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Organizing Jewelry

Jewelry Box with Jewelry Spilling Out

Having a large jewelry collection is nice to have for dressing up or just everyday wear. However, it is easy to get necklaces and earrings tangled or lose track of other accessories. This is a guide about organizing jewelry.


Solutions: Organizing Jewelry

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Tip: Save Cosmetics Containers For Jewelry

Cosmetics Containers

I have found that old cosmetics containers (that have been cleaned out) are great to store jewelry in for a weekend trip. It's also a great way to recycle!

    Cosmetics Containers

    By Craftiness3 [5]

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    Tip: Store Bracelets and Watches on a Mug Rack

    I moved to a small flat last November and am still finding items that I have not unpacked. Amongst these are my bling bracelets and watches, only cheap from holidays but I just love them. Because storage is very limited, I bought a stainless steel mug rack and have hung everything, watches and all. It it looks really pretty and no need to hide away.

    By Helen from UK

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    Tip: Use Cooler Racks to Organize Jewelry

    Earrings on rack.I was looking for a way of keeping earrings and necklaces un-cluttered when not having an earring stand. I took two metal cooler racks (the kind you use in the kitchen) hung them on the wall with Command Hooks (one in each corner at the top) and hung my earrings on them in staggered rows. To hang necklaces use S hooks and hang along the bottom to hang your necklaces from.

    Don't hang too many on each hook so the rack won't come down. If you need to, use a separate rack for necklaces alone and stagger the hooks. If you can't find "s" hooks use large paper clips bent into an S shape. These you can even get in other colors.

    By Melody C. from Medford, OR

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    Tip: Store Earrings on Spare Buttons

    You can keep pierced earrings on spare buttons to sort them and keep them from getting all mixed up in the jewelry box. Just put the earrings in one of the two buttonholes, and they will not come loose. I'm actually going to buy some colorful buttons for this very reason.

      By Robyn [369]

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      Tip: Mug Tree for Storing Bracelets or Watches

      Wooden mug trees make great places to keep watches and bracelets. Just hang them where you would put mugs. Do not have one? You can find them at thrift stores or garage or yard sales. The one I am using is for four mugs, but works really great.

        By Rosemary [11]

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        Tip: Costume Jewlery Display

        Take a small extension rod that will fit snugly between two moldings on the wall. Use S hooks to hang costume jewelry over the rods. I have 5 rods with various widths in between them to hang the different lengths, as well as bracelets.

        Source: me

        By Kathy from Harrisonburg, VA

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        Tip: Organizing Earrings and Necklace

        I have lots of earring and necklaces that match, so I was always rummaging for the right ones. I decide to put the posts of my earrings into a chain link on the matching necklace and then put the backs on the earrings. No more hunting for matching jewelry!

        By Eva from Timberville, VA

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        Tip: Store Jewelry in Zip-Lock Bags

        To keep all your silver jewelry looking like new and keep it from tarnishing, keep it locked in a zip lock bag in your jewelry box. The air will not get to it and you will not have to worry about tarnish and cleaning!

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        Tip: Hooks For Hanging Jewelry

        hooks for jewelryMy necklaces kept getting tangled up in the box so I super-glued this piece of wood, with hooks attached, to the inside of the wardrobe door. It is much handier and I can see at a glance what I have.

        By skinnyjinny from Scotland

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        Tip: Reuse Curio Cabinet as a Jewelry Box

        I reused an old curio cabinet as a jewelry box! I simply add hooks at the top of each shelf section for necklaces and bracelets. Then I found some cute wooden boxes at various yard sales, for less than a dollar, to hold my watches, rings, etc. I love it! I even had room for a shelf of perfume and sunglasses. It's nice and roomy also if you have a mirror in back of the curio it makes a nice dressing mirror!

        By Michele G. from Buchanan, GA

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        Tip: Tool Boxes For Jewelry

        I bought two boxes in the tool section of Wal-Mart that hold screws and nails. They come in different sizes, number of drawers they have, and size of drawers. I store all my earrings, rings, anklets, and bracelets in these. Plus I have extra drawers for extra backs and lost or broken pieces.

