Preventing Underarm Odor

Underarm odor can be embarrassing for anyone, but if you have trouble getting rid of it, that can be even worse. There are many ways to control underarm odor, find the one that works for you. This is a guide about preventing underarm odor.

Man in Green Shirt Smelling His Underarm
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I'm 16 and I had a baby about a month and a half ago and ever since then my armpits stink really badly. Nothing works. I shower everyday and sometimes more than once and nothing works. I have tried using everything I possibly could. I need help.

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    Try antibacterial hand soap on underarms for 2 weeks

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    I've tried a lot of anti-perspirant, deodorants, alum/deodorant crystal, and natural remedies like lemon and baking soda, but it seems like they all don't help prevent my underarm odor. What should I do? I am so confused. I am using vinegar and it works for me as of now. But are there any other products or ways I should use or try? Thank you.

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      Perhaps research the cause of strong body odour? For instance, some people love to eat garlic and the aroma oozes out of their pores.

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      After many months of this embarrassing problem, I got the idea to try hand sanitizer. Not only did the sanitizer stop the odor immediately, after a week's use the odor has not returned.

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      I've tried everything for my underarm odor, to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried baking soda, lime, and lemon juice. This problem is very embarrassing and its starting to make me feel depressed!

      By Tina

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      I found it helpful to use white vinegar under my arms after my morning shower. I let it dry and then use Arm and Hammer natural deodorant. I always make sure my armpits are shaved too. It really helps.

      Terri K.

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      I have discovered the best kept secret for eliminating underarm odor. It is organic virgin coconut oil. I cook with it as well because it is very nutritious. I have always needed a strong anti-perspirant, but no more. And coconut oil doesn't stain your clothing. I am amazed. It is also anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. I order mine online because it is much cheaper that way.

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        Underarm sweat only smells because of the bacteria that grows there. If you use an antibacterial soap (I use one called Safeguard), you won't need to apply deodorant as well.

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          I shower everyday and use deodorant, but the odor is still there. What should I do to remove the odor? Please help me.

          By Troy

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          It's a stubborn yeast infection. I had the same problem, in both armpits and in the pubic hair. I am pretty sure I got it from having sex with a person who had the same problem, I never had it before.

          A dermatologist confirmed that it is yeast, but his medicine never did work very well. But I did find a solution. Just go to the drugstore, no prescription required. Buy a tube of Miconzaole Nitrate vaginal cream (women use this for yeast infections), and a tube of Neosporin (the store brand is Triple Antibiotic, and this works fine, as well). Squeeze out a one inch ribbon of each one and mix them together. Spread on the smelly area. You will find that the odor goes away quickly. Use it twice a day for a week or so. You should have a good period of no smell. I do find that I need to repeat the treatment occasionally.

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          I don't sweat so much, but the little armpit sweat that comes into contact with my clothes in the armpit area makes them smell so bad. Even when there is no odor in the armpit area, the armpit side of my clothes still smells. I do have armpit odor sometimes and rotten burps too. I'm able to control armpit odor, but the scent coming off my clothes smells pungent. Any help is appreciated. I have been to dermatologists but no help! I tried antiperspirants too.

          By John Eric

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          Try rubbing hand sanitizer in your armpits on a daily basis. It works.

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          I hope someone can help me. I have a 6 year old daughter who has recently started to have a bad underarm odor. What can I do? I have thought about using a deodorant but I am afraid she is too young?

          By maggie4 from Montgomery, IL

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          I would call or take her to her pediatrician. Six seems awful young to be having underarm odor.

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          Underarm odor (aka Bromhidrosis and Erythrasma) is caused by a bacteria that adheres to your hair follicles and skin and when the (odorless) sweat comes into contact with the bacteria on your armpits, the odor begins! Ewww!

          Below is what I do to keep my Bromhidrosis under control and I hope that it will help you too! It seems like a lot to do, but it really isn't and don't you want to smell better?


          1. Once a week (on Fri or Sat nights), I pour 4 capfuls of bleach (yes bleach), 4 pumps of Softsoap Clean Protection, and 1/2 cup of warm water into a "special plastic bowl" and stir!

            I use bleach because soap alone DOES NOT remove the dirt and bacteria.
          2. I soak half of white washcloth in the mixture and I scrub both armpits and the back of my arms like crazy! I repeat with the other half of the towel on the other armpit!

            I use a white wash cloth to make sure that the dirt and bacteria is being removed. You won't believe the dirt and the odor that will come off of your skin onto the towel. Rub your armpits to see how smooth they are afterwards and you'll see.
          3. After washing off the mixture with warm water, I apply some Softsoap Clean Protection under both armpits and I then shave both armpits.

