Saving Spare Change

Coins Flying out of Jar

It can be amazing how quickly those extra coins can add up. This guide is about saving spare change.


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Tip: Mom's Money Jar

Since I no longer work outside the home, I've been looking for ways that I have my own money. My husband hands over his check and never questions where it goes, but it is just not the same. I run errands for my son and he is always saying "Mom, you have access to my checking. Go buy yourself something, you spent 4 hours today on my stuff." Well I don't like that either.

So what I did was I washed my instant coffee jar (it has a real pretty red top) and set it on the dining table. Above it, I posted a sign on the wall "My goal: $100 by May 3 for my online AVON order". Well that jar is filling up real fast.(heeeeeh I'm gonna have more than my $100!) My son has not been happy that I never paid myself and stuck some money in there. My husband is emptying his change at night into that jar. When I go to the laundromat, I put the leftover quarters in there. I found a nickle on the ground, it went in there. Well, you get my drift.

This method can be a way to fund most anything. I've been told that I am very hard to shop for because I have such simple tastes. Neither on of my kids want to buy me the mixer that I really want, so I intend to tell them to put money in my jar then I'm gonna tell them what I got for Mothers Day, Birthday, and so on. Right now my jar is bringing me so much pleasure just watching it grow, I might look back through my order and eliminate (Or I might just get what I want). The fun is in the anticipation of knowing my want is a possibility.

So if you have a want or a need-get you a jar and set it on the dining table (everyone in the family ends up there most days) make you a sign and see what happens.

By notwrong from TN right now soon it might be VA

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Tip: Saving Money In A Jar

Saving money in a jar.When we know we are going to have to provide for a wedding or new baby that is on the way, we start saving. We take a pint canning jar and start unloading our change and any tips we get. We put it all together and then when the time comes to have to use the money, you'd be very surprised at how much money you have saved up. It comes in handy for those wedding preparations or for the new baby's furniture, clothes and other accessories. So try it, it makes good sense to have the cash to spend when it is needed.

By maphisx7 from Gordonsville, VA

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Tip: Save Change Throughout The Year

Whenever cash is paid for something and change is given back, save it. Change adds up fast into big bucks. I also save the one dollar bills and group into tens.

Be willing to break the fives, tens, and twenties, etc., before you release the single dollar and change. I was skeptical of the idea until I tried it and found it really does work.

Having a full tank of gas in the vehicle and not having to take it from the weekly earnings when in a pinch makes a big difference whether you make it through the week with that little bit of savings especially if a day of work is missed and running short of cash.

It has helped pay for a child's lunch money all school term, and I never had to allow for it in the budget. It's great because it works.

By lorelei from OH

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Tip: Spare Change Adds Up

Coins Coming out of Glass JarI have been saving my husband's and my spare change for years. This year I decided to document every "cash-in", to see exactly how much change that we DID wind up with at the end of the year. I have always used this money for a rainy-day fund, like when I was absolutely out of money, needed gas for the car, or an unexpected item from the grocery store.

This year, I determined to earmark the money for a special project. so I started collecting in January, and planned to use the money for garden expenses. If I used any of the money in the jar, then I made note of how much was taken, and put a reminder to repay it in the jar.

This way, I was able to: 1. See how much money that I was able to save from just loose change, and 2. Keep up with how much was spent on my garden in a year's time. Since I knew that I was "saving" money, I often would give a dollar to pay for an item, instead of correct change. I knew that the small amount would not make a difference to my budget, but would help contribute to my garden fund.

As of this date, November 5, I have so far saved almost six hundred dollars in loose change, and spent $582.00 on my garden. I knew that the change collection was a big help, but now realize how much, since I started actually keeping track of "deposits and withdrawals". I was very pleased to learn what the actual figure was.

By Carole from Locust Fork, AL

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Tip: Deposit Change In Separate Savings Account

This is my tip for saving money.

First of all, years ago I opened a separate savings account. I did not get an ATM card for it or any other amenities. Also as soon as I got them, I shredded all the withdrawal sheets. When the statement comes in every month, all it takes is glancing at it to make sure there have been no withdrawals. This would alert me to any fraudulent activities. Once a year, I go back and log in all my monthly interest deposits.

Here comes the fun part. Every day I empty my pockets and purse. I put all my change and one dollar bills into a small piggy bank on my dresser.

When it gets full, I dump it into a large opaque vase that I keep way up high out of easy reach.

When the vase gets full, I take it to the bank and deposit it into my "special" savings account. Since I only glance at the statement once a month, I don't see how much it has accumulated and I'm not tempted to spend it.

At the end of the year, I take only half of this money and transfer it to our regular savings account. Then I continue on with the special account as I did the year before.

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC

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Tip: Saving a Dollar at a Time

Dollar bills have a letter on the left hand side of each bill, identifying which Federal Bank it is from. Bills are lettered from A to M. Choose a letter or two and every night sort out any bills with that chosen letter to put aside for savings. It is amazing how fast they mount up. I have saved almost $500.00 in a year!

