Uses for Plastic Pop Bottles

Plastic soda bottles get used by many of us on a daily basis. Finding other uses for plastic pop bottles helps prevent them from ending up in the landfill. This is a guide about uses for plastic pop bottles.

Uses for Plastic Pop Bottles
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Video: Plastic Bottle Solar Lights

This is a great way to reuse plastic bottles and save money on power. In the United States this idea could be used in sheds, chicken coops, or any structure with a tin roof. These plastic bottle lights create an amazing amount of light without any electricity. What a great idea and such a touching story. I hope you enjoy.

By StellaBella from Manchester, WA

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Recycled Soda Bottle Photo Bracelets

By Mary 82 95

I came up with this idea last week while drinking a Pepsi and staring at the bottle. Recycled Soda Bottle Photo Bracelets I tried making one and couldn't stop because they are so much fun and the designs are endless.
Not only are they sturdy yet soft to wear, they are a great way to recycle plastic bottles!

I will provide the general directions to make the bracelet, but the decorations and designs are only limited to your imagination so let it run wild! They are great for boys also. Just use felt in colors they would like and call them wrist cuffs instead.
This is a great craft to do with kids. I just suggest that an adult cuts the strips from the bottle needed for each bracelet.

Approximate Time: An hour or more, depending on what is used for decorations.


  • 16 oz. empty plastic Pepsi bottle for a child's bracelet
  • 24 oz. empty plastic Pepsi bottle for older child or adult
  • felt
  • small rectangle woodsies (Popsicle sticks) if using photos
  • mod podge
  • clear nail polish
  • needle and thread
  • decorative items such as beads and buttons
  • printer and computer if using photos


  1. Cut off top and bottom of Pepsi bottle. Save bottom and use for mod podge steps. You will only use the middle that has the label on. Remove as much of the label as you can, but don't worry if any remains. It will not be seen.

    Recycled Soda Bottle Photo Bracelets

  2. Decide on how wide you want your bracelet to be. An adult should do the cutting of the bottle. You will need each strip intact as a complete ring. I inserted a cardboard tube from paper towels and sawed a small slit with a dinner knife, just big enough for the scissors tip.
    Cut rings out and trim evenly, if needed.

    Recycled Soda Bottle Photo Bracelets

  3. Cut 2 strips from felt, slightly wider and longer than plastic ring. If making a photo bracelet, paint woodsies, if desired.
    The backs will not show and photo will cover most of the top.
    Pick out photos and resize to fit woodsies. Print and cut out. You will not adhere them to the woodsie until bracelet is finished.

  4. Poke 2 little holes in center of each woodsie. I used the tip of a metal compass to do this. The wood is soft. These are holes you will use to sew them on to the felt.

  5. Decide where you want them on the bracelet and dab some glue on the backs.

  6. Take one strip of felt which will be the top of your bracelet and sew on the woodsies where you choose. Don't make more than 3 passes with thread or it will cause a bump under the photo.

  7. Sew on all other decorations.
    I used several different things such as buttons, beads, letter beads, brads, charms, shapes cut from foam and watch heads. The possibilities are endless.

    Knot all the things you sew on in the back of the felt strip.

    Recycled Soda Bottle Photo Bracelets

  8. Brush some mod podge over inside of plastic strip.

  9. Roll the plain strip of felt slightly smaller and insert into ring, smoothing it out against the plastic until it's flat. You are wanting the plastic ring to be in the center of top and inside felt strips.

  10. Do the same to the outside of ring and lay your decorated strip over it, making sure edges of both felt strips line up. Trim if needed before sewing closed.

  11. Whip stitch both sides and across ends of felt.

  12. If you used woodsies, give them a coat of mod podge and center photo on. Brush on another coat to front of photos.

  13. When dry, brush on a coat of clear polish. Do another if you want a deep gloss look.

By Mary from Palm Coast, FL

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Question: Uses for Plastic Soda Pop Bottles

Does anyone have any uses for used plastic soda pop bottles?

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By greenfan 3 Flag

February 18, 2009

You can do a great floating construction for cool water fun activities.

You need:120 plastic 2L bottles, duct tape, scissors, any hard light cover (plastic, plywood, etc, for instance, your old table cover)

Preparation: Make sure all the bottles are empty and caps are put on tightly.

Step 1.

Put 10 plastic bottles on the floor in a row, side to side and stick them together with duct tape. Make 11 more rows - twelve in total.

Step 2.

