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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs, A bed bug on a blanket

Even in the cleanest household, an infestation of bed bugs can occur. There are many options for prevention and treatment of this pest as well as advice for treating the painful red bites. This is a guide for getting rid of bed bugs.


Solutions: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

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Tip: Dryer Sheets to Deter Bed Bugs

Bed bugs and dust mites are attracted to carbon dioxide that humans emit from our skin. They feed on dead human skin cells. People with "A" type blood tend to emit a bit different smell than "O" blood types which is more attractive to bed bugs. While traveling, I bring fabric softener sheets to put under the four corners of mattress under my sheets. 4 to 8 should do the job. Also, my blood type "A" friend sleeps elsewhere!

God Bless!

By Ingrid W. from Tempe, AZ

Tip: Diatomaceous Earth For Bed Bugs

I know this is a creepy subject, but bed bugs are becoming rampant. There is a very save chemical called diatamaceous earth you put under all the legs of every bed and couch in your house so they call in it and die. Also, wrap your beds in strong plastic wrap - the box springs as well. Dust your couches everywhere (including underneath and under the cushions). Diatomaceous earth will not hurt you or your pets. I hope this is helpful for some of you that are having the same problem we are having.

By Janet from Houston, TX

Tip: Use Heat to Exterminate Bed Bugs

I live in an apartment for senior citizens and we had a few bedbug incidences. They called in an exterminator and they use heat to get rid of them. I was really scared and went and got plastic covers for my box spring and mattress. The exterminator came and gave us tips on what to look for, etc. He was really helpful. Heat seemed to work for the folks who had the problem. I don't know much the treatment costs.

    By jellybeans64 [3]

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    Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs.

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    I've known all my neighbors for 20 years. We live in a "luxury" apartment building. I don't know how to go about bringing up the subject and telling them. I feel I won't be invited or they will not come close to me.
    I also have to let the management know. They know there is a problem in the building and have had a dog in my apartment, but everything was good. A month later they started. I'm trying to keep it under control. I vacuum everyday. There a only a few, but a few is to many.
    It's also the preparation for an exterminator that freaks me out. I have a disability and from what I have read, everything has to taking out away from the wall and closets emptied.
    Thank you for your time.
    I am sorry this is so long.

    By Bruno S.


    Best Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [4]03/08/2015

    How do you know you have bed bugs? Before you say anything, you should have a pest removal company check your apartment and give you a recommendation for treatment.

    Question: Bed Bug Information

    We recently stayed at a hotel and now I've got bites all over me. Only, I am being bitten out of the house as well. Does this make sense to anyone? Thanks!

    By Kathy


    Most Recent Answer

    By blakemark05/08/2014

    They may have gotten in your traveling bags, pockets, or shoes. I had them once and have since gotten rid of them. I had a very old pair of boots that I only wore around the house; they moved into the old cracked boots and seams and under the inside padding. Try shining your shoes with a professional grade oil based shoe polish from an old fashioned shoe repair store. I threw out my favorite old boots, but now polish my new shoes the old fashioned way. I found this link today as I was looking up baking soda, if I ever get them back.

    Question: Mites or Bedbugs on Chair

    How can I rid a large upholstered chair (chaise) of unseen biting insects (bedbugs, mites)?


    Most Recent Answer

    By Manal (Guest Post)10/28/2008

    My aunt has bedbugs in her apartment and she tried literally everything and nothing worked.

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    How do I get rid of bed bugs?

    By poem300 from NYC

    Most Recent Answer

    By mikie05/03/2011

    Well, I have been struggling with bed bugs for close to a month, just when I thought I had gotten the upper hand, wham, I wake with bites all over again. It's to the point where I have to circle each bit to keep track if I have more. I have vacuumed, cleaned, laundry, constantly, and now I am doing it all over again. I hear that mineral oil is good to try, but I haven't tried it yet. I have tried baking soda, left that on my couch for 1 week or longer, then I vacuumed the pic-a-dilly out of it. I have tried alcohol rub spraying on anything and everything. I took the week off of work just to get a good week on this situation all of this week. Along with putting silicone, and mineral oil around the base board of the house, and I also bought expanding foam, to use on the bigger projects. I think I am going to go along the base boards with the mineral oil, and the bedding legs, couch legs. I am at my wits end and willing to try anything.

    Now the question is: how often do they lay their eggs? Should I be vacuuming and cleaning vigorously? I am at the point of throwing out my couch. Help, anyone please. I am losing my mind. Do they live in your clothes? I have all material washed and bagged, and 2 pairs of clothes that I wear, and my pj's, and bedding, they all get washed on a daily basis.

    RE: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    Question: Getting Rid of Bedbugs

    How do you get rid of bedbugs from your home? How do you make something like a recipe from household products? What do you put together to kill them? Does anyone know? If so, let me know asap please.