        I organize my earrings by color: black, brown, turquoise, gold, silver, etc. These sit on a shelf in my closet with a mirror sitting on top of the boxes to use. I keep my bulky bracelets and watches in a box with 3 big drawers. I have my necklaces hanging on the wall with white hooks that I screwed in the wall. It is a great solution.

        These boxes can be used for so many things. I use them for everything. I keep one at my jewelry making area to hold all my beads. One holds all my crystals, rhinestones, etc.

        I hope this helped or gave someone a good idea. It has worked great for me. And keeps my jewelry well organized.

        By redchile from Hondo, TX

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        Tip: Store Earrings On Embroidery Hoops

        Two wooden embroidery hoopsA friend of mine had given me some craft items to use. She also gave me left over embroidery hoops. I didn't know what to do with them, until I started making jewelry and attending craft shows. I use them as a display to house the earrings. I buy material (heavy cotton works the best) in different colors and stretch it over the hoop, making it as tight as I can. I sew up the remaining fabric, going around the back of the hoop, also making sure the hoop was tight. I stick the earrings through the material and if needed secure in the back.

        By Georgetta from Waterloo, IA

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        Tip: Organizing Bracelets

        I have lots of stretchy bracelets and was keeping them in a box. Trying to find a color or type to wear meant rooting through the box to locate it. In my linen closet in the bathroom, on the back wall, I put a few stick on hooks with a narrow dowel laid across them. I put the bracelets on the dowel. Now one can be found very easily and I am not taking up any shelf room or using a box anymore.

        By Monica M from Northeast PA

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        Tip: Use Buttons For Earring Organization

        Can't find one of your favorite earrings in your jewelry box? Keep them easily paired and organized by looping them through the holes of buttons. This works with hanging earrings and studs. It's also an easy way to keep your earrings stored when traveling.

        By Momof1 from Wilkesboro, NC

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        Tip: Organizing Your Jewelry Box

        I save all those tiny little baggies that buttons come in on new clothes and keep my earring paired up and my jewelry separated in my jewelry box. They keep chains and hooks from getting tangled up, and help keep the box neat and well organized. No more trying to find the match for a particular earring buried in a mound of jewelry.

        I also put sets of jewelry bagged together (but separately) the bracelet, earrings, and necklace of a set are all bagged separately and then put in a slightly larger baggie, like the snack sized ones. So I just have to grab one baggie with all the matching jewelry in it. None of it is tangled because they are all bagged separately.

        By jazzy from Ellicott City, MD

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        Tip: Ultimate Earring Organizer!

        Years ago, I bought a lovely crocheted tank top from a local thrift store (possibly on half-price day!); I hung it on a pretty wooden hanger, in my bathroom, and used it for holding all my earrings. Since the wooden hanger had notches in it (for securing straps, etc.), I also hung a few necklaces from there, perfectly useful and a very attractive "wall hanging".

        By Vicki from Eugene, OR

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        Tip: Store Chains In A Ziplock Bag

        I asked a clerk at a jewelry store. She said to clasp it, then put the necklace in a tiny zip lock bag with only the clasp part poking out. Close the zip seal. That's what they do.

        By Holly from Richardson, TX

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        Tip: Craft Organizer For Earrings

        Craft Organizer For EarringsA craft organizer makes an excellent holder for your earrings. I have four that I keep in my bathroom and take earrings off before I remove makeup at night. Works great!

        By Elaine from Belle Plaine, Iowa

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        Tip: Attach Earrings To Matching Necklace

        I found one way to organize my earrings. I have several necklace and earring sets. The necklaces in these sets have "extensions" or extra pieces of chain on them that allow you to fasten them in different places to make the necklace different lengths when wearing them.

        Anyway, I take the earrings that go with the necklace and attach them to the "extensions" by removing the back of the earring, pushing the earring post through the "extension", and then attaching the earring back. I then hang the necklace (with it's attached earrings) in my jewelry box. That way, they're both in the same place when I get ready to wear them.

