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It is truly frustrating to have the spin cycle on your washer quit working, leaving you with a sopping load of laundry. This is a guide about spin cycle not working on washer.



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Question: GE Washer Drains But Won't Spin

My GE washer is 3 years old (model#GHWP1000MOWW), it will drain the water out, but will not spin. It makes a sound like it's spinning, but it isn't. Thanks.

By Scott H.


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By Beverly [10]03/02/2014

Howdy. I had this happen to me about a year back. After me researching this on the web. I decided it was the lid switch. When you put down your lid to the washer... it starts a mechanism. I also talked with people where I ordered my parts from and they agreed... it was the lid switch.

I ordered it (less than $50.00 including s/h), and then installed it ourselves (me and my husband). I found out how to replace it by using youtube. I watched the video several times and even kept it up and was running back and forth from the washer to the computer. We got it replaced and it worked like a dream.

Question: Whirlpool Washer Not Spinning Properly

I have a Whirlpool washer model #wtw5500xw2 that won't spin all the water out of the clothes. Can someone tell me what could be the problem? It's driving me crazy.

By Mrs N


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By Dinah Ackerson [4]03/22/2015

You can contact Whirlpool customer service via email or phone-see the information below:

Save time by checking your appliance information before contacting us. Manuals & Literature

US: 1-866-698-2538
Canada: 1-800-688-2002

Hour of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST

Please locate the appliance's model and serial number before calling.
Need help finding your model and serial number?


Question: Washer Will Not Spin

My washer is washing, but will not spin. I got new motor couplers, but it is still not working.

By Lisa

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By Louise B. [6]02/28/2015

My machine had one small part that wore out that controlled the spinning. For all those people who say it is a worn out belt, my Kenmore machine did not have any belts. I called a local repair man who replaced the part, had special little tools he had made for just this job, and was in and out in less than half an hour. When the part broke down a few months later, he fixed it again, for no cost as he said it should have lasted for years. It has been a few years, and the machine is still working just fine. My machine is 14 years old, and the repair was done about 4 years ago. I consider the money I paid to the repair person to be very well spent.

Question: Washing Machine Won't Spin With Lid Closed

My washing machine will wash but the spin cycle will not spin or drain the tub what do I do to repair that?

By Shelly H. from Manteca, CA

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By xyz04/15/2014

Sounds like the lid switch has gone bad. Google your model number and look for lid switch. Most can be found for about 15 dollars.

Question: Washing Machine Isn't Spinning

All of a sudden my washer won't spin. It sounds like it is but it doesn't revolve. Does this sound like it might be a solenoid?


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Question: Washer Won't Spin

My washer will drain, but not spin. It is fine on the wash cycle, but once it starts to drain it makes a loud noise and then won't spin.

By Linda S.

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By Louise B. [6]03/07/2015

If you have a reliable repair person, you could call and consult. When my machine wouldn't spin, the repairman diagnosed the problem over the phone, and when he came to fix it, took less than an hour and charged a very reasonable price. It was much cheaper than a new machine!

Question: Washer Stops After It Fills for Rinse Cycle and Does Not Spin

My washing machine completes the wash cycle, water drains, then it starts the spin cycle, it fills up with water, but when the water is in the tub instead of spinning it stops, with water left in the tub.

By HenryJ from Norman, OK

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By xintexas [28]04/27/2011

You can look up on You Tube. They show step by step how to repair certain brands. Hope yours is one of them. I found out why my washer wasn't working. It turned out the pump just needed cleaning out. Washers are easy to repair everything is replaceable in it but you must be mechanical inclined,

Question: Fixing a Washer That Won't Spin

In the last spin cycle, my washer made a breaking, grinding plastic noise. I opened lid and after a minute of this noise it stopped spinning and the motor was still running? It agitates, washes clothes, drains water out, but will not spin? I have to fix it myself. Anyone have any ideas as to what my problem is?

By Diane from MI

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By Jackie 04/03/2011

It sound like the belt broke, If you can turn over the washer and see if it did take to old belt and replace it with the same one, new of corse, it is not hard to do. be careful to unplug the washer first and get a person that has the strength to turn it over for you, I hope this helps and God bless you.

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Question: Washing Machine Spin Cycle Not Working

My washer's spin cycle does not work. What can I do?

By Arturo from San Diego, CA

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By Gloria Z [10]03/25/2011

The washer won't spin if you have a plugged i[ drain. Did you wash something and it fell apart in the washer? That would do it. Another thing is to find you reset button it's usually on the top of the washer - it might look like an open small hole. Take a screw driver and put it inside to click the button. If all else fails it's probably the belt on the motor. If you don't have anyone to take apart your machine call a repair guy - cost appx. $109.00.

Question: Washer Will Not Spin With a Load of Clothes

Our GE washer will not spin when it has a load of clothes. It washes, rinses, and drains but will not spin. However, if you run it empty all cycles work fine. Any ideas?