    By Whittany from Muncie, IN

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dan Bish12/30/2010

    There are good posts on this ThriftyFun page that explain how you can get rid of them as well.

    <a href="/tf678484.tip.html">Getting Rid of Bed Bugs</a><br/>
    Tips include:
    <li>steam cleaning</li>
    <li>washing sheets and blankets in hot water</li>
    <li>sealing cracks around plumbing</li>
    <li>ground cat litter</li>

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Without Chemicals

    Has anybody ever heard of Bed Bug Chasers? Has anybody had any success treating an entire house with heat to get rid of bed bugs? Rather than chemicals I would like to treat the whole house rather a room or two just to be safe.

    By Mike from Huntington, NY

    Most Recent Answer

    By carol [2]07/17/2010

    Do a search on Diatomacous Food Grade. According to the reviews it will get rid of about anything and will not harm people or pets. It's sold on the internet or at Home Depot, or Garden shops and is reasonably priced.

    Question: Getting Rid of Bedbugs

    We have bedbugs in the apartments where I live. They haven't reached my apt yet. How do I get rid of bedbugs or prevent them?

    By Dollie from Tucson, AZ

    Most Recent Answer

    By Pat [17]01/20/2013

    Diatomacious Earth should do it. (spelling may be wrong). It is available at garden shops, feed stores, etc. It's non-toxic to humans and animals but kills most bugs.

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    We don't know were they came from, but they have invaded my leather couch and the store bought sprays are not working very well. Does anyone have a better idea?

    By Karen

    Most Recent Answer

    By LifeCoach-Amber05/28/2012

    Rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs; preferably wintergreen. Could add your own essential oil(s), like frankincense, lavender, cinnamon oil, whatever.

    Rubbing alcohol can also stop the itching from a bed bug bite. Do Not Use rubbing alcohol if you are allergic. Most people with allergies can have someone else spray and usually do not have a problem with this method if they wait for the alcohol is evaporate and the odor to dissipate.

    Put rubbing alcohol in spray bottle and thoroughly saturate the item; couch, beds, baseboards, shoes ... so that it stays saturated for at least 15 minutes. Repeat every 3 to 4 days until there is no evidence of bites, then weekly thereafter. It can takes several months to completely eradicate the adults and hatching eggs.

    It takes a long time to completely rid yourself of this type of infestation, but it can be done. Bed bugs can live for over 18 months without a feeding.

    Vacuum floors, sprinkle carpets with Diamtomaeous Earth and leave in as long as you can; repeat several times a week, then weekly, then bi-monthly. DE can take months to work, so you want to use the rubbing alcohol as much as possible to stop with feeding frenzy.

    Wash sheets, pillows, blankets, hats, clothing, washcloth's and towels and other items everyday and put in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes at a temperature above 130 degrees. Things that cannot be washed, dried, steamed - can be put in black plastic bags and placed in the sun for a day or two or three.

    Important: Buy and use plastic mattress and pillow covers with zippers that completely enclose the Bed Items, after they have been sprayed and naturally dried.

    Shampoo hair everyday with dog flea shampoo with conditioner, they can hide, and lay eggs, in hair. Boil combs, hairbrushes.

    If you do get an Exterminator; remember that you want to have the baseboards sprayed thoroughly and ALSO Have Them Use a FOGGER to get into the nooks and crannies.

    Being DILIGENT is the Most Important Thing You Can Do.

    I am a former nurse and know that this has been used by many people with really good results. Hope this helps you as well.

    Question: Natural Remedies for Bed Bugs

    Are there any natural remedies for getting rid of bed bugs, that really work?

    By IsadoraD from Boston, MA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Catherine [7]08/27/2012

    Diatomaceous earth is a good pest repellent but it is not safe for human if it is not used properly, specially if it is inhaled, which would happen if Diatomaceous earth is put near a bed. Do check what is the form of diatomite you are using and take the necessary precautions.If you have a cat check also the type of diatomite used for its litter. Avoid the type of litter which produces a lot of dust when poured. Whatever type you are using avoid inhalation when pouring the litter.

    To better understand why Diatomaceaous earth is not a gentle product of mother nature read the following from Wikipedia :

    ''Safety considerations

    The absorbent qualities of diatomite can result in a significant drying of the hands if handled without gloves. The flux-calcined form contains a highly crystalline form of silica, resulting in sharp edges. The sharpness of this version of the material makes it dangerous to breathe and a dust mask is recommended when working with it.

