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Tips for Swallowing Pills

A woman holding pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

For many people taking tablets or capsules can be difficult.. This guide contains tips for swallowing bills.


Solutions: Tips for Swallowing Pills

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Tip: Grind Up "Elephant" Sized Pills

Grind Up "Elephant" Sized Pills, materials for breaking up calcium pill.I have to take extra calcium every day, I really have a hard time swallowing pills, especially the big ones. I found a solution, I put the pill between a paper towel and bang on it with a hammer until it is a fine powder. I sprinkle it every morning on what I am having for breakfast; i. e.: toast, cereal, eggs, etc. You can do this with any daily pill you have to take.

By Eileen from Yorktown, VA

Editor's Note: Slow release or capsule type pills should be taken whole to work correctly. Consult with your doctor before grinding up your prescription medications.

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Tip: Pill Taking the Easy Way

When I have to take a large pill I get a little pat of butter and coat the pill. It goes down very easily. No more cutting the calcium pills into small pieces.

Source: I got this idea from my dog's vet. This works good with animals too.

By tatsie from Montgomery, Al

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Tip: Problem Taking Pills

If you have trouble swallowing pills, there is a very easy solution. Place the pill in your mouth, then drink your water (or other liquid) through a straw. There's something about the closed-mouth sucking motion that helps the pill go down. Make sure to continue drinking (with or without the straw) after the pill has gone down. Most medications should be followed with a full (6-8 oz.) glass of water.

By AuntieBim from Tehachapi, CA

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Tip: Swallow Pills with Food

I have a lot of difficulty taking pills and vitamins - they would get stuck to the roof of my mouth or they would end up in the front of my mouth when swallowing water. I had better luck just swallowing them with saliva. I was thinking I have no trouble swallowing food, so what I do is when I'm eating I take my pills just before I swallow my well chewed food. I put a pill or 2 in my mouth closer to the back of my mouth and I swallow everything goes down perfectly, no more choking or pills rolling around and not going down.

    By Babette [36]

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    Tip: Taking Capsules Easily

    When you are trying to take a capsule, you should put it in your mouth with a sip of water then tilt your head forward (down). When the capsule floats to the back of your mouth, swallow it. Many people are so used to tilting their head back, which works great for pills but not for capsules. A friend gave me this tip many years ago and I have divided my vitamins into pills and capsules ever since.

    By tazfan from on Olympic Peninsula, WA

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    Here are questions related to Tips for Swallowing Pills.

    Question: Trouble Swallowing Pills

    How do you swallow a pill? I am trying to swallow the smallest pill ever, but I just can't do it. I'm scared I will choke on it, because I have in the past. Any ideas?

    By A K

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Pixiedust7 7 859 07/08/2012

    I didn't see this until tonight, but I have 2 ideas for you, which I and my friend Bill have used to give pills to pets. 1 - You can coat the pill with a little butter and it will go down easier. 2 - There is a product called Pill Glide which is available in drugstores and grocery stores that does the same thing.

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    Question: Tips for Swallowing Pills

    Swallowing pills can be hard for some people. Here are some tips to help. Post your ideas.

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    Most Recent Answer

    By NewParent 1 05/12/2011

    A great trick/solution with concrete step by step advice!

    My new 14 year old stepson had never once been able to swallow a pill. His major problem, as I assume it is with most people, was that his tongue kept involuntarily pinning the pill against the roof of his mouth when he went to swallow, keeping it from traveling to his throat. Therefore it occurred to me the key must be to control the tongue reflex.

    Here's what we did if you want to try the same:

    1. Pour a medium amount of water into your mouth, tilt your head back and let it settle back towards your throat
    2. Pop the pill into your mouth as far back as you can toss it, hopefully to the point where it's submerged in water
    3. Gently hold your tongue between your teeth, letting it stick out just a little
    4. Swallow the water SMOOTHLY in one gulp while holding the tip of your tongue softly between your teeth until your done swallowing.

    If you don't seize up and swallow in jerky motions, the pill will slide down easily before your tongue can slip back and trap it in your mouth. If you need to, stick your tongue out a little farther.

    We practiced the above first with water only, then with progressively bigger candies, and finally with a pill. Ultimately we solved an 8 year problem in about 20 minutes. Give it a shot.

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    Archive: Tips for Swallowing Pills

    Swallowing pills can be hard for some people. Here are some tips to help. Post your ideas.