Make the first level from 6 rows and stick them together with duct tape. Make the second level the same way.

Step 3.

Stick both levels together by duck tape.

Step 4.

Put the hard light cover (plastic, plywood, etc, for instance, your old table cover) on top and tape it on with duct tape to two levels of plastic bottles.

It can hold up to 2 grown up people and will most likely become your best water friend.

check the pictures here: ... ng-project-from-plastic-pop-bottles/

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Tip: Reuse Soda Bottles for Food Storage

By Meemaw 57 115

I reuse soda bottles that have been cleaned and dried to store rice, oatmeal, cornmeal, and such.

By notwrong

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Tip: Reusing Plastic Drink Bottles

By Sandi/Poor But Proud 466 2,132

Photo of Plastic Bottle outside of BuckeI save these wonderful little plastic bottles from teas and "ice" drinks, because they are perfect for redoing the condiment shelves in the fridge. They're all the same size, and I write what is in each one on the lids. But, that isn't the tip. I also have my friends and family save these wonderful coffee containers. When moving, I found that four fit inside the other, and the brain started thinking.

Camping and picnic season is upon us. If you are diabetic like me, you could separate your sugar free drinks or water in the coolers like this. You can also keep your condiments from rolling around in there this way, too. You can fill them to about 1/2 inch from the top and freeze them, making them the perfect ice chest cooler that won't melt all over everything. I would put them all in the coffee canister before you put them in the freezer as they might expand.

We should all carry water in our cars over the hot months, and this would sit up in a crate a lot better than a gallon jug would. I found that they are pretty tight in there, so even if it rolled around they would not come out as easy.

I can't imagine anyone needing that many buttons or beads for travel, but if you did, they are a lot more reliable than zip locks.

So, how many things can you all come up with to help us all stay thrifty and organized? Tag - you're it!

By Sandi from Salem OR

Photo of Plastic Bottles in Bucket

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Tip: 10 Ways to Reuse a 20 oz. Plastic Soda Bottle

By Michael Ruger 19 115

  1. Cut down to top of soda label. Either spray paint or decorate and you have a small cut flower vase.
  2. First, secure long elastic band at bottom of label with glue or duct tape. Attach to the top of round tomato stakes (the metal ones). Pierce bottle cap with a two of 3 holes or 1 quarter inch small slit. Then fill bottle with water attach suspended over tomatoes. It will drip slowly for several hours. Nice on hot days when tomatoes normally droop until watering.
  3. Exercise with your bottle. Squeeze it to build up hand strength or fill it with water dirt, sand or stones to exercise your arms
  4. Hit your bottle on something to make loud noises to scare away animals. You could also use the hitting to make a strange noise and call to others attention to investigate. (A possible call for help?)
  5. A weighted bottle could be used to kill an animal in a survival situation or it might drive away a predator animal if your aim is true.
  6. A dried bottle could be used to keep sugar, flour, spices or dried vegetables fresh and keep mice from getting into them at your hunting cabin for many months.
  7. Fill bottle to top label line with dry potpourri. With a craft knife, cut a dozen slits 1/6 in wide by 1 in long around the top funnel of the bottle. Presto, a room freshener (Decorate but leave cap on bottle)
  8. You really can compress your paper trash by cutting, tearing and folding it into a bottle. My record was a half of waste can of sandwich wraps/waste paper, candy bar wrappers,and paperboard containers into a 20 ounce soda bottle. (hey it is something to do when you have time to do it.)
  9. A fishing bait container: Worms, small minnows and bugs come out easily through the cap. Always empty after use and discard.
  10. Can be a nickel dime and penny bank. One bottle, over the years, could hold if all coins were put in well over several hundred dollars. Imagine and you have it just when you need it.

Ok, Thrifty people, that is but just 10 ways to reuse that soda bottle you just discarded. I have probably another hundred more, but I will let you experiment and discover other reuses.

It's fun and it saves you money and helps the Planet.

Happy past Earth Day

By Mr. Thrifty from Shermans Dale, PA

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Tip: Reuse Plastic Bottles Instead of Buying Ice

By joanfry 28 74

I recycle plastic bottles by filling them with tap water, freezing, and then using to line plastic grocery bags when I go on a picnic or long car journey. Food and other drinks stay cold and you have extra water for emergencies or to save on buying junk drinks en route.

By Joan from Geneva, Switzerland

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Tip: Crafty Uses For Milk And Soda Bottles

By Michael Ruger 19 115

I lately have been finding many ways to reuse plastic milkjugs and soda bottles. Here are just two new ways we can reuse them.


