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Side Dishes That Go With Quiche

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Spinach Quiche

Finding the best complements to your main dish will make for a great meal. This guide is about side dishes that go with quiche.



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Question: Sides That Go With Quiche

Can anyone tell me what else you would cook with a quiche to make a meal at dinner time? Seems like a quiche alone isn't much. I need some more ideas to go with my quiche.

Thanks Bunches. God Bless.

Angelheart from Clyde, TX


Best Answers

By crackhead06/29/2009

I like to add a Taco salad with my quiche.
Taco bowl filled with; ground beef, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, sprinkled with deep fried bacon and if there is still some room left a few shreds of lettuce and when I'm really in a jolly mood I like to add my famous butter sauce for me and my hubby.

Best Answers

By carriescreativekitchen (Guest Post)09/14/2007

For your dinner, why don't you partner your Quiche with salad, bread, a seasonal veggie, & of course, sugar sweetened tea for my Texan hubby!
Salad: baby spinach, grated carrots, sprinkle with cranberries & bacon. Add your desired dressing if desired.
Bread: Garlic cheese bread goes great!
Veggie: Saute' fresh pressed garlic in a couple Tablespoons butter(smells great & if married your hubby will immediately come in the kitchen to see what's cooking & kiss the cook :~). Then add any cut up veggie: squash, broccoli, carrots (any others or mix your favorites or leftover veggies)
Tea: Boil 4-5 tea bags for ~ 10 min (Start when you begin cooking & let sit after turning off till rest of meal is ready - to steep) squeeze out tea bags & add 1 gallon cold water. Mix in 1 cup sugar.
Enjoy your meal!

Best Answers

By Jess [119]09/13/2007

I serve quiche for dinner quite often and my mother did as well. After reading this, I decided to do one tonight. I'm going to have a crusty bread with butter and steamed green beans. I'm also going to have some pear slices because I have a pear handy and my boys will like that better than the green beans. I'll have a little bacon and some onion, garlic and tomato in the quiche. Maybe I'll see if I have any basil left in my herb garden.

I often serve a salad instead. If you really wanted a hearty meal, you could serve a soup with it instead, maybe a beef or chicken broth with some vegetables. Like other posters said, you can add just about anything to quiche to make it more filling. Leeks, broccoli, mushrooms, ham, spinach, zucchini, peppers. It is like pizza in it's versatility.



Best Answers

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]09/13/2007

It all depends on what kind of quiche it is but if it is a dinner quiche, I'd add a tossed salad or some sort of green veggie. Corn on the cob might be good as well. I would probably put out cottage cheese and pickled beets too and cornbread or rolls of some kind. If it is a veggie quiche and you want some meat, you could always have some cooked sausage of some sort or sliced ham.

When I had quiche at a tea room sort of restaurant, I believe fresh fruit and a muffin was served with the quiche.

I just love quiche....think I'll make one soon!

Question: What to Serve With Quiche for Dinner?

What can I serve with quiche? I want something to add to the dinner plate.

By Robert


Best Answer

By melissa [141]08/13/2014

We enjoy quiche pretty often for dinner. I always add some type of coffeecake, sweet quickbread, or a super easy can of cinnamon rolls popped into the oven. Can't forget the orange juice, yum! :)

Question: Side Dishes to Serve With Quiche

What are some good side dishes for quiche served as brunch?

By Janice

Solutions: Side Dishes That Go With Quiche

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