.

Question: Cutting Poplar Trees

I have 17+ poplar trees about 100ft high which desperately need to come down. Is there someone in the Charante area of France who would come along and fell trees to take away?


Question: Free Cutting and Removal of Trees

My daughter is buying a house here in western Massachusetts with at least twenty 40-60 ft pine trees by the house. We are trying to find out if anyone knows someone insured and bonded that would take them down for free and take the wood for their use.

By Petite B

Question: Finding Someone to Cut Pine Trees for Lumber

We have 21 acres in Odessa Florida and have quite a few pine trees which can be harvested for lumber or paper. Is there a company which may be interested in taking them free of charge?

By William H.

Question: Selling 200 Year Old Pines

I have about 20 pine trees in my yard in south Georgia that are at least 200 years old. I've been told they are worth a lot, but I don't know who to sell them to.

By Laura

Question: Selling Trees

I have 3 acres that need to be cleared, with about 150 trees of pine and oak (mostly pines). Most of them have diameters between 10 to 18 feet and a few are 20 feet. Any one knows a company in Ocala or Central Florida that can use these trees and remove them at no charge?


Question: Can Cottonwood Trees be Useful?

I have a dozen mostly cotonwood trees - 100 feet plus each. I want someone to come get them and take them away. Can anyone use them for soft pallets or anything useful?

By Kenny B.

Question: Selling Pine Trees

Where can I sell my pine trees that have already been cut down?

By Rona

Question: Selling Lumber from Large Oak Tree

We live in Hot Springs Arkansas. We paid a lot to get a large oak tree cut down. We need to find someone that wants this large tree.

By Elizabeth C from Hot Springs AR

Question: Selling Old Growth Long-Leaf Pine Trees

several treesI have just over an acre in southeastern coastal Georgia. The property has been vacant for many years. We are now in the beginning stages of preparing the property to build a home within the next couple of years.

There are many hardwoods such as poplar, cherry, oak, etc., but there are also at least five very old growth long-leaf pines that must come out. I have spoken with the Georgia Forestry Commission to see if they knew of local mills that may be interested. The problem is, as with everyone else here, there just aren't enough trees to make it cost effective for the timber buyers, the loggers, or the mills. Besides that, they are just too large!

The picture is representational of all the trees. These are the "middle sized ones." Two are larger and at least one is slightly smaller in diameter. These are the only "twins." These two trees will not be removed, but there are at least five others that will be.

We are prepared to pay a certified arborist/tree surgeon to remove them, but I was hoping to find a smaller, local buyer who would be able to use the timber and we would be able to recoup some of the price of removing the trees.

Most of these trees are or over 4' in diameter and are too large for portable saw mills. They are also very straight (except maybe one). The limb diameters alone are the size of most mature pines on some of these trees.

I don't mind paying (and I know it will be expensive) to have them taken down professionally by an insured tree surgeon, but I just would hate the timber to end up in the dump. Several of these trees are at least 150-200 years old, and the rest must be at least 100.

The heart pine would be a woodworker's dream.

Any suggestions?


Question: Selling Trees

Who buys trees on our land in Sevierville, Tennessee?

By Teri from Cosby, TN

Question: Selling Timber

I have two red oak and two white oak to sell in Maryland. They are approximately 80' tall.

By Cynthia

Question: Value of Redwood Tree

We have a redwood tree in Rochester NY, on our 3 acre property. We would like to sell the wood. How much can we expect to get for this wood?

By Steve and Mary

Question: Selling Trees

I have several large old oak, maple and pine trees. The oak is 18 feet around the trunk. Maple has a 16.5 feet circumference. there are several large other trees also.

By M. G. Gerhardt from Gig Harbor, WA

Question: Selling a Tree

I have a very large ash tree on my property and was told that there are companies out there that would want to buy this tree.

By Elaine B

Question: Selling Trees on Your Land

I live in southeastern Michigan. I have some large hickory and oak trees on my property that I would like to sell. The trees are all close to 100 feet tall, and at least 20 inches in diameter.

By Sandy D.

Question: Selling Fallen Oak Trees

I have 4 large oak tree that blew down. No decay. Is there anyone in St. Joe County Indiana who will take them?

By R West

Question: Finding Someone to Clear Wooded Acreage

We have about 4 acres of wooded land on our property that we would love to have cleared so we can put in a fishing pond. Just curious if anyone has had luck clearing this small of an area, I've heard lumber yards want at least 10 acres. I have no idea what kind of trees they are large. The trees are at least 18 inches in diameter.

By Tisha

Question: Selling a Maple Tree

Who can I call to sell a maple tree in my yard?