Cut off the bottom of any MilkJug right at the line where the rough turns to smooth. From that simple cut you now have a makeshift bucket which could carry water, or to collect stuff in like seashells or berries

If you make two or more, a tossing game can be added. Make a stand from another milk jug bottom, you have a pitcher either for mixing batter for pancakes or to keep those berries in.

There I go, I said I was only going to give you one.

Soda Bottles

Take a clear plastic soda bottle. Then take several gauges of different plastics, say from milkjugs. Cut then in sheets off the jugs. Create little fish from them and decorate those fish. Now, take a green plastic soda bottle and fashion something that might look like underwater weeds. The green bottle plastic is heavier so it will always stay on the bottom. The fish plastic is light so it will float to the top unless it gets entangles with the heavier plastic which would be a plus.

Now add both of your creations to a clear plastic Soda bottle. You will figure out what size. Add water then a few drops of food coloring. Turn the capped bottle the other way around and you have a plastic fish aquarium. You should also consider hand decorating the outside of your bottle with hand drawings or cutouts.

The best part, and very few people even know, is that a soda bottle stands on its cap very well, and that cap does not leak.

So you just made a toy,a curio or a thinking device. An exercise tool, and most likely many more things which you get to tell others.

To Reuse Is To Be Thrifty

By Michael from Shermansdale, PA

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Question: Is it Safe to Reuse Plastic Soda Bottles?

By deirdrehenry 14 41

Is it safe to re-use plastic bottles bought originally with soda in them?

My grandson is 7 and I don't want to use them if it is not safe to do so.

Thanking you for reading.

By Deirdre

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Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny 9 1,251 Flag

August 19, 2012

It isnt safe to reuse the bottles for water or other drinks. Because they cant be cleaned and they will leach thalates into liquids. However they can be used for storing dry foods. The LDS website recommends them for long term storage of dry items... rice, beans etc.

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Tip: Reuse Plastic Bottles

By glenda 1

I cut the top off plastic soda bottles to use them as funnels. It has been a handy addition in the kitchen for me and the garage for my husband. I use the bottoms to start plants, organize my numerous small items in my craft room, or hold change at the end of the day.

By glenda from Chattanooga, TN

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Question: Bury Plastic Bottles for Garden Irrigation

By Cathy 11 72

I am thinking of soaking my garden by melting small holes in soda jugs with my leather burning tool ( a flame to a needle or screwdriver might do as well), then sinking the jugs right side up to their necks into the garden dirt near the plants with about 3 inches exposed above ground.

Then I would fill the jugs with water daily, replacing the lids to prevent evaporation. I would just uncap and fill them each day to get a deep soak. I figure the jugs might serve to heat the ground as well, as the air in them warms from the sun. I am opting for soda jugs as they take up less space than milk jugs would. Any thoughts on this? Does it sound worth trying?

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Most Recent Answer

By Julia Younglblood 21 Flag

March 22, 2009

I have done this for years with 100% success! The difference being, I always use 1 gallon glass jugs. They are perfect! These jugs do not have to be refilled daily. You could go away for the weekend and not have to worry, and you will be surprised at how little water they use. They do not blow over in the wind. They are recyclable year after year. I put one at the base of every plant in my garden and since I like funky, eclectic garden art, they also look pretty cool.

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Halloween Bowling Game

Halloween Bowling Game

I made these bowling pins out of empty 24 oz. pop bottles. I used clear and green bottles. Any sized bottle will work. Weigh them down with some gravel so they're a little harder to knock down. I used old fish tank gravel.

Here's what you'll need to make them:

Hot glue on bottle items listed by character.

  • Witch: construction paper, black Sharpie to draw on the mouth and nose
  • Mummy: white spray paint, old white sheet torn into strips, construction paper
  • Frankenstein: construction paper, bolts (for the neck) Sharpie for the face
  • Ghost: spray paint, Sharpie for the eyes and mouth
  • Cat: construction paper, pipe cleaners for the tail and whiskers, paint for the face, craft foam for the ears
  • Spider: black spray paint, construction paper, pipe cleaners
  • Dracula: black and white spray paint, Sharpie for the face, construction paper hair, black fabric for cape
  • Scarecrow: construction paper, hay, Sharpie marker to draw on face
  • Pumpkin: orange and green spray paint, construction paper, pipe cleaner
  • Bat: black spray paint, construction paper, craft foam for the ears and wings

Use a real pumpkin, squash, or gourd for the bowling ball. The bumps and lumps make it harder to knock down the pins.

