Uses for Plastic Bottle Caps

Uses for Plastic Bottle Caps

Water and soda bottle caps can be difficult, if not impossible to recycle. Finding other uses for plastic bottle caps helps prevent them from ending up in the landfill. This is a guide about uses for plastic pop bottle caps.


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Tip: Bottle Cap Screen Door

A curtain made of strung bottle caps.Plastic bottle caps can be used to make fly and insect door curtains.

Measure a piece of timber dowel the width of the door. Drill a small hole (1/8") in the centre of each cap and string them together like beads, with knots along the string to keep them separate from each other. A creative person could make a design or picture on the curtain out of different coloured caps.

Affix at the top of the door, with two screw-eyes and hooks for easy removal during the winter months when insects aren't a problem or for cleaning if necessary.

By Mopoke from Huon, Victoria

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Tip: Use Bottle Caps As Checkers

You can make your own checker board and use the red and black coke caps. They also make great replacements. When it it is faced down with open side up, it is not a king. To become a king, flip it over with the solid side on top. You can draw a crown on top with permanent markers, to help remind small children.

By Southernbelleklb from Jefferson, LA

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Tip: Collecting Bottle Tops For Charity Event

Guess how many tops. Nearest guess wins a prize! This is a good game or any charity event: summer fete, Brownies, Boy Scouts, Christmas event, etc.

You can collect bottle tops (washed). After counting them, put them in a large see-through container. I use an 8 liter water bottle. Either charge a small fixed amount or just ask for any loose change they may have. You need a pad and pencil. Write down the person's name, number of tops they have guessed and phone number. The one who gets nearest to the actual figure wins the prize. The prize could be a bottle or wine or a box of chocolates.

Keep it for another event and adjust the amount of tops

By Linda M from UK

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Tip: Plastic Bottle Caps as Cat Toys

My four cats were constantly losing their store bought toys under the appliances and furniture, and down the basement stairs. One day I realized they got the exact same amount of joy chasing a plastic bottle cap around. Milk cap, soda cap, water cap, it doesn't matter. They don't cost me anything that I wouldn't have spent anyway and because I can replace them constantly, they always have a fresh scent. Cats tend to get bored with something that smells familiar. Once a week, I scoop all of them up that I find and start all over again.

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Tip: Donate Plastic Bottle Caps

My nephew's elementary school collects all kinds of bottle caps and gets some kind of money for them. We always put our bottle caps is a basket and when we see Jacob we give them to him. They take every kind of bottle cap as long as it has a screw top, so I put in everything large or small from any bottles we use. Maybe you could check with your school to see if they know about this program.

By TheThreadLady from Eden Prairie, MN

Editor's Note: According to Snopes, there are no charities that accept plastic bottle caps, they are worthless. Some companies will collect them for recycling, such as Aveda. There are also recycling programs for bottle caps. Check with your local waste management company or municipal offices for more information.

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Tip: Use Alternate Caps to Seal Liquids

I lost the cap to my mouthwash. I didn't want to put it in a soda or flavored water bottle because moving being what it is, I couldn't find a felt pen to mark it with. So I found the next best thing. A water bottle cap worked perfectly. Being the frugal person that I am, I didn't want to waste the bottle or have it spill. I hope this helps.

    Source: Nope. I did this once to seal a waterbed mattress with a medicine bottle cap.

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]

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    Tip: Using Milk and Soda Caps for Christmas Decorations

    What do you do with the milk and soda caps nobody wants?

    I believe I pretty much covered before their use as game pieces. How about Holiday Decorations or just small vessels that can be used to decorate holiday decorations?

    1. Caps For Holiday Decorations?
    The many colours of milk caps can easily be used on Christmas trees. Once you add your personal idea to them. Me? I like Glitter and little glow in the dark writings on the back.

    2. Believe it or not there are still some metal soda caps that can be found on the larger soda bottles.

    Those caps are neat as you suspend small bits of fishing line through them and add small figures made of paper to create a merry Go Around affect.

    The Plastic Soda Bottle caps? They also come in different colours. Add a few bread ties for arms and legs plus a pair of shiny wings to the 3 strung together soda caps and you got yourself a made by you Christmas tree angel. Nope this one you hang on a lower branch

    Almost every year I decorate whatever type of tree I have reusing things like bottle caps, junk mail holiday pictures, cutouts fashioned from cereal boxes. Even tinsel made from aluminum looking plastic bags you find in some food boxes. And no lights on the tree? Just passive lighting works for me.

    Sure you can reuse those milk and bottle caps for most any holiday.
    Just use your imagination before your hands
    Reuse Is Non Abuse of Our Earth

    Mr. Thrifty from Shermansdale, PA

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    Question: What to Do With Coke Bottle Caps

    I collect Coke plastic bottle caps for the Coke Rewards program. After entering the codes, I then have lots and lots of plastic bottle caps. Is there anything useful I can do with them?

    Jean from Detroit, MI

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    Most Recent Answer

    By glynda muse 07/26/2009

    i have a pattern for a wind chime using bottle caps if u would like to have a copy. my email address is biskitbrnr AT yahoo.com. email me and let me know if you would like it.

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    Question: Recycling Plastic Soda Bottle Caps

    In the last few years, Aveda Cosmetics started recycling plastic soda bottle caps. They made a strong case for the fact that land and marine animals suffer when the mothers mistake these things for food and feed them to their young, accidentally killing the babies. Unfortunately, Aveda stopped taking these recently. Not all recyclers will take these small things.

    Any ideas as to where these can be recycled or how they can be used en mass? Please, can somebody give me a workable solution to this almost unaddressed problem?

    By Jacquelyn

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    Most Recent Answer

    By TheBingeThinker 05/28/2013

    You can go to http://www.terracycle.com/ and sign up to mail your caps in. They will take anything from deodorant dispensers, to toothbrushes, to even cigarette butts. You can print a mailing label from the site, then you can get credits that you can redeem to help charities that you choose :D

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