    The type of hazard posed by inhalation depends on the form of the silica. Crystalline silica poses a serious inhalation hazard because it can cause silicosis. Amorphous silica can cause dusty lungs and silicosis, but does not carry the same degree of risk as crystalline silica. Natural or dried diatomite generally contains crystalline silica. Diatomite produced for pool filters is treated with high heat (calcining) and a fluxing agent (soda ash), causing the formerly silicon dioxide to assume its crystalline form. A mask is necessary for working with either product.

    The crystalline silica content of the dust's particulate is regulated in the United States by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and there are guidelines for the maximum amounts allowable in the product and in the air near the breathing zone of workers.''

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    How do I get rid of bed bugs?

    By Mary M.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Pat [17]12/29/2014

    Diatoumaceous Earth, garden grade. Absolutely harmless to humans and animals but death on bugs. My daughter used it on her granddaughter for head lice and her teacher wanted to know how she did it so quickly. See Dave Owens, the Garden Guy website.

    Question: Getting Rid of Bedbugs

    What are the steps to kill bedbugs? How do you clean the sheets with splattered blood and feces from bedbugs?

    By Millie W.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Janice Kasony [1]10/12/2012

    I had a tenant who brought bedbugs into an apartment. I had great success using food grade Diatomaceous Earth, which can be purchased at Lowe's or Home Depot.

    It is a white powder. Use a paintbrush to "paint" all your baseboards (where it meets the floor as well as the wall), the "feet" on your bed and where the wood frame meets the wall around the closet, windows and bedroom door. You may also want to "paint" the edges of your mattress.

    The food grade type of Diatomaceous Earth is very safe. It works by dehydrating the bodies of the bedbugs. Works on roaches too!

    Question: Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home from Your Trip

    When traveling how do you prevent bed bugs from coming home with you?

    By audrey from Bedford, PA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Teresa Tart [1]06/24/2009

    Don't set your luggage on the floor. Put it on a chair, table or luggage rack if there is one, anything but floor and bed.

    Question: Red Bugs in Bed

    Are bed bugs red? What should I do about it?

    By Deborah from Westland

    Most Recent Answer

    By 2ndsight [4]09/29/2014

    First of All--Don't Panic. But don't delay in spraying to get rid of them. I helped my neighbor rid his apartment of bed bugs by using a spray by J.T. Eaton sold in hardware stores. The one-quart bottle comes with a sprayer. Spray all fabric covered furniture, especially the crevices thoroughly with this product. Put vaseline around the legs of any furniture. Spray wall to wall carpet, especially where it meets the wall, and remove area rugs. Make sure to remove the mattress and box spring and spray thoroughly including the seams. Launder any draperies and bedding in very hot water and dry in a hot dryer. Try to figure out where they came from. In my neighbor's case, a friend that was temporarily staying with him brought the bugs from his old apartment. If you are only seeing a few of them, this may be the case and infestion may not be severe. You must be diligent in continuing to spray periodically afterwards (I cannot stress this enough) to be sure they are all killed, along with eggs and larvae. You may use a 91% isopropyl alcohol spray (sold in drug stores) for maintenance purposes. Be sure to ventilate your rooms well. You can encase your mattress in a bedbug proof cover, but these are expensive the not truly necessary. The bugs prefer to bite women over men, and leave the marks in a triangle pattern. I received a lot of help from the owner of my local small hardware store.

    Question: Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bugs?

    I'm trying to find out if baking soda kills off bed bugs. Does anyone know? I want to get them before they infest my apartment, I detected them early. They are here due to a neighbor who brought in road side furniture.

    By Chris

    Most Recent Answer

    By susanb3474802/17/2015

    I think baking soda works. I been using it, and I see less and less. You have keep use it for a long time, can take up to a year, but it will kill them. It dehydrated them.

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    How do I get rid of bed bugs?

    By Irmi

    Most Recent Answer

    By Janice Kasony [1]10/07/2013

    Buy Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) at Home Depot or Lowe's. The good thing about this is that it is safe for humans and pets. The powder dries them up and so they can't build up an immunity.

    Use a paintbrush or long-nosed squeeze bottle to coat baseboards, legs of the bed, and around door frames. Worked in an apartment building I have!

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    What do bed bug bites look like and how to I get rid of bedbugs?

    By Kay B.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Michawn [18]03/30/2013

    Google the image. To get rid of, really high heat has been the best way to kill. A lot of sprays don't work, they like other insects (lice) are very resistant.

    Question: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    How do I get rid of bed bugs myself? I'm not infested yet, I think my neighbor down stairs brought them here. I saw him bring in used furniture and now I'm suffering for it.

    By Chris S


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    Archive: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    I know my home has BED BUGS. Is it true that thyme will actually get rid of them? I've been trying everything since January of 2005.


    Archive: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    I have bed bugs. What can I do to get rid of them? There has to be something out that I can use that is fairly safe.


