Rising Bread Dough Before Baking

Yeast needs warmth to grow. When baking yeast breads, begin with a warm (not hot) loaf pan. Before putting in the dough, either set the