            I shave after steps 1-2 because if you shave first, the bleach will burn like crazy right?
          4. Wipe your armpits off with warm water and a non-fading towel and dry them both off.
          5. I normally do these steps on the weekend only. I also shave my armpits with Soft Soap Clean Protection every three days to get rid of the sprouting infected fine hair and to keep the bacteria ridden follicles from appearing and causing the stinky odor!

          During the week (every night for me)

          After taking a bath (at night), I dry off both armpits, and I apply Desitin (yes, the baby diaper rash cream) under both of my armpits, put on a cotton T-shirt and jump in the bed. You'll get used to the smell of the Desitin.

          If you shower in the morning, just be sure to rub the Desitin in completely and blot it with a paper towel to remove any excess cream, and also give the smell a little time to wear off before getting dressed.

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          Does anyone have underarm odor that doesn't seem to go away? No matter how may times you shower/bathe, and no matter how many different deodorants you use?

          By Gizzy from St. Louis, MO

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          Try coconut oil. Go to a health food store or order online. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. It has antibacterial properties. Put a little bit right under your arm pits. (don't worry, it's not overly greasy). It really and truly works.

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          Our son exercises and then he has a cat urine odor when he's done.

          By Jean

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          Hi, is he drinking enough water? Also try Dial body wash soap or Dial bar soap. It helps kill bacteria that causes odor. Good luck.

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          My under arms smell so badly. How can I remove the smell?

          By Juno from Kathmandu


          Underarm Odor

          I have had the same problem sine I was a teenager. I'm now 33.
          I tried all the deodorants, even the prescribed ones. I would sweat so badly that after I stepped out of the shower I would be wet under my arms from sweating. I finally begged the dermatologist to do something surgical. I had 2 choices: ETS surgery to remove part of the sympathetic nerve to stop the sweating or remove the glands from under my arms. I went with the ETS because I had sweaty palms, too.

          Do not have the ETS done!! I should have had them remove the glands instead. I had ETS done in April of 2009 and have regretted it ever since. I no longer sweat visibly from under my arms, but I still smell and the rest of my body over compensates. I now sweat profusely on my abdomen and legs, to the point of literally dripping! I hope I can save at least one person from this heartbreak.

          I never could get the wetness under control, so for those that have tried everything and are considering surgery, please avoid ETS and just go with the removal of the glands under the arms! Insurance does cover these procedures too!

          I'm going to be trying a few of the suggestions here for the odor and hopefully I can get that under control. I'm going to start with drinking lots of water to cleanse the system, most of us don't drink enough. I'm very guilty of this myself.
          I'm also going to try the zinc and apple cider vinegar tabs as well and see how those work.

          Good luck to everyone in their battle to stay dryer and smell less. (11/09/2010)

          By AmBam

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          My armpit smells badly. I need my friends back, it's urgent. Please help me.

          By Irene from Burundi


          Underarm Odor

          After the bath, try vinegar 1 day and a mixture of corn starch and baking soda, then try aluminum free under arms. Sometimes we get immune to things. (05/30/2010)

          By kffrmw88

          Underarm Odor

          Here's some suggestions that have worked for me:

          1) Splash your arm pits with rubbing alcohol or Ambler colored Listerine when they start to stink or you start to sweat. (Especially in the summertime!) Only use the original Amber colored Listerine, all other kinds have sweeteners added! You can put the Listerine or Rubbing Alcohol (or mix them both together) into a well-marked spray bottle and spray this on your pits. It will kill germs that cause odors!

          2) Exfoliate your arm pits weekly, by using table salt or plain sugar to scrub them. This removes dead skin cells. Just put some soap on, then rub the sugar around, then rinse well. (I keep an old plastic vitamin bottle filled with sugar in my shower area). You can also use St. Ives Apricot scrub. Don't overdo it, once a week is enough!

          3) Switch from Antiperspirant to Deodorant. Antiperspirant can backfire and make you sweat even more, also antiperspirant leaves a sticky film on your pits and on your clothes! Instead, buy Tom's natural deodorant and a Potassium crystal (a natural salt crystal antiperspirant) at the health food store.

          4) Take Zinc with your meals. Zinc helps stop body odor.

          5) Wear white T-shirts under your clothes that you bleach each time you wash them. This is for 2 reasons. Dyes make you sweat more (so white works best) and bleach kills the germs that cause body odor on your clothes. For colors that can not be bleached, pour hydrogen peroxide on the arm pits of these clothes to kill the bacteria that may be left, it kills the germs with oxygen. Almost any old clothes can have left-over bacteria in the fibers. You may have to scrub the pits with a toothbrush and peroxide and wash with oxi-clean, or better yet, use Tide "Sport" with Febreze (a new laundry detergent that removes odors from clothes). Pour this on your clothes' arm pits and scrub with an old toothbrush then wash as usual.

