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Dye From Rugs Stained My Linoleum


How to get red dye off of linolem floor. I shampoed the rug under my table and when I was moving out of my house and moved the rug the floor is red from the dye. I have tried every thing I can think of.

Toni from Cheyenne, WY


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By Allison (Guest Post) 06/14/2006 Flag

Try scrubbing the floor with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

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By spesialangel (Guest Post) 06/14/2006 Flag

I did this same thing almost 19 years ago. My floor still has the same dye stains after all these years luckily hid by the rugs I use. It was a bathroom floor. I have tried everything under the sun to no avail. Even soaked straight bleach on it. Even wear has not removed it. Why cant it stay on fabric like that. Needless to say I never dyed another rug. Good luck.

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By (Guest Post) 11/07/2007 Flag

Yikes... I am in the same boat... just bought a house and put MY rugs down and it is stained NOW. I have tried straight Bleach, even tried varnish cleaner, tried BORAX cleaning pad and baking soda paste. Still left with stains, thankfully covered by the throw rug, which I wish I could throw away with the stains! Any other suggestions? Thought the Crayola Eraser sounded like an option!
Thanks, Josie

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By Stressed (Guest Post) 09/17/2008 Flag

We had a red paper advertisement on our floor, and our cats knocked over water on it. We woke up to find a large red stain on our floor. I went through this site (after trying oxyclean, bathroom cleaner, and 409) and must say that the nail polish remover with acetone worked really well for me. You can only very lightly see a pink mark, and I'm hoping the more we clean it, the more it will go away. Thanks for the advice!

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By msfavour 1 06/23/2013 Flag

Same scenario, we used hair spray. What looked like a bright pink fluorescent stain is now faint pink and barely noticeable. Spray the stain, and let it soak 30-60 minutes, wipe off and spray it again. We did that for a day and it seems to be the most effective thing to reduce the stain. I just wish I knew a way to remove it entirely!

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Archive: Dye From Rugs Stained My Linoleum

I put a couple of scatter rugs on my kitchen floor, they bled (red dye) into the linoleum. It's a rental apartment. Please me remove the stain! I tried bleach, vinegar, mostly everything already posted (for magic marker) on linoleum. Any other ideas?

Mama J from Chandler, AZ

RE: Dye From Rugs Stained My Linoleum 05/01/2006
Try hydrogen peroxide. It often works for me when nothing else will.
By Anna Marie (Guest Post)
RE: Dye From Rugs Stained My Linoleum 05/01/2006
Try fingernail polish remover with acetone.
By brenda thompson
RE: Dye From Rugs Stained My Linoleum 05/02/2006
Have you tried Ammonia? Let it sit for a couple minutes.

Good luck,

RE: Dye From Rugs Stained My Linoleum 05/02/2006
Thanks very much! I did try fingernail polish... to no avail. I'll move on to the ammonia and/or the hydrogen peroxide.
I appreciate you taking the time to write!
By Mama J (Guest Post)

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