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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Woman Receiving Baby Shower Gift

Shopping for a baby shower gift can sometimes be frustrating, trying to find just the right thing. This is a guide about baby shower gift ideas.


Solutions: Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Receiving Blanket Candies

I did these for my son's baby shower. They are really cute. You can fill a small basket with blankets, they look like candies.

Approximate Time: 1/2 hour


  • receiving blankets
  • Saran Wrap
  • ribbon
  • scissors


  1. Spread your blanket out, start folding your blanket about 2 inches each time until you have folded the whole blanket into about an inch. Receiving Blanket Candy 1 Receiving Blanket Candy 2 Receiving Blanket Candy 3 Receiving Blanket Candy 4 Receiving Blanket Candy 5
  2. Then start rolling it at the end until you have the whole blanket in a roll. Secure the end with tape to hold it. Receiving Blanket Candy 6
  3. Wrap with Saran Wrap or coloured paper and tie a ribbon around both ends. Then put them into a basket for decorations.
Receiving Blanket Candy 7 Receiving Blanket Candy 8 Receiving Blanket Candy 9

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

Tip: Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts

A couple of suggestions:

  • a pack of newborn diapers with a gift certificate/gift card for a store to buy more (diapers cost A LOT!)

  • A Diaper Genie

  • A "Mom on the Go" bag: A nice diaper/carry all bag filled with wipes, diapers, pacifier, cotton towel/changing pad, baby bottle with the changable bags that hold the milk, small bottle of hand/cleaning lotion, etc.

  • What to Expect When You're Expecting book

  • a subscription to a magazine for mothers (I used to know the name of one but forget)

Source: 3 baby showers

By Suntydt from Tazewell, TN

Tip: Baby Shower Sand Pail

This week at a local discount drug store I found children's sand pail/shovel sets on sale for a quarter. I bought several for gift containers for anticipated showers in the near future.

For 3 baby showers a variety of small infant items will be tucked in a pail and covered with a small mesh laundry bag for corralling little socks in the washing machine. The mesh bag will be stitched in yarn with the word "Baby". A simple bow then can be attached as well.

The pail can be used as a small toy box for Baby's little rattles and blocks now and later as a sand pail.

For a wedding shower, a variety of cleaning supplies will be gathered in a pail without the shovel. This will be covered on top with a dish cloth and bow. The pail will provide a kitchen pail for small cleaning jobs.

No gift wrap will be needed with these and everything can be used by the recipient.


Tip: Rubber Duck Baby Shower Centerpiece

I attended a baby shower last weekend and the hostess had the cutest centerpiece on the buffet food table. It was a shallow wide glass bowl which was filled up with water, and then she put the mini rubber duckies to float. As we got our food, we would take a rubber duckie to take home!

The rubber duckies are found on this site: and the item is #RUBBER DUCKY SQUIRTS

Item Number: IN-39/311

$4.95 per Dozen

By Pam

Tip: Crafting Advice For a New Baby Gift

Base your gift to the new baby on the month of the baby's birth. Crochet/knit/quilt/purchase a baby blanket in the color of the baby's birthstone, and include a package of seeds/bulbs for the birth month flower (a chart for both can be found on Hallmark's website). Include a note to the new parents explaining the color and flower choice.

By Trudy in KC

Tip: Baby Shower Gifts: Something for Mom, Too

I usually make up a basket for the baby with the usual baby bath lotion and such but here is where it really gets good, I also always make up a basket for the new mom. I include bubble bath and a scrubber, new soap a pretty scrunchie for her hair and some good lotion and perfume. This is always a big hit as the new mother is excited about being able to pamper herself after the big day.

By Debra in Colorado

Tip: Baby Shower Gift Wrap

Wrap baby shower gifts with a recieving blanket and secure with diaper pins. Or for a larger gift use a crib sheet. No wasted wrapping paper! :)

By Kim in NJ

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