By luv2craft from Normalville, PA

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Tip: Use 2 Liter Bottles for Watering Your Garden

By Sharon 4

It is always so hot here in the summer and I like to have flowers and vegetables on my deck and in the yard, but can't afford the water bills to keep them watered between times of rain.

So I cut the end off the bottom of a 2-liter plastic bottle, turn the bottle up-side down so the neck (without the lid) is in the ground next to the plant. Pour water in the wide part of the open bottle and it will keep the plants moist through the day and I don't waste water from the hose.

I also put a stick through the holes into the dirt so the wind doesn't blow the bottle over. This works great. You can add your fertilizer to the water and water and feed plants at the same time. I have several in my garden.

I hope this idea helps others.

By Sharon from Van Buren, Arkansas

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Tip: Soda Bottles for Cuttings

By sharon steenbergen 2

When I send out cuttings to friends, of plants that propagate easily, I take a 2 liter cola plastic bottle and cut around the top to make a planter. I drill little holes in the bottom for drainage, tear the wrapper off, and decorate it with permanent markers. It makes a great planter, and the root system can be seen easily when it is ready to replant. I use root stimulator to start the plants, and water, then watch them grow. Wrap cellophane or foil paper around the bottom and tie it with a ribbon, for decoration and to catch the drainage.

By Sharon S. from Brenham, TX

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Tip: Planters, Vases And Funnels From Plastic Bottles

By Cyinda 214 1,287

When I'm done with the larger bottles I take a pair of old scissors and cut the top 1/3 off. What I'm left with is a bottom part that I use as a vase or a planter to start cuttings or seeds, and the top half is just the right size and shape to use as a funnel to add oil or tranny fluid to your car.

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Tip: Plastic Soda Bottles as Giftwrap

By coville123 326 89

I thought this was such a neat idea.You can use a bottle to fill with little gifts, or in place of loot bags, or baby shower novelties. You can use a small or a 2 litre, depending on what you're putting into the bottle.

Plastic Soda Bottles as Giftwrap

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Question: Reusing and Crafting with Plastic Bottles

By Geri 2

I need ideas for crafting and reusing plastic bottles?

By Geri V.

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Most Recent Answer

By glimmer62 4 70 Flag

April 24, 2012 ... things-to-do-with-empty-plastic.html

Hi I ran across this today & thought it might help you, 25 ideas for bottles.

I found it inspirational. Let us know what you make!

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Video: Recycling a 2 Liter Bottle

Don't throw that soda bottle away, find a way to use it around the house or yard. Here is a video with 8 great tips on other uses for a 2 liter bottle.

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Tip: Soda Bottle for Bee Trap

By gem 154 262

This past summer our hummingbird feeder was attracting more bees than birds. My husband cut the top off a regular sized soda bottle. He put it on the same rod that holds our humming bird feeder and it attracted a lot of bees. Once the bees found their way in they couldn't get out.

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Tip: Using a Soda Bottle for Yarn

By Monica 3 13

If you knit or crochet, an empty 2-liter soda bottle is useful. Cut off the bottom and place a skein of yarn into it, after you've started the skein from the middle, and feed the yarn through the bottle neck.

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Zipper Plastic Bottle Container

This is a guide about making a zipper plastic bottle container. Make a cute, functional container from a recycled plastic bottle and a zipper.

Zipper Plastic Bottle Container

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Making a Cat Litter Scoop from Recycled Bottles

By Lisa 75 107

This is the link for a craft which uses recycled bottles/jugs to make cat litter scoops!

By Lisa from Halifax

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This page is not on ThriftyFun, but we had to share it. Be sure to come back and rate it.

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Question: Making a Coffee Urn Drip Catcher

Do you have instructions for making a coffee urn drip catcher out of a 2 liter plastic bottle?

By Dorothy

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Question: Making a Coffee Urn Drip Catcher

Do you have instructions for making a coffee urn drip catcher out of a 2 liter plastic bottle?

By Dorothy

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Tip: Storing Homemade Wine and Beer

By barbara f gillard 5 4

You can use the plastic bottles to store homemade drinks in. I use them for storing homemade wine or beer in. Some people prefer glass for this, but it works for me. I have never had plastic explode, as glass sometime will under the pressure of the yeast.

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