        By Tammy from Anderson, SC

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        Tip: Traveling With Jewelry

        I always remove my watch, rings and earrings when I go to bed. So as not to lose these valuable item, I slip my rings on to my watch band and close the clasp. Excellent tip when traveling.

        The holes on a leather strap watch band are the perfect place to set in your pierced earrings.

        The following day you waste no time looking for your jewelry.

        Trips are smooth sailing when you stayed organized.

        By Aunt Rose

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        Tip: Cup Rack Necklace Holder

        Do your chains and beads get all tangled up? Mount an adjustable wooden cup rack on the back of your closet door. Now you can hang your necklaces tangle free.

        By Debra in Colorado

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        Tip: Keeping Jewelry Neat and Organized

        I have found that using a piece of plastic canvas to store earrings keeps them organized, together, and visible. I cut a doorknob hanger shape into the plastic canvas and hang my earrings on the inside of the bedroom door. This could work for necklaces too, by using a push pin with a rubber earring backing.

        By Sandi from Sherwood Park, Alberta

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        Tip: Sort Earrings By Color

        I love earrings so I have a lot. I was constantly having to go through so many each time I chose an outfit. I organized them in a divided box made for that purpose which is not new. However, I sorted by color. Example, blues, purple, all silver, etc. It saves time and stress to reach for just the right pair. I have several boxes to hold all my earrings and I wish I had thought of it years ago.

        By Sherry from Piedmont, SC

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        Tip: Magnets to Pick up Jewelry Findings

        I have my own business making jewelry. There are times when some of my findings will spill over onto the floor or work surface. To make clean up a breeze, I use magnets to pick up all the findings and put them back in the regular spot.

        By Georgetta from Waterloo, IA

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        Tip: Pin and Earring Storage

        I turn old linen calendars around so the back side is showing and put my lapel pins and earrings on them. They come with a dowel for hanging, so I hang them in my bathroom where they're handy when I'm dressing.

        By Nancy from NC

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        Tip: Organizing Your Pins and Brooches

        I bought large size embroidery hoops, 2 scarves (or a nice piece of material cut in half = for 2). I hang these down from my hutch dresser on the side. These are out of the way, but you can take down to look at what pin you'd like to wear.

        By Carol from Blairsville, PA

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        Tip: Styrofoam For Storing Earrings

        Ever get tired of trying to find a matching pair of earrings in those jewelry box drawers? Cut thin Styrofoam to fit inside the drawers. Packing material from a box is perfect or floral foam from a craft store. Push post or wire from earring into foam. The pair will always stay together. Replace foam when it gets too many holes in it.

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        Tip: Organizing Jewelry

        Tips for Organizing JewelryTips to help you organize your jewelry. Post your ideas.

        Tie Racks and Color Coordination

        Finally, my jewelry is organized and easy to see. I purchased 2 tie-matic men's tie holders on ebay to hang my necklaces. I use one for silver and misc., and one for gold. No hassles finding what I want, no untangling, and I wear my old jewelry that I had forgotten. I did the same with earrings in 2 plastic compartment organizers, one for silver and colors, one for gold.

        By Brenda from St. Cloud, MN

        Linen Calendars

        I use the reverse side of linen calendars to hold my earrings and pins. All of them fit on one calendar, It is easy to put them on because of the loose weave and they look pretty hanging on my bathroom wall. I use an expanding wooden cup rack for my necklaces and they also look pretty hanging on the wall.

        By Nancy

        Small Plastic Bags

        To keep my jewelry organized, I got some small plastic re-sealable bags at the craft store. Each set (necklace and matching earrings or ring or bracelet) is stored in a separate bag. The bags were pretty cheap and this way I don't have to search for all the parts of a set and the necklaces don't get tangled together. It also keeps the sterling silver pieces untarnished longer since they aren't exposed to air as much.

        By Camilla

        Toothbrush Holder

        I hang the earrings I wear the most on a pretty toothbrush holder. It looks elegant and the French hangers fit perfectly in the toothbrush holder holes. When I am in a rush, I don't search for an earring!