By Michelle

Question: Finding Someone to Clear Land for Timber

I have almost 2 acres of wooded land I need cleared. Is there anyone that will clear it for the timber?

By gt

Question: Selling Our Trees for Lumber

Who in our area will buy our trees for lumber?

By Ronald T.

Question: Selling My Trees

I have several large pines trees for sale. How do I find someone who will buy them and how much can I get for lets say an 80' tree? I have around 25 of them for sale.

By Peter

Question: Removing a Melaleuca Tree

Melaleuca tree near building.We have one melaleuca tree in our yard and we would like to have it removed. We'd like to have it done by someone who has a use for it.

By Huang

Question: Selling a Redwood Tree

I have 7 redwood trees in my back yard. I would like to sell one. How much could I get for it?

By Jean

Question: Oak Trees to Sell

I have 10-12 oak trees, 30-40 ft. tall and 5 ft.-8 ft. in diameter that I would like to sell. They are located in southwestern Michigan. Any references?

By Sue C.

Question: Selling Standing Timber

I have a 3/4 acre lot of Austrian pine. All trees are straight and tall, about 40 years old. I have talked to several lumber buyers and they all want at least 10 acres. I would like to sell them.

By Bill W.

Question: Finding Someone to Cut Trees for the Free Lumber

Does anyone cut down big pine trees for the lumber?

By Tom D.

Question: Selling Choice Hardwood Maple Trees

What is the price for 20 inch diameter choice hardwood maple trees to be harvested in Otsego county Michigan by Silver Leaf Logging Co.?

By Dale D

Question: Selling Hickory Trees

We have 3 hickory nut trees. Is there value in their wood? Enough that someone would pay us to take them down?

By Ann from Brooklyn, MI

Question: What is a Fair Price for My Trees

I have two truck loads of pines in my back yard. What is a fair price for selling them? I also have a truck load of hard wood.

By Clai

Question: Selling a Black Walnut

I have a 30 foot x 48 inch girth black walnut tree for sale in south Jersey. How do I find a buyer?

By Bruce

Question: Selling Pine Trees from My Yard

Is there any company in Florida that will be interested in buying some pine trees from my property? I live in Gainesville.

By Edith L

Question: Removing Oak Trees from Yard

I have oak trees in my yard that I would like to get rid of. What should I do?

By Ana

Question: Selling Black Walnut Trees for Lumber

I live in Ohio and have 3 black walnut trees that I want someone to pay me for. I want someone to come and cut them down and haul them away and pay me. Any suggestions?

By Lisa

Question: Selling a Tree for the Lumber

Ash tree.I have a large ash tree in my garden that is 15 to 20 years old. It will be felled by the council as they are compulsorily purchasing some of my land to make way for a tram. How would I go about getting a quote for the wood value and have the tree felled before they take the land?

By Jane from Nottingham UK

Question: Cutting Trees to Sell Lumber

How long do I need to cut trees for a lumber yard to sell?

By Ron

Question: Clearing and Selling Trees

I want to clear 4 acres of forest for residential use. I am hoping to use the money from the trees to help cut the cost of septic, well, electric, and building. I am trying to get a broad range guestimate as to, how much money might come from 4 acres of dense woods?

By Tiya

Question: Selling Backyard Trees

I have 24 pine trees and 1 ugly tree, I would like removed. Can you recommend a company willing to come out with such a small load?

By Debra H.

Question: Selling a Fallen Oak Tree

My 100 yr old oak tree fell this afternoon and I am wondering if its even worth anything. It has a pretty large trunk.

By Mata from Coppell, TX

Question: Selling Rough Cut Cherry Lumber

I have 300 board feet of rough cut cherry lumber I want to sell. Where do I sell it?

By Ronald from Kirkersville, OH

Question: Mature Pines In Southern Michigan

I have about 50-60 mature pines that I need to remove. They are all over 50 ft tall. Can you recommend anyone that would want to buy these?

By Amy from Reading, MI

Question: Selling Trees

I am trying to clear off some land at my home can you help me locate a company that buys trees in South Carolina?

By Nicole. C

Question: Removing and Selling 40 Year Old Mahogany Trees

We have 5 huge mahogany trees on our suburban property. Is there anyone in south Florida who can handle this removal and possibly purchase the lumber?

By Susan W.

Question: Value of Black Walnut Trees

I have two that came down in my yard. Is there any value to them?

By Bruce G.

Question: Selling Trees and Lawn Grass

How do I find out how much I can get for about 4 big trees and all the grass front and back yard?

By C Metcalf from Los Angeles

Question: Selling Walnut Trees to a Mill

I have 2 black walnut trees that I'm interested in selling to a wood mill. How do I do that?

By Penny from Rockies, IL

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