    By punster46 [1]

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    By Louise B. [6]09/06/2015

    I had a wonderful repairman in my community. My idea is to call a repair shop and talk to someone there. If you have access to a good repair person, it will likely be an easy thing to fix for someone who knows what they are doing. These people train for these jobs; I always think it is best to consult an expert.

    Question: Kenmore Washer Spins A Long Time

    I have Kenmore front loading washer, model no. 417.43042200. My washer takes forever to run through its spin cycle. Sometimes the first load runs the normal amount of time. Usually the second load is were it hangs up, it typically gets to the final spin cycle and keeps going and going. If I advance the dial a tick it will finish out. I have a couple questions: Is this a timer problem or the board that controls the timer? Is this something I could get parts for and replace myself without requiring a full compliment of specialized equipment? I bought this washer in 2002 for about $400, am I kidding myself with even thinking about repairing this unit?

    By RCB

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    By Dinah Ackerson [4]01/26/2015

    We had a problem with an old washer in our rented house. We decided to have Sears check the washer for a fee of $75; our experience with Sears is good and, at the time, their special deal was that we would receive $75 off a new washer. A Sears service man checked the washer and stated the repair cost would be more than the cost of a new washer. After he explained what was needed, we agreed to buy a new washer. We received $75 off the new Sears Kenmore washer.

    You do not say your washer's age, but you have had it for 12 years now. You can request a service find the problem for a fee. At least you will know your choices.

    Question: Washing Machine Won't Rinse or Spin

    My washer will wash, but won't finsh doing the rinse cycle or the spin cycle. It leaves all the water in the washer. What do I do?

    By Amber H

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    By Dinah Ackerson [4]12/27/2014

    The washer problem could be many possibilities and would probably be difficult for someone to answer from this site. Suggest an evaluation by a repair service.

    Question: Washer Stopped Working

    My washing machine drums, started to make loud beating noise and after awhile stopped working.

    By Gianni

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    By Dinah Ackerson [4]12/20/2014

    If you do not know how why your washer stopped working, it would be difficult for anyone here to suggest a solution. There are many factors to consider and you have not provided any additional information. If your washer is more than 4-5 years old, the most probable solution is to replace the broken washer. Your best plan would be to have a washer repair service check the washer and suggest a solution.

    Question: Washer Won't Spin

    My top load washer drains, but does not spin. It leaves the clothes very damp.

    By Jack

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    By Louise B. [6]12/16/2014

    I had this same problem, and luckily we have a repairman in town who knew exactly how to fix it. He came over and had it repaired in less than half an hour. The cost was very reasonable. He says, however, that many people look this problem up on the internet and fix it themselves.

    But, after watching this man fix this problem so quickly and efficiently, and watching a friend spend a couple of hours just getting into the washing machine (he was an industrial mechanic - could fix big machines in factories, but not appliances!), my advice would be to hire the guy who knows what he is doing.

    A good workman is worth the cost; you are paying for their knowledge, not just what they do. Mine actually had specialized tools that he had made, just for this job.

    Question: Washing Machine Won't Spin

    My washing machine will wash, but it won't spin. I have to put it on a spin only and it works fine then. What could this be?

    By Louise from Rhondda

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    By Louise B. [6]01/05/2015

    I wonder if it is not the dial. If you can afford a repairperson, get one in to check this out. If you can not, just run the washing machine the way it is; it will not be as convenient, but it should work for you.

    Question: Washing Machine Won't Drain

    My machine was washing then it just stopped. I can hear it trying to empty but nothing. I switched it off then switched it back on and it started to fill up again, then stopped. Any help is appreciated. It's an old machine, but I never had any problems till now. It's an Indesit 1500 wil153. I can hear the sound of the motor trying to work, but nothing. It keeps stopping.

    By Paula

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    By Tom W. [1]10/31/2014

    I had that problem as well. I do believe it's your pump. I use to lower the hose to drain in a giant bucket during that part of the cycle but that became old after awhile. I had to keep dumping the water from the bucket. I picked up a used one at the Salvation Army for about $25 and I'm now back in business. You can also get a repairman to fix it but not sure how new your machine is and if it's worth the price. I'm sure that would be at leat $50 to repair.

    Question: Spin Cycle Doesn't Work

    My washer drains from the bottom and won't spin, so the clothes are soaked.

    By Pete

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    By Wanda 04/15/2014

    Hello, Go to Youtube. There are literally tons of 'how to' videos. Enter your problem in the search box and you will have many to select from. I've saved quite a bit of money doing this.

    Question: Spin Cycle Not Working

    I have a 20 year old Maytag washer that has a two cycle. One cycle, the spin dry will not work. On the other cycle it works fine. Any thought why the one cycle will not spin?

    By Tom W.

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    By denise c03/27/2014

    I had the same problem, a repairman replaced the door switch motor in my washer and that resolved it.

    Question: Spin Cycle Not Working

    The spin cycle does not work on my machine. It washes and rinses fine, but will not spin.

    By Wanda from Greenwood, SC

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    By Frugal Sunnie [11]09/06/2013

    How old is your machine, and is it still under warranty?

