Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom

Mass of tiny black bugs.

I walked into my bathroom (small bathroom with no window that's able to open) to notice a black spot on the wall about a inch and a half wide. I got closer to realize it was a cluster of little black bugs! They move like worms. Does anyone have any idea what these are?

By KaleyM from US.


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By Pixiedust7 7 829 07/08/2012

I just saw this tonight. If they're wormlike, they might be maggots, which turn into flies. There might be a water problem in that spot, and flies lay eggs in water. The eggs hatch into maggots. Kill the maggots and try to fix the wetness, if any. I've seen them on the bathroom sink counter, if water splashes behind the faucet and puddles there, for instance, in hot muggy weather. It only takes a day or so for them to appear. I wash them down the drain with hot, hot water. I have to remember to dry up stray splashes on muggy days.

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By Carol Swanson 35 211 06/25/2012


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