Wearing Earrings With Sensitive Skin

Wearing Earrings With Sensitive Skin

There are ways to tolerate those inexpensive earrings when you react to the metals they contain. This guide is about wearing earrings with sensitive skin.


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Tip: Wearing Cheap Earrings

I used to have to wear only gold or silver earrings. I have some costume earrings that are very pretty. When I try and wear them, my ear lobes end up getting red and sore. I have to treat them by rubbing them with antibiotic cream. One day I thought, why not treat the earring post with the antibiotic cream and then put them in my earlobes. I coated the earring post with the antibiotic cream and then put them in. I was able to wear them all the day with no problem, soreness, or red earlobes. Now I am able to wear any earrings I want with no problems. Try this, it really worked great for me.

By Dorothy from New Creek, WV

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Tip: Ointment to Get Earrings in Easier

Ointment for Pierced EarsMy pierced ears tend to "close up" if I go without wearing earrings for a while. And putting earrings in again can be difficult and painful. I found a way to slip them right in and keep them from hurting after I've had a lengthy earring lay-off. Dip the ends of the post or the part that goes through your ear in an antibiotic ointment. Then insert as usual.

They should go in with a lot less trouble, or no trouble at all. Plain petroleum jelly works too, but I like the added insurance of keeping infection at bay that the ointment provides. If the earrings have a separate back piece, dab a bit of ointment on it too. This should take care of any icky seepage that tends to get crusty when you haven't worn earrings in a while.

By Gloria from upstate NY

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Tip: Nail Polish for Itchy Earrings

If some pierced earrings bother your ears (make them itch), coat the posts with clear nail polish and let dry for 24 hours. This may stop the itching.

By Cheryl from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Tip: Clear Nail Polish For Nickel Allergies

I seem to have an allergy to nickel since I cannot wear cheap earings without my earlobes bothering me. I decided to try putting a thin coat of clear nail polish on the stem and it has worked well for me for years. I can wear any earring now.

    By KatherineC [21]

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    Tip: Wear Nickle Free Earrings

    I had a problem wearing any kind of earrings, no matter if they were silver, gold, etc. Then I tried what is called "nickle free" earrings. Now I can wear mine all day long without any itching or infections. Hope this will help someone.

    By JSRS443 from East Texas

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    Tip: Cure for Cheap Earrings That Irritate Your Skin

    If wearing "cheap" holiday earrings irritates your pierced ears, put a dab of antibiotic ointment on your ear, front and back, before inserting earrings.

    By Linda

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    Tip: Plastic French Wire Hooks for Sensitive Ears

    My daughter has always had trouble with metal wires for her earrings. One day while we were in the local craft store, we found replacement French "wires" made out of plastic. We bought 2 packages - no more problems! For earrings we can't change the wires, we coat the wires with clear nail polish, and let dry for 24 hours.

      By Kalyn B. [1]

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      Tip: Earrings That Cause Itchy Ears

      Some of the earrings I wear have caused my ear lobes to break out, get itchy and turn red. I find that by putting clear nail polish on the backs of those earrings, I am able to still wear the earrings I really like. After some use, I find I need to re-apply the polish. It works great.

      By Barbie

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      Here are questions related to Wearing Earrings With Sensitive Skin.

      Question: Sensitive Ears

      I have sensitive ears and need to wear sensitive solutions earrings, but even when I wear those my ears are red, itching, and peeling. I thought sensitive solution earrings were suppose to help, not make the matter worse. What can I do?

      By Alexis T. from Aurora, IL

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      Best Answers

      By Mary Lou [14] 10/10/2014

      Even earrings for sensitive ears may not be enough. Have you been tested for metal allergies, if not, perhaps you should consider it, even earrings for sensitive ears have metal. Or perhaps it is the backing piece if there is one, that you are sensitive to. You might only be able to wear hoops that hook into themselves or other similar styles.

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      By eileen [5] 10/10/2014

      You might try clear nail polish coating the posts and parts that touch ears. This has been my solution for similar problem. Good luck!

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      By Jodi S. 10/12/2014

      I have the same problem an finally I have found the answer ...they are called
      "nickle free" earrings. some times they are hard to fine but look at Bealls, Kochs,
      the dress barn. you will have to ask for them but they should say nickle free on the little card that the earrings come on hope this helps

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      Question: Dealing With Extremely Sensitive Skin

      My skin is extremely sensitive, if I touch or scratch my face it goes red. Inexpensive earrings make my ears peel (it's gross) and tanning booths give me bumps after using them. Is there an easy way to calm down irritated skin?

      Brooklyn from Calgary, AB

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      Most Recent Answer

      By Nicki Nicole 03/03/2012

      I highly recommend the tri-derma products (especially the ones that say for redness - there is a cleanser and a lotion that is wonderful- they have been a life saver for me). I was diagnosed a few years ago with Rosacea but have always doubted if that truly "is what it is". I believe it is some type of allergy.

      Either way, regardless to what label is put to my skin problem, the issue at hand has been finding products that will not irritate and flare up whatever it is that I have.

      Also, I highly recommend Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser. But read this. If you do not try any other product that I recommend, please try 100% pure emu oil. You can get this at most health food stores or on-line.

      My favorite brand (company) is Emu Essentials, 100% Pure Emu Oil. This stuff is all natural, won't clog pores, absorbs quickly and best part is... It works on any skin condition that involves inflammation (which most do). Do your own research on line about Emu Oil and problems with the skin. You may be shocked.
      Hope this becomes a blessing to you.

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      Question: Blemishes Breaking Out on Ears

      How do I keep my ears from breaking out?

      By Brianna

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      Most Recent Answer

      By badchickjewelry 08/02/2013

      I use to have the same problem. For years I wore only real gold and silver jewelry, always envied the women with the wonderful costume jewelry. I found a trick if you put Neosporin on the back of the earring post as well as on your ear lobe, you won't have any problems. No more redness, itchy ear lobes, pain. It feels great to wear all the wonderful fashion pieces.

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