        By Sandy

        Suction Cup Hooks

        I bought various sized hooks that are affixed to suction cups and placed them all around the perimeter of my bathroom mirror. I hook all my hair doodads and necklaces, etc. on the hooks and have them quickly at hand for dressing.

        By Suzanne S.

        Plastic Trays and a Tie Rack

        For earrings, I found, at my local dollar store, plastic trays with hinged lids that have roughly 24 compartments. The walls of each compartment extend all the way to the lid of the tray, so if the tray is accidentally turned upside down, items stay within their respective compartments instead of becoming a jumbled mess. These trays usually have a label on them that calls them "craft organizers" or something similar. Initially, I was placing one pair of earrings in each compartment, but each one is roomy enough for several pairs of earrings. At the same dollar store, I also found a smaller version of the bigger tray with just 5 compartments, and I use this size for my jewelry when traveling. Both sizes of these trays work great for both earrings and rings.

        For necklaces, I bought an inexpensive men's tie rack (under 5 dollars at Lowe's or Home Depot) and placed it on my closet wall where I hang my necklaces and bracelets on the hooks of the rack. I have finally solved my jewelry organizing problem, and I did it pretty cheaply! Hope this helps someone else too!


        Using Egg Cartons

        For a quick earring or pin holder, cut the top off a foam egg carton and place the bottom half in a dresser drawer (you can fill an entire empty drawer with the bottom of the foam cartons).

        Each of the egg dividers becomes a sturdy holder for earrings or a special pin.

        By Joyce

        Picture Frame and Thumbtacks

        I have an old empty gold picture frame with black foam board. I put clear thumbtacks and "frame" my pins and earrings. It is so pretty. By steffi

        Tackle Box

        To organize jewelry I use a tackle box with dividers, works pretty good.

        By Julie

        Traveling With Chain Necklaces

        This isn't really an organizing tip but the best tip I ever saw for traveling with chain necklaces is to put the unhooked chain through a drinking straw (which you can cut if you need it to be smaller) and hook it after you've threaded it. You won't have tangled chains when you reach your destination.

        By Luvyabye

        Jar with a Cork Top

        I use a spaghetti jar with a cork top. Take small hooks like the coffee cup hooks (but smaller) and place them upside down in the jar and hang jewelry. Keeps the jewelry clean and you can see what is the jar. Long necklaces can be hung with smaller ones with no problem.

        By Dgrams

        Coat Hooks and Picture Frames

        Two things:

        A board with coat hooks on it is great for necklaces. Just attach to your wall.

        For earrings, I use old picture frames with plastic window screening stapled to the back. For french hooks, you can hang the picture frame directly on your wall. For posts, alas, you have to prop it up on your dresser, because you need to get to the back of the frame to get the back of the earring.

        By Kathy K.

        Wire Coat Hanger

        I love earrings and have a great selection of the hook type ones. I have a dressing table with a wardrobe next to it. On the side if the wardrobe I have hung a wire coat hanger. I have a pretty piece of lace, that was part of a curtain originally, that I have attached to the coat hanger and I then hang the earrings all over the lace and they are easy to see, don't get tangled and I can pick out the ones I want quickly when at my dressing table.

        By Maggie

        Ice Cube Trays

        I use Ice Trays to store my earrings in. They stack very nicely. In the top one I place all of the gold earrings, the second ones has the silver earrings, the third one I sort by colors 1/2 with colored stones and 1/2 with other colored stones. The backs are always easy to find and if I have room left over I create a pocket just for extra backs. Each tray holds 12 pair so they are stacked and easy to locate without having to go through your jewelry box each morning.

        By Connie A. from Tennessee

        Cloth Diaper

        Cloth baby diapers hung up on a wall by the top two corners, makes a excellent pierced earring holder. If decoration is wanted you could tie-dye the diaper before hanging it up.

