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Removing Hair Dye from a Bathroom Sink

Sink with hair dye stains

Many people that dye their own hair have had the challenging task of removing hair dye from their sink. Hair dye stains in your sink can be difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing hair dye from a bathroom sink.


Solutions: Removing Hair Dye from a Bathroom Sink

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Tip: Removing Hair Dye from Bathroom Sink

This works perfectly! After searching web sites to find out how to remove hair dye from the bathroom sink, I finally found the perfect solution on my own! Take pure liquid bleach. Pour it on the dye stains on the sink. DO NOT dilute the bleach. Let it stand for 30 minutes and the dye will be completely gone! You can let the bleach stand longer if it's a deeper dye stain. Make sure to open the bathroom window and close the door, so that the fumes don't escape and you don't inhale them. =)

By Ms. Domestic from Los Angeles, CA

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Tip: Use Hair Bleach to Remove Hair Dye

I was dying my hair recently and freaked out when I got hair dye on my bathroom sink. We rent our place and I was worried the landlord would have a cow! I tried Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner and almost cried when it didn't work. I didn't have any bleach and didn't want to go to the store but thought of something.

Since I was dying my hair, of course I had to bleach it. I took my cream developer and my powdered bleach and mixed them together to make a creamy paste and coated the dyed areas with it. I let it sit for 30 minutes or so and BAM! I was so happy it all disappeared and looks great!

    By Ashlee Roflcopter K. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Removing Hair Dye from a Bathroom Sink.

    Question: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Hair dye has stained my bathroom sink. Any ideas of how to get rid of it?

    By Breea

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    By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 03/25/2011

    VERY, very carefully. Years ago I stained my sink with hair dye. Well my roomie was having a party that eve so I hurried. I first used ajax then comet no change. Then I used amonia still stain remained. I used 2 other cleaners before it finally came out. Hours later during party a loud popping and cracking sound was heard from bathroom. The sink blew up! Shards of porcelain were in hall and everywhere! How embarrasing. That is my tale so be careful.

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    Archive: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

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    How do I remove black hair dye from my sink? Usually, I am able to remove hair dye from the sink after coloring my hair using Ajax. This time (I don't know if it is the color, black, or what) I cannot get the stains out at all. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much.
    Anjeena from NY


    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    I take Clorox Softscrub with bleach, put a squirt on it and leave it there to bleach it out. (06/12/2006)

    By Tina

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Anti dandruff shampoo strips colour from your hair so try it on the sink. Black is especially tricky to remove though. (06/13/2006)

    By Luci

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Clorox CleanUp is my answer to almost any stain. Works great! (06/14/2006)

    By Claudia-MD

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Did you try one of the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? They seem to work well on a lot of things. (06/14/2006)

    By dosize

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Thank you all for your replies. I can see I'm not the only one with this problem.
    Finally, I have made some progress. Have done the following 3 times and most of the stain is gone.

    1. Clean the sink or area and thoroughly dry.
    2. Make a paste of pure chlorine bleach and Ajax.
    3. Apply to the affected area with a dry white cloth (something absorbent, such as an old cotton towel). Apply liberally, gently rubbing in as you go.
    4. Leave on for about 30 minutes/more if needed.
    5. Rinse with the cloth you used thoroughly and allow to dry.
    6. Do again the next day and so on.

    Now the big question is: How to avoid getting stains in the sink when I dye my hair? Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks again for all your suggestions. I hope these have helped us all.


    By Anjeena

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    About your request to prevent future stains:

    I had this crazy thought. It might work or it might not! Try drying your sink very thoroughly, maybe even using the blow dryer on it! Then spray the dried sink with Pam or some other type of non-stick cooking spray. As long as you don't get the spray in or on your hair before the coloring process it shouldn't affect your color. If you try this let us know if it works. (06/19/2006)

    By Grandma Margie

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    I had the same problem. Try nail polish remover. (06/23/2006)

    By Katie

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Thank you so much. Mr. Clean eraser worked like magic! (06/09/2007)

    By Sonia

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Oh my gosh. I was staying with some family for a few months out of state and accidentally got hair dye on their counter and could not get it out! It's been there for 3 months now and I've been covering with a soap thingy. (I have my own private bath) I've been so uncomfortable whenever they would go in my bathroom and I dreaded the day they found out! Well I'm leaving tomorrow and I was positive they would find it shortly thereafter. In desperation I Googled how to get this stain out and came on this site. I didn't have Mr. Clean eraser, but I did have a Clorox bleach pen. The stain came right out. I love all of you dearly.

    By amazed!

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Spritz some hairspray where the dye dripped, and let it soak for five minutes before wiping away. Works every time for me! (08/06/2008)

    By Heather

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    To avoid it, put down a trash bag over the sink. Then put your hair color and stuff on the trash bag. It will protect you sink from getting a gloppy (09/10/2008)

    By Kathleen

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    Just use fingernail polish remover for your sink, counter top, or vinyl flooring. It comes right out! (10/08/2008)

    By TeQuerra

    RE: Hair Dye Stain in a Sink

    I ended up getting hair dye on the lino floor. We tried everything from Olay facial cleanser to nail polish remover and nothing seemed to work so we tried Lysol with bleach toilet bowl cleaner and it worked. We had it sit on for 30 minutes and the stain was gone. The linoleum was a white with beige speckles and all it took out was the hair dye. Best thing ever. (11/24/2008)