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Substitute for Chocolate Chips in Recipes

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Mixing bowl with chocolate chips.

Many recipes call for chocolate chips, but if you are out of them, there are other ingredients that you can substitute. This is a guide about substitute for chocolate chips in recipes.


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Question: Substitute for Chocolate Chips in Recipes

Could anyone give me some suggestions please? I see so many recipes using chocolate chips and I get so frustrated, because I would love to try them out. However, I can't because where I live chocolate chips or drops are, for some obscure reason, horribly expensive.

Would anyone know if there is a substitute that I can use instead? I've tried smashing up a chocolate bar and the bits are too big, running it through a food processor just makes one big gunky mess. Help, please?

By Cettina from Malta, Europe

Best Answer

By Sandra Moore [3]11/04/2009

Have you ever thought of using raisins or chopped dates? It would be healthier for you. You did say you have a chocolate bar, but it was thick, have you tried using a large knife to chop the bar into thin strips, while it is at room temperature? Then freeze those strips in a zip lock bag. After it freezes, use a meat tenderizer or hammer on the bag until all the pieces are smaller. Or, you could melt the candy bar in a double boiler or microwave, put it in an icing bag, create little dots with your icing bag and use them as chocolate chips.


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