By Marlene from Billerica, MA

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Tip: Savings Container for Spare Change

My husband and I collect the spare change we find around the house, in the laundry, etc. I found a big antique Ball jar at a thrift store and we use that. It is easily contained and looks nice on the shelf. And as a bonus, we easily will collect about $50-$70 in change in a month's time! We use the money to treat ourselves to dinner or a movie out.

By Sarah W. from East Lansing, MI

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Tip: Found Change Keeps Loved One Involved

My husband and I have done something from the very start of our life together. Every time we find money on the ground, we keep it separate from our own and put it in a clear glass piggy bank when we get home. It is almost full now and we are looking for another bank to start filling. It has been so much fun, we love doing it. We decided that after one of us dies, the other one will use part of the money to pay for major things so that the one that has died will still be a part of it. For example, I die and Ken buys a new truck. He will write a check for the amount but pay the cents of it from our piggy bank money. That way the truck will link us together.

I am going to buy 2 extra banks for each of our grandchildren. I want them to start saving "found" money as well as earned money. It is just amazing to watch the bank fill up. I think it's a good way to teach them how important it is to take care of their money.

By TexasDarling from East Texas

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Tip: Save Those Pennies

This is an article I wrote on my blog and really wanted to share!

Saving Pennies

Many of us are living cheque to cheque and trying to make ends meet. How are we supposed to save money when we barely have enough as it is now for basic needs?

I recently wrote an article about the cost of people purchasing a coffee every morning. I was explaining that it's so easy for us to shell out $1.50 a day for a cup of coffee as it doesn't seem like much money at the time, but if you add it up, that $1.50 a day coffee habit turns into an approximate $375 a year expense if you do this 5 days a week.

Same with lunches. If you even just spend $3 a day on lunch, this turns into a $750 a year expense on cheap lunches assuming you do it 5 days a week. Most of us spend more than $3 on a lunch. Collectively, this is over $1000 a year just on coffee and lunch! Ouch.

The reason I am bringing up this story, is that we can use the same type of logic for saving money. If we put $100 a week in our savings account, it will seem like a lot of money. So let's start with a simple project that no one can screw up: A penny jar.

I've talked to friends who said if they had a change jar, they'd dip into it for dimes, quarters, loonies and twoonies (for us Canadians). So they decided not to have one as they didn't think they could save this way. I asked them if they'd dip into a penny jar, they all said "No Way!". Most people hate pennies, they are a nuisance, we even won't pick one up if we see it on the ground sometimes because we're embarrassed.

So this is how my penny jar project was born! Today I collected all the pennies I had at the bottom of my purse and a few in my wallet. I counted 18 pennies in total which I placed in a cup I keep at work. I had been collecting change at the bottom of my purse unintentionally for a few days, most people might not have 18 pennies in their wallet or pocket on any given day. To be modest, I calculated that if I saved 10 pennies a day over the course of a year, I would end up with a little over $36 in cash. Just on pennies! Now of course this project isn't meant to save up for a trip around the world, but this just goes to show that our penny friends are actually good for something. Right? Not just for throwing in fountains to make wishes or leave them at the cash for someone else to use in case they need one. We're such penny loathers, yet look what they can do for us?

Charities have even jumped on the penny-saving bandwagon. I've often been asked for my pennies by local and national charities who walk around with an empty water bottle (those big ones meant for coolers) asking for our unwanted pennies. We all want to get rid of them, let's face it. I bet they were very successful with this. I don't usually give change to charities but when I'm asked for pennies I'm always much too willing to part with them.

I made a promise to myself that when the year is over, I would purchase gift cards with what I saved. This would give me a few gift cards for friend's birthdays. The choice is yours; take yourself out to dinner, go on a grocery shopping spree, purchase a bus ticket to a neighbouring town or go wild and put it in a savings account!

Anyone can do this, it's easy. So start picking up those pennies on the ground, ask friends to donate their unwanted pennies and start saving!

Source: This is something I wrote on my blog this month:

By Lisa from Halifax, NS

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Tip: Coins Are Money Too

Remember coins are money, too. I have seen kids run away leaving a shower of pennies behind them, which I picked up! Some people have trouble paying with change, but it's currency, too! I pick up every penny I find and still think it's good luck!

By Pamphyila from Los Angeles

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Tip: Hold Onto Your Change

If it is hard for you to save money, only spend dollar bills and save all the change you get in a jar or container at home. My daughter and fiance' have been doing this for the last 2 months and have $150.00 already. It is easy and fun to watch it grow.

By Lois C

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Tip: Save Your Coins

Save all your coins everyday and place them in a container and after a year use that money for something you want to do, like a vacation.

By Carol

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Tip: Add Your Pennies to Your Savings Account

This will add about $30 every couple months to your savings account:

Start saving all your pennies. After you're used to doing that for a while, start saving ALL your change. Then save all your $1 bills.

I save all my change and (well okay only some) dollar bills and end up with about $30 (give or take)every couple months to put into my savings account.

Where does it come from? I guess it's magic!

By Jayne

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Tip: Saving Tip - Save Your Change and Dollar Bills

My husband and I always save our change, but recently we have started saving our one dollar bills. At the end of each day, we put all of our ones in a little bank, and on Saturday, we deposit what we have, this week alone our deposit was $54.00. You'd be amazed how quickly they add up, and you don't really miss them.

By Carol

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