        By evlevo85

        Bathroom Jewelry Shelf

        I have a wicker 3-tiered shelf in my bathroom; i attached paper clips to the side of the shelf; i hang my necklaces on the paper clips. I keep my silver earrings in a ceramic box; my pins in an antique powder box, pearl-like earrings in another ceramic box with a top; i have a small ceramic basket which sits on my bathroom vanity top that holds the earrings i wear on a daily basis; larger necklaces are placed on a standing cup holder (for mugs). Bracelets are kept in another antique powder box.

        Paint Roller

        I use a new paint roller for bracelets. I just put the bracelet on it (holds several) and it stays nice with no kinks and easy to find.

        By Peggy

        Ice Cube Trays

        Need a way to store earrings in your jewelry drawer but don't want to pay the high price they ask for the earring trays? Do what I did: I bought (3 for $1.00 at the dollar store) stacking ice cube trays. For only $1.00, I got enough storage for 36 pairs of earrings (even more pairs actually since you can put 2 or 3 smaller-size pairs in each cube if you want) for a lot less than the $10 or $15 they want for the earring tray that only holds about 8 pairs! (The few pairs of earrings I have that stick up a ways out of the cube I put in the top tray.)

        By Lynn from Calif. from Chico, CA

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        Tip: Keep Boxes for Jewelry

        This is a good tip if you're a sales rep. for Avon or some other jewelry company. Keep all the boxes of the items you get for the show or for yourself, even if you wear some of the items. Keep them in their original boxes. This will keep them from getting scratched up in your jewelry box or where ever.

        After you're tired of them or ever in a tight spot financially, you can sell them as nearly new. This way, you'll be able to charge a larger price for the actual item, having the original box, the same with anything else, whether it be a doll, a radio or something else, especially when gently used.

        By Terri

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        Question: Organizing Jewelry in a Drawer

        I would like to organize my jewelry in a drawer of my dresser. Are there any ideas on how to do that in do-it-yourself way? I do not want to buy the jewelry box, as I like to have everything out of the way.


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        Most Recent Answer

        By staci (Guest Post) 07/30/2007

        i use ice cube trays for my earrings, necklaces
        and then a plastic drawer (could use a shoebox lid?) for my bracelets, bigger necklaces/chokers

        my friend hangs chicken wire inside her hall closet doors to hang her big earrings on. it's super cute.

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        Question: Jewelry Organizing

        I need help organizing my jewelry. Yes, I am an earring addict. Now I have three dresser drawers consumed by my jewelry and I need the space in my dresser; we have a really small house and space is so limited.

        I can't find jewelry boxes or jewelry organizers, even the kind that hang on the wall, to hold my stuff. I also have a lot of necklaces. Any jewelry box I've ever seen has a lot of space for rings, but I hardly have any rings. They don't even have half the space I need for earrings and necklaces and bracelets.

        Does anyone have any suggestions, please. I've tried tackle boxes, but maybe I haven't found the right brand yet. I'm also aware that my bracelets collection is being enlarged. Any good ideas out there? Thank you.

        By metroplex from Houston, TX

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Joan 13 1,482 10/15/2009

        The top drawer in my chest of drawers is shallow and not really good for much so I lined it with foam rubber covered with black fabric, and stick the posts of my earrings in that. I do have some like hoops, etc., that just lay there, but being it isn't a hard surface they don't slide together and get mixed up. I keep a small box in the drawer with the backs for the posts in it.

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        Archive: Jewelry Organizing

        To keep my jewelry neat and tangle-free and also where I can see everything at a glance, I hung a bulletin board in my closet. Using the push pins for the board as hangers, I hang all my necklaces and bracelets on them. My pins will hang on their own by gently pushing the pin part into the cork at an angle. Now it's much easier to decide what beads to wear with each clothing item.

        By Debbie

        Archive: Organizing Your Jewelry Box

        To keep my jewelry box organized, I cut plastic canvas to the dimensions of my box. I can stack several layers on top of each other, one for earrings, one for pins, etc. I have a glass bottle with a wide cork lid which has cup hooks screwed into it. It makes a lovely place to hang my necklaces and bracelets.

        By Jacqui