          6) Drink lots of water (to clean out toxins) and eat lots of fiber (so you won't be constipated and have toxins).

          7) Chlorophyll will also help body odor. (Ask about it at the health food store.) Or drink wheat grass.

          8) Stay away from Asparagus and Brussels sprouts, they can cause body odor.

          9) You can also use a purified clay (called Bentonite) sometimes mixed with herbs on your pits that is sold in Health Food Stores that absorbs sweat and odors. Since you do not live in America, If you can't find this you can use a medicated body powder that has menthol and eucalyptus in it.

          * I wanted to say something about using Cornstarch for body powder. I recently heard on a radio show to never use it because it's a food product that fungus and bacteria like, so stick with the clay body powder and stay away from cornstarch. (I used cornstarch until I heard this, now I don't!) (05/31/2010)

          By Cyinda

          Underarm Odor

          Have you tried an underarm rock crystal deodorant? My best friend swears by it also, you can dab some vinegar on a wet cotton ball and use that. A construction worker told me that trick. (05/31/2010)

          By ggmsmolly2

          Underarm Odor

          Try to eliminate stress and anxiety. They are great at keeping the smell going.

          Use alcohol when not fresh shaved, and vinegar in laundry. The smell stays in your clothes. No aluminum deodorants, it stimulates Alzheimer's they say. Salt or sugar scrub was a good idea. Use mint under arms, I've washed with toothpaste.

          But, eliminate the anxiety and relax. Take a deep breath. If the stress won't go away, keep clean, eat good, and eliminate well, as another post mentioned. Garlic and onions will make it worse too. (06/02/2010)

          By Flintmoonwitch

          Underarm Odor

          I have a suggestion. If you are staying clean, using deodorant (vinegar also does help), drinking plenty of fluids and not eating a lot of food (garlic, onion, etc) that can make your body odor stronger, then you might consider seeing your doctor about it, especially if you haven't had a recent physical.

          This past year or more I noticed that my body odor was stronger, and when I would get sweaty or have a hot flash, I felt plain stinky! I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I am noticing that with my blood sugar under control, the smell is gone and the few times my blood sugar count has gone too high, the smell seems to be back.

          Not meant to alarm you, just make you aware that sometimes there can be an underlying medical condition causing things like this! (06/02/2010)

          By lyonpridej

          Underarm Odor

          I use Mitchum antiperspirant, which is made for odorific arm pits. I also wipe plain vinegar on the pit skin. It kills the bacteria, though it will come back, unless all your laundry is cleaned with bleach. (06/03/2010)

          By sandy63

          Underarm Odor

          I used to have very stinky underarms a while back. I went to a doctor and the only thing he told me to help is that he would have to take out the sweat glands. I started using baking soda, nothing else. Just spread the baking soda on my underarms. I sometimes had to do it more than once a day. It worked for me. I now don't need it anymore but it sure helped when I was working in an office full of girls who used to complain a lot about my smelling. Hope this helps you. (06/03/2010)

          By ritaannette

          Underarm Odor

          Here's something further in the line of diabetes:

          Candida is often the cause of many skin issues, not the least of which is body odor and glucose feeds candida. If it is systemic, it needs to be taken care of, cause candida can cause many, many serious health concerns. (06/03/2010)

          By c t

          Underarm Odor

          Wash your skin with bicarb and water and dry thoroughly. Then rub in some coconut oil into the affected area. Do this every day. You also need to attack the problem from the inside. It sounds like you have a yeast overgrowth. Cut out all sugar and dairy from your diet for 2 weeks. You should see an improvement. Also, take flax seed oil or evening primrose oil every day. This will help kill the excessive yeast and bring your body back into balance again. (06/10/2010)

          By Spanish Girl

          Underarm Odor

          Sweating isn't a crime, it's nature, and although society doesn't really help, it happens on a daily, hourly, every minute, basis. If you are sweating easily, you should purchase this handy little pack of Once A Week wipes. The Once A Week wipes make you feel and smell cleaner, and because their size isn't that big, you can simply stick them in your bag and use them whenever you work up a sweat! Well, Once A Week is fragrance free, it helps you to neutralize body odors, but not using fragrance to make you smell better as others. (09/24/2010)

          By maureen.decosta

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          I have really bad underarm odor. I am very active, eat healthy, and am in high school. I have had this odor for a long time. Please help.

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          I have underarm odor. Nothing seems to work for long periods of time. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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          My one arm pit seems to smell just about all the time. Even after showering. Do you know what causes this?

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