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Make Your Own Air Fresheners

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How do I keep the house smelling fresh without store bought air freshener?

By Anastasia from Berkeley, CA


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By Maryeileen [76]08/12/2010

You can mix 8-10 drops of your choice of essential oil, such as lavender, orange, etc. in a spray bottle filled with water, shaker well before each use, and spritz as needed.

By Louise B. [4]08/11/2010

Personally, I don't think "air fresheners" help make a house smell "fresh". If your house is clean, you take out the garbage often, open the windows frequently, and cook and bake things that have nice smells, like apple pie and cinnamon buns and roast chicken, I prefer that smell. I use exhaust fans in the bathroom. Spider plants also help to clean the air. Just my opinion.


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Archive: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

Gel Air Freshener

  • 2 Cups water
  • 4 packets unflavored gelatin
  • essential or fragrance oil
  • food coloring

Bring 1 cup of water almost to a boil. Stir in gelatin, stir until dissolved. Remove from heat, mix in food coloring, 10 drops of oil, and the other cup of water. Mix well. Pour into jars and let set.

I used some old candle jars that have lids, that way I can put the lid on if wanted. The ones I made where cinnamon and spice. I put fresh cranberries, whole cloves and a stick of cinnamon in them for decoration. I had to pour in about half of the gelatin, put the things in it then lidded them. I put them in the refrigerator for a while to set quicker. After they set I pushed some of the things around the set gelatin, then poured the rest of the Gelatin on top. They look really cool!

By Kathy

Aromatic Room Fresheners

I make aromatic room fresheners for Christmas presents. These are very easy and can be personalized by using different scents. Here is one I use as a good smelling antiseptic spray to use around the house. I spray it on doorknobs and light switches to kill germs.

To a 2 oz bottle with a spritzer top add 1 tablespoon of alcohol (I use vodka)

Add 10 drops of eucalyptus oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil, and 5 drops of tea tree oil. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake and spray.

FromThe Antibiotic Alternative by Cindy L.A. Jones, PhD

By Liz

Aromatic Room Fresheners

I love to put an air freshener in almost every room in my house but have found that it becomes costly. I experimented one day and came up with this:

I buy cheap (dollar store) small clay pots and I dip them in lemon juice or cheap dollar oils. Wait until it dries a bit, put a little moss in it and place it in the room. The scent stays for a very long time and has a lovely scent. My rooms are always fresh with the scent and have received many compliments from people as they can't figure out where it is coming from.

Very inexpensive but effective.

By Carolyn from E Northport NY

Making The House Smell Good

To make my house smell good in a hurry and to save money I simply add a few drops of vanilla extract to a small pan full of water. I also add whole cloves and cinnamon and let simmer on lowest heat for an hour on the stove. By Tammy R. (11/20/2004)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

I make my own air freshener with vanilla essence, rose oil and water, and the smell lasts. The vanilla essence helps for a smoke smell, try it, it works. (07/19/2007)

By Franci

RE: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

I put laundry soap in an empty glad air freshener plug in. Waiting to see what happens. (08/02/2007)

By Rachel

Archive: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

Does anyone know how to make homemade air fresheners with things you have around the house? Thanks. Jan from Atlanta, GA

RE: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

I put one part Downy and one part water in a spray bottle and I love the smell plus it cuts static on the carpet and I spray it on fabrics, I keep this mixture also in a margarine bowl on top of the dryer and keep a rag in it and every time I dry I squeeze out the rag and then throw it in with the clothes to be dried. I also use shampoo as a detergent instead or regular laundry detergent. it is kinder to the skin. (03/14/2009)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

When the weather is warm and you can open the windows, tie fabric softener sheets to your mini blind cord. The breeze blows across the sheet and freshens the room. I also use softener sheets tied to the pull cords in my closets. If you don't have mini blinds or pull cords just lay them in the window sill with something heavy holding them down so they don't blow away and in the closet just place them on the shelf with the clothes.

I also put a sheet in my air conditioner filter. (05/17/2009)

By SusLuvsVintage

Archive: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

winner.jpgI had bought a type of room freshener and found I can make them for much less than the $10.00 that I paid! I went to garden shop and bought 'SoilMoist', which are granules which retain moisture when planting.

I used empty candle jars which had tight fitting covers. Put a couple of tablespoons of SoilMoist in jar (you can always add more) and add water. The granules swell about 4 times their size. Add several drops of essential oil, stir with something you don't mind its absorbing the scent, and cover with the jar cover for several hours. Open and enjoy the fragrance spreading through out the room.

I use lavender for my bedroom to relax me. When the granules dry out, add water and essential oil, cover, then enjoy! This can be done frequently as needed.

By Joandogs

RE: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

The length of time the fragrance lasts will depend upon how much you use, and the size of the container it is in. I started with about a teaspoon of fragrance. Sometimes I added more, other times [because fragrance was stronger] I didn't have to add any more. (05/19/2009)

By JoanDogs

RE: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

RE: Make Your Own Air Fresheners

I think this is a nice idea, and I might be overly concerned, but what does concern me is that "Soil Moist" is made of acrylic polymer and meant for use with "water" with this product and to be placed under the soil near plant roots. I can't help but wonder about potential dangers of mixing with essential oils and breathing it in might be :-( Acrylic polymer is used for industrial applications such as paint which, because mixed with other chemical compounds, is considered a hazardous material. (05/19/2009)

By Deeli

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