    If still under warranty the cost to have a factory trained repair tech come out will be very reasonable (and may even be free) but be aware that some things are not covered under even a comprehensive warranty if the tech determines the fault is yours (overloading, using too much detergent, incorrectly installed by a DIY installer, etc).

    The age matters for things like belts and drives - on one older machine of mine it was the belt, on another newer model it was the 'transmission', and on another it was an accumulation of lint.

    Too, this really is a job for a trained repair tech because it involves pulling the back panel and being exposed to dangerous static electricity build up. The tech will know how to keep from being badly shocked (goes far beyond merely unplugging the machine, btw), and has the training to get your machine spinning again.

    Depending on the age and make of your machine it may actually cost you less to replace it with new machine. However, if your machine has specialty features it may be more cost effective to have it repaired.

    Telephone around and get some over the phone estimates of the costs involved. No matter what they try to say over the phone ("Oh your problem could be so many different things it's best if I come out and have a look..." and variations on that theme), stick to your guns and ask them for a rough estimate over the phone so you can decide if you want to spend the money on repairs or replacement. A good repair tech will respect that and will give you a rough idea of the costs based on best and worst case scenarios.

    Repair tech charges are based on making the trip to your house+labour to fix the machine+the parts needed.

    Question: Spin Cycle Not Working

    My Whirlpool top load washer spin cycle is not working. What should I check before I call the repairman?

    By MW

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dianne Sahakian07/08/2012

    If your top loading washer doesn't spin it probably needs a new belt, and if your handy you can do it yourself, you can order the belt you need through your washer brand, call their number and they can order it for you and you can put it on the same way you took it off and save yourself some money. I feel you can also do the same thing for a front loading machine too. If you are not a handyperson call a repairman to do it for you. Sometimes you can also order the part through anyplace that sells them as well.

    Question: Washer Filling With Water During Spin Cycle

    I have a Frigidaire stackable washer and dryer. The washer keeps filling during the spin cycle leaving water in the machine. The machine still spins and empties but continues to fill.

    By Kristin from Charleston, SC

    Most Recent Answer

    By SANDI [2]02/24/2011

    Once the machine is in the spin mode and is rinsing out, turn off the water to the machine. Hope this helps you short turn. Obviously there is a problem with your washer and you need a service call. Depending on the age and cost of repair you might opt to shut off the water.

    Question: GE Front Load Washer Won't Spin

    I have a GE washer model WCVH6800J2WW that won't spin. The door locks and it runs and drains. I have checked the belt and it looks fine. I guess I may have overloaded it the last time. It is only 3 years old. What do you think? Can you also tell me the steps to get a error code? Thanks!

      By Nae [1]

      Question: Washing Machine Not Spinning

      My Bosch machine is 3 years old and I have tried every cycle to see if they react differently, but I am not getting drier clothes. They just come out soaking.

      By Teresa

      Question: GE Front Load Washer Won't Spin

      My GE front load washer washes and drained, but will not spin.

      By RJ

      Question: Washer Leaves Wet Clothes

      Front loader will not do a final spin to remove or spin out last bit of water. Appliance works, but does not do the fast spin at end of any cycle.

      By Kevin C. from Ventura, CA

      Question: Beaumatic Washer Dryer Not Spinning

      The washer works fine on all other cycles, but will not spin on any part of cycle 3 (30 degree wash). Any ideas?

      By Terry

      Question: GE Washer Won't Spin

      My washer will pump water out, but will not spin. Once I get it to spin it will spin two or three times then quit. I replaced the lid switch and it still does the same.

      By Frank

      Question: Kenmore Washer Will Not Spin

      My Kenmore washer does everything, but will not go into the spin cycle. I replaced the clutch, but this did not solve the problem. I am now finding that, if I manually move the was tub an inch or two clockwise, the washer will go into the spin cycle. The tub is difficult to move, but this trick has worked every time for the last 12 loads of laundry.

      By Harry B

      Question: Amana Washing Machine Won't Spin

      I have an Amana NAV 6800aww washing machine. The tub tries to spin clockwise in the spin cycle, but the brakes are on. Is the tub suppose to spin counterclockwise in the spin cycle?

      By Ken H. from Livonia, MI

      Question: Washer Not Spinning

      I have a Frigidaire Infiniti front loader and it does not spin. It leaves my clothes wet. What could I do?

      By Rose

      Question: Washer Won't Spin

      My Hotpoint washer was making a clucking sound when it starts on a spin cycle. Now it has stopped the sound, but it won't spin out at all.

      By Wanda from Campnellsville, KY

      Question: Spin Cycle Not Working on Washer

      I have a model GLWS1223AS1 washer. The the spin cycle is not working correctly. I went to check on it because I heard a strange noise coming from it. I noticed a rubber smell as well so I popped the top off and checked all things mentioned here. The closed the lid and did a test cycle. Halfway through it stopped. So I gave it a little help and it finished the cycle. What should I check for now?

      By Jeremy

      Question: Frigidaire Gallery Front Loader Won't Spin

      The machine won't drain or spin. The front panel reads pau/door.

      By Andy

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