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Cleaning a Gas Oven

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Cleaning a Gas Oven

Cleaning an oven, while necessary, is probably one of the least exciting household cleaning jobs. This is a guide about cleaning a gas oven.



Here are questions related to Cleaning a Gas Oven.

Question: How Can I Clean My Dirty Gas Oven?

We just recently purchased a house. My problem is the oven. It is a gas range, but I don't think the previous owner cleaned the oven at all. I guess the stuff is baked and caked on. I've tried oven cleaner, S.O.S. pads, and a few other things. Does anyone have any solution as how to clean this oven. It is a pure mess.



Best Answers

By calmbrez12/17/2000

You can use Purple from the automotive place and a grill screen that can be bought at a chemical or paper products place. Keep screen wet. Make sure to rinse thouroughly.

Best Answers

By glorialam3312/13/2000

I have just finished the same messy project in our newly purchased home. I used fume free oven cleaner twice then I removed the grease with a glass scraper {the kind that uses a razor blade} just be careful not to scratch the enamel. The oven was like new when I finished. Good luck.

Best Answers


First warm your oven to about 200 D. Then be sure to turn oven off. Pour about 1/2 to 1 cup ammonia in a glass baking dish. Set this solution in your oven. Close the oven door and leave over night. This should loosen the grim enough for you to be able to wash it out the next day. You can take the ammonia in the dish and dilute it 4 or 5 parts water to 1 part ammonium to wash oven with. Rinse well. This will also work on bar b que grates - just put them in a plastic trash bag and pour in some ammonia tie off and let sit overnight. Good luck.

Question: Cleaning a Gas Oven

Can I clean a gas stove with ordinary oven cleaner? If not, what can I use?

Janet from Georgetown, Ontario


Best Answers

By Cindy [6]06/15/2007

Here's what I do: My oven was perfectly clean when I got it (came with our house) so I aim to just keep up with it. If I bake something and it goes over, as soon as I take it out of the oven, I turn the oven off and spray on the oven cleaner while the oven is still hot and then shut the door. When the oven has cooled, I scrub off the residue and it is good as new. Most oven cleaners will specify if they are for gas ovens or electric ovens or both. Good Luck!

Best Answers

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]06/14/2007

I stopped using oven cleaner in my gas oven years ago because it seems like you can never get all the residue cleaned out. I use primarily just baking soda and water made into a paste. For stubborn spots, use a Scotch Brite pad. If that doesn't do the trick, set a small dish of ammonia in the oven overnight, and then proceed with the baking soda. I also use just baking soda on the top of my stove and the burner grates. It works better than any of the heavy duty cleaners. There again, for brown spots from cooked on food or boilovers, use the baking soda with a Scotch Brite. Always rinse well with clear water and polish it up with a dry paper towel.
The secret to a clean oven is to always put pies, cakes, casseroles, etc. on a cookie sheet or a pizza pan to catch any spills. And in case of accidental spills, clean as soon as possible. I am thinking of my accident at Christmas when I accidentally lost control of my pumpkin pie and dumped it into the oven because the pan I was using to set it on, bent under the weight of the pie. Not a pretty sight. My husband had to take the bottom out of the oven so that I could clean it. But I got it clean enough so there was no terrible burnt odor when I replaced the pie into the clean oven.
Harlean from Arkansas

Question: Cleaning Gas Ovens

Do you have to blow out the pilot lights before you clean your gas oven?

By Melissa

Most Recent Answer

By Kaleb J.03/18/2014

Yes, if you do not turn off the pilot light the gas will continue to flow into the oven. I recommend turning off the gas supply at the connection to the stove, which is located near the rear of the stove top.
To shut off the pilot light for the oven, you can shut the valve for the gas line by raising the top surface of the stove. There should be a valve near the far left or right side of the stove. This will shut off all of the pilot lights including the stove burners. When you finish cleaning the oven, or stove top, turn the valve on and relight ALL of the pilot lights (usually 2 for the stove top and 1 for the oven).

Question: Cleaning a Gas Oven

What commercial cleaner is best?

By C. Moore

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/03/2015

There are many home and commercial cleaners with various awful ingredients. Will you use this cleaner in your oven at home or in a restaurant, etc? If you intend to clean a home oven, use a cleaner made for home kitchen ovens.

As for the "best" cleaner, I am sure there are many "bests" depending upon the person you ask. Suggest you choose the correct cleaner type for the job and, if it does not clean as you need, try another.

Question: Cleaning an Oven

The clock and timer on my oven are not functioning any longer, thus the self cleaning function does not work. Any ideas on how to clean this oven?

By Marilyn J.

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/20/2014

You will find a large amount of information online about cleaning ovens:
self-cleaning and continuous cleaning (including those where the function no longer works), and regular ovens.

Question: Cleaning a Gas Oven

Is it safe to leave ammonia in a gas oven after it has warmed? Will it not blow up? To clean it, I want to use ammonia but have safety fears!

By Sarah

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]11/30/2014

No, ammonia is safe only to clean electric ovens, not gas ovens.

Question: Covering My Oven Thermostat

Can I use aluminum foil to cover my thermostat when cleaning my oven with EZ off? The directions say do not spray the thermostat, but I need to get the area underneath it! It is a gas oven, not self-cleaning.

Thank you. Sincerely,
Marcia from Ponca City, OK

Most Recent Answer

By Barbara [4]02/28/2011

Well I sprayed my thermostat in my gas stove as it was greasy, then made sure I wiped it off real good. I haven't had a problem with my gas stove oven. My thermostat is an electrical one.

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