    Archive: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    I have bed bugs and my room has been sprayed once, is this enough?

    By Martinbt58 from London

    RE: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    We have been dealing with bedbugs for nearly 6 weeks, and are finally getting on top of the problem. We have not thrown everything out, we have not gotten rid of our mattresses, initially, we did. It didn't help. We replaced them, bought enclosure "bags" from Walmart, and Rid (lice bedding spray) from Walmart.

    Then, we bought caulk to most closely match the colors in the room. I used Liquid Nails for the nail holes, but my husband was mad (it was easier for me than the caulking gun). I found that Clorox Cleaning Spray with Bleach (you want the bleach, I wanted a name I knew) kills the suckers on contact. We are on bottle 3. Buy a few large plastic totes/tubs that will support your miscellaneous items, your books, papers, etc.

    Here is what we have done: remove everything you can from one room at a time. You cannot effectively treat the entire house in one fell swoop. Pack up one room, remove stuff from off the wall (I ended up throwing out some wood picture frames and keeping the pictures), if the item is large, trash bag it and duct tape it securely. Remove curtains, all material, and take immediately to washer/dryer. If clean already, then simply dry for 20-30 minutes on high.

    Immediately remove it from dryer and seal it in tub/tote or remove to off-site location in trash bags. Vacuum all surfaces. Pull drawers out and set on floor, if bed frame is on floor use plastic dishes and water/mineral oil/whatever you want. Anything liquid seems to work to surround legs. If mattress sits on wooden frame, like our captains bed, get rid of it and go to a wooden leg or metal legged frame like a Hollywood which is what we went to. Once the room is vacuumed, take time to vacuum the rest of house, then get rid of the vacuum bag to an outside dumpster.

    Return to the room with your Clorox cleaning spray. Spray all surfaces. We found what looked like mold at the old wooden window (we live in a house, we don't have the option of relocating), and turns out that is where the infestation was. We sprayed all over the bedroom, along the baseboard, the windows (top, bottom, inside, etc), the doorways (the jamb, all trim where it connected to the wall, etc.), the walls all around the room (we do not have carpeting in the house, this would have added to our nightmare). We then turned off the lights, closed the door, and slept in another room.

    Before daylight, we opened the bedroom door, armed with our Clorox, and sprayed anything we saw that moved, and then sprayed again all surfaces. During the next 2 days, we caulked all cracks, crevices, nail holes, baseboard areas, around outlet plates, etc. We could see the dead bugs still stuck to the wall.

    The next morning, we washed the entire room with Magic Erase and hot water (we wore gloves). We then shut up the room, closed the door, lights off, and waited a few hours. We entered the room, blinded the buggers, and sprayed the ones we saw, watching to see if they headed anywhere in particular to hide. We sprayed the places around where they were, and left again for the night. Blinding them is key. You will see them, kill them, and be done before they have time to crawl away. We went from over 50 the first time, to 27 to kill, and this weekend our room is bug free (we haven't killed any in there yesterday or today).

    This past week, we started on my daughter's room, doing the same thing. If there is something I don't care if I keep, I pitched it. If there is something sentimental, I have packed it away. My room looks bare, her room looks bare, my living room is full of totes/tubs. There have not been any sightings in my living room or kitchen, so we are "living" there.

    My daughter and I have seen 2 in her room today. It is now caulked, sprayed (her futon got sprayed with the RID then promptly enclosed in a Queen size "bag"), and has been left bare. We will continue to clean, having caulked the bedrooms, hallways, bathroom, hall closet, etc. while doing the rest of the 2 rooms. We will continue to keep the Clorox handy, and to watch for infestation. These things will die in their baby-stages if we do not "feed" them. My bed is not touching the wall, it is setting in water (the mineral oil evaporated quick and dish washing liquid/drop), my bedding does not touch.

    I have a bath towel covering some of the window. My shelves have been caulked to the wall, my room smells "clean". I have not cried today. We will leave my daughter's room and ours bare for the rest of the month. We did bedbug foggers from Lowes and they don't work. We used bug spray that contains permethrin, it didn't work. The Clorox kills on contact and the caulk has them sealed in the walls hopefully to die, but this isn't a one-time application situation. We will be monitoring our rooms for weeks to come. If your neighbors have them, be extra secure about sealing the baseboard and nail holes in the shared walls. You can survive this. (09/13/2009)

    By LMSnOH

    Archive: Getting Rid of Bedbugs

    Is there a fumigator to get rid of bedbugs? Does anyone have advice to get rid of them?


    Archive: Getting Rid of Bedbugs

    I had a mild bed bug infestation that I thought was over a couple of months ago, but I found one on my comforter this morning.


    Archive: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

    What are some ways I can get rid of bedbugs?