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Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

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Can I wash my microfiber cushion covers in the washer on the delicate cycle? They seem to have water rings on them when I wipe them.

By rcain


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By Matt S.01/15/2015

So,This morning I got a microfiber sofa and love seat off of Craigslist for my mom, lightly used but was a little dirty and a very good deal.

Professional cleaning is just not in the budget right now so I started goggling how to do it yourself. I read and watched many how to's about only using vodka and/or rubbing alcohol. And i tried the rubbing alcohol method. It;'s was tedious and did not work well. The cleaning code on my set is "S only." and there was a big warning sticker that said "do not use water based cleaners. I felt overwhelmed. I cannot give mom a dirty couch.

Finally I snapped and said to heck with it. I took all the cushion covers off and tossed them in the washer. I ran it with regular Purex laundry soap, Gain fabric softer and Clorox2 color safe bleach alternative. Heavy duty cycle, cold water. I did NOT turn them inside out. I will tell you, I have a newer HE washer, the kind that does not have the center agitator. When they where done I put them in the dryer for 30 minutes on the delicate cycle. End result, They came out looking and feeling like new!

For the rest of the sofa & loveseat, I used the handheld attachment of my Bissell SpotBot, I mixed the carpet cleaner concentrate with water per instructions on bottle but just just a little less than suggested. Took about four hours to dry as it was pretty saturated when I was done.

Now that it is dry and the cushions are back on, it looks like Brand New! I am not sure what the big fuss was about. Now my mom is getting a like brand new living room set that only set me back $80.00! Now that's ThriftyFun!

By KrisJoy11/16/2014

I just washed my microfiber sofa cushion covers yesterday and they came out great and now my couch smells wonderful. I took them off the cushion, turned inside out, and washed on gentle with cold water and detergent. I didn't put them in dryer because I didn't want to chance shrinkage. Instead I immediately put them back on cushions and air dried them off the couch. I feel like I have a new couch!

By Diane D.09/06/2014

I just washed my Red Microfiber cushion covers on my sofa and they turned out great. Perma press setting with cold water on the washer and low heat on the dryer, only took about 25 minutes of drying time. They turned out beautiful, no shrinkage at all. Now I can tell my daughter to do the same, by coincidence she bought exactly the same sofa and colour without seeing mine, we lived in different cities. She has 4 children so she has been thinking about having her set steam cleaned, no need.

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

By Megan C.05/07/2014

I just recently purchased dark brown microsuede couch and love seat. My cat decided it was her litter box. I tried all the enzyme sprays, baking soda none of it worked. I checked the cushion pads themselves and the urine had not soaked threw the cushion cover.

So I got brave through the cushion covers in the wash machine on delicate with a small amount of whisk laundry detergent. I then hung them to dry for about an hour and then through them in the dryer on low heat for about 15 minutes. I took them out still a little damp and put them back on. Yes it is a little hard putting them back on, but no more cat urine smell and they look amazing! They look brand new and feel wonderful! I hope this helps!

By mandyrouseconrad06/18/2013

I took my micofiber cushion covers off because I have a sectional and there was no way I was going to spend upwards of 130 dollars on a cleanning. My couch did not have any tags. I took the cushion covers off. Washed them inside out on delicate cycle on cold water with only a little detergent on them. Took them out inspected them ran them in the dryer, (although I turned the covers back the right way) dryed them on low heat and just before they we all the way dry I put them back on my couch. And it looks beautiful and they are soft.

By PENNY K [15]09/23/2009

I think so. Gentle cycle as you said, luke warm water, maybe even let them soak so don't have to be agitated much. Regular detergent I'd guess, not too much, but enough. Air dry until almost dry, then dry on cool.

I'd try, unless there was microfiber with leather like parts.I've washed a lot of covers of different kinds, and as long as it had a zipper I gave it a go. Never ruined any.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Microfiber Sofa Covers

I have microfiber sofa covers that can zip off, can I machine wash them? If I can, what kind of soap can I use? If I can't, how can I get the spots off them? My dog threw up on them. I cleaned it but its still there, and I want to clean them off. It bugs me that I have spots on my couch, eventhough it's tan! Linda from Anchroage

RE: Microfiber Sofa Covers

Is there instructions on them? If not try a dry cleaner to be safe. (02/07/2006)

RE: Microfiber Sofa Covers

Is this a microfiber slip cover or are you referring to the cushion covers that actually are on the couch? If these are not slipcovers, then absolutely DO NOT machine wash them. They will be ruined. Follow the manufacturers suggested cleaning method for cleaning the cushions. All furniture uses a universal cleaning code such as W, WS, S, etc.. Find the code for your fabric and follow it exactly. (02/08/2006)


