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Uses for Avon Skin So Soft

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Applying Skin So Soft Under Eyes

A popular beauty product that can be helpful for a variety of personal and household uses. This guide contains uses for Avon Skin So Soft.


Solutions: Uses for Avon Skin So Soft

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Tip: Use Skin So Soft on Leather and Wood Furniture

The oil keeps the furniture from drying up, and leaves a nice shine, while the perfume makes the whole room smell nice. Just a couple of drops rubbed in with a soft cloth does the job!

By Tammy from Udall, KS

Tip: Avon's Skin So Soft for Mosquitoes

I have been using Avon's Skin So Soft for many years in the summer to repel mosquitoes when I golf or work in the garden.

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    By Tommy [2]

    Tip: Skin So Soft for Your Hair

    Use Avon Skin So Soft as a creme for your hair after shampoo. Been using it for ten years as it just takes a couple of drops so you save a lot of money. No, it doesn't leave any kind of smell.

    By Janice from Sun City, AZ

    Tip: Skin So Soft for Sticker Removal

    Did you just buy the neatest photo frame at the thrift store but they put this big ole sticker on the glass and now you can't get it off? Just run the sticker under some warm water to remove it and then dry it. After you dry it, use some Avon Skin So Soft to remove the excess sticky stuff - works every time!

    By Lynne from Sharon, WI

    Tip: Skin-So-Soft on Shower Doors

    I use Avon's skin-so-soft in a spray bottle on my glass shower doors. Spray on doors and wipe off with a paper towel, your doors will be clean and the bathroom will have that fresh scent of skin-so-soft, repeat about once a week.

    By Donna

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    Here are questions related to Uses for Avon Skin So Soft.

    Question: Things To Do With Avon Skin So Soft

    At one time Avon had a list of "Things To Do With Skin So Soft". Does anyone know or have a copy.

    Rona from Las Vegas


    Most Recent Answer

    By (Guest Post)05/20/2008

    Is this the SSS bath oil or the bug spray? I love the ideas and would love to use them but what SSS product do I use?

    Question: Skin So Soft as an Insect Repellent

    Will Skin So Soft keep mosquitoes away?

    By Marg from Labrador City NL, CA


    Most Recent Answer

    By Annie Rios Hill [12]08/30/2010

    It works wonders for me and others I know swear by it. Also my friend has fleas from cats and I get horrid bites. So when I know I am going to stop in at her place. I put SSS original and place on my ankles all around and my arms and hands and no bites. I also do this when outside in Missouri for mosquitoes, no see-ums and all other biters. Try it!