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I have a 3 piece bedroom set, made of cedar, solid wood. There is a bed with shelf, large dresser with mirror, and another dresser. It is a set that my mom an dad bought. I can remember this since the sixties, and now it is passed down to me. All is there and in wonderful shape. I was wondering about how much it is worth now. I have searched the internet, but have found nothing like it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

By Vicky.



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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,645 12/11/2012

Go on eBay and use the search term 'vintage bedroom suites', maybe add the decade the suite is from.

Then spend hours (lol, reading eBay can be a bit addictive) reading to see what similar suites to yours are going for. You really do get a good idea of value that way-value being what someone will pay for what you have to sell.

You can also trawl through the local online sales/freebie classifieds. Try your local CraigsList pages (google CraigsList and the name of your town or the next biggest town) too, you get a good idea of what people are paying locally-which sometimes can differ wildly from eBay.

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By cybergrannie 32 881 12/11/2012

Hi - the first suggestions is very good advice and you can do that from your home.

Another suggestion would be to find a local shop that deals in this type (old) furniture and ask their opinion. Of course they would at least want some good photos or they my have to see it.
That is the only way you will find what is is worth to someone else. You would need more than one opinion and what is is worth and what someone will pay will be far apart in "money".

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