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Side Dishes That Go With Quiche

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Spinach Quiche

Finding the best complements to your main dish will make for a great meal. This guide is about side dishes that go with quiche.


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Question: What to Serve With Quiche for Dinner?

What can I serve with quiche? I want something to add to the dinner plate.

By Robert

Most Recent Answer

By melissa [1]08/13/2014

We enjoy quiche pretty often for dinner. I always add some type of coffeecake, sweet quickbread, or a super easy can of cinnamon rolls popped into the oven. Can't forget the orange juice, yum! :)

Question: Sides That Go With Quiche

Can anyone tell me what else you would cook with a quiche to make a meal at dinner time? Seems like a quiche alone isn't much. I need some more ideas to go with my quiche.

Thanks Bunches. God Bless.

Angelheart from Clyde, TX

Most Recent Answer

By crackhead06/29/2009

I like to add a Taco salad with my quiche.
Taco bowl filled with; ground beef, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, sprinkled with deep fried bacon and if there is still some room left a few shreds of lettuce and when I'm really in a jolly mood I like to add my famous butter sauce for me and my hubby.

Solutions: Side Dishes That Go With Quiche

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