RE: Microfiber Sofa Covers

I have a microfiber sofa. I also had it treated before it was delivered. I just wipe the spots with a damp cloth and it works fine. (02/08/2006)

By Vickie

RE: Microfiber Sofa Covers

I have successfully washed sofa cushion covers in cold water and mild detergent. I stretch them into shape when I take them out of the wash and hang them to dry. Don't use the dryer. I have done this when removing cat urine that the cleaners did not get out after several tries - the odor remained. Anyway, it worked fine - it was much better than an unusable cushion. My friend with 3 children also washed her cushions after various mysterious and disgusting accidents. (02/08/2006)

By guest

RE: Microfiber Sofa Covers

I used to have a micro fiber sofa, i was instructed when i bought it/ use a damp sponge on the spot and the surrounding area. Place a clean paper towel on the spot, with a book on top. Leave it overnight. The dampness will absorb into the paper towel and the book keeps it from forming a ring around the spot due to the pressure on it while drying. It worked like a charm. The more you use this technique, the better you get at it. Good luck! (02/09/2006)


Archive: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

I have a cream colored microfiber sofa and I want to wash the cushion covers in the washing machine. Any suggestions for settings and detergents? Do I put them in the dryer or put them back on the cushions to dry?

Deborah from St Augustine, FL

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

I washed the covers for the back cushions of my Precedent microfiber sectional sofa, inside out, on ultra-delicate, cold wash and rinse, and dried them on the air dry mode in the dryer. Well, they are softer and smell much better than they did, but the microfiber upper layer of the covers has "bubbled" away from the thick white backing material and now I have to iron the cushion covers to make them look decent again. It's almost as if the microfiber was glued to the backing material and the process of washing the covers caused the layers to separate in spots, forming raised bubbles.

I'm rather disappointed at the quality of the material on this sofa. If the cushions had been covered in a thick single layer of high-quality, heavy-duty microfiber, rather than a two-layer job that just made the microfiber seem heavier and thicker than it actually was, this wouldn't have happened. I should have realized before I washed it that with the two layers, there was either glue involved, or the two materials wouldn't shrink at the same rate. If I had it to do over, I would definitely stick to spot cleaning, or a take them to a dry cleaner. Might be a good excuse to update the sofa with new cushion covers though. Good luck! (01/12/2008)

By Oops!

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

I just tried it on my microfiber covers from Bob's Discount Furniture, and it worked great. I washed them in cold water with a little Tide, one at a time on Delicate cycle. When they were finished I immediately pulled them out and put them right back on the foam inserts and they look great! No shrinking or bunching. (11/08/2008)

By Kate

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

I just threw mine in the wash on cold and gentle; literally 2 minutes ago. I guess we will see how they turn out. I scrubbed them in the bath tub first. My son got into my make up bag, and well, I have no more make up. A lot of lip gloss, chap stick, and lipstick is all over the cushions. I scrubbed as much as I could. (12/07/2008)

By Samantha

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

I have a micro fiber couch and I always take the covers off and wash them in the machine. I just use upholstery cleaner in the wash then I put them back on wet, it hasn't messed up or anything. It gets them really clean. I also just found out how to get pen out of them, just use hairspray. It worked really well. (12/18/2008)

By trb

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

Just washed mine on delicate cycle. I did not dry it, just put the covers on straight out of the washer. They look fantastic! (01/06/2009)

By Jen

Archive: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

Can I put Microfiber sofa covers in the washer?

By Dave4answers from Anaheim, CA

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

Wow, I don't know, but first, why do you need to wash them? Do they have surface stains or potty accidents? After a really terrible diaper leak, we sprayed ours down with greased lightening (it worked in the past) and wiped most of the big yuck with paper towels.

We took our entire left side cushion and put it in the tub and ran it under the shower. I scrubbed it in there and rinsed it off. Then we wrapped it in towels and sat on it. Twice. Later that day it was dry to the touch and is now stain free. We have sprayed it down with greased lighting and wiped with a damp white terry cloth rag to remove permanent marker, and acrylic paint.

A sprayer with a solution of laundry detergent or dish soap and water worked as well on other marks. (Ah, life with small children!) My microfiber couch is red, however, and I am not sure on what would happen with another color couch. Good luck. (04/28/2009)

By poepadoe

RE: Washing Microfiber Cushion Covers

I put the micro fiber pillow cushions from my son's sofa in the washing machine when my granddaughter spilled green food coloring on them (St. Patty's Day mishap). I used regular detergent and the gentle cycle. I put them in the dryer just until almost dry. (05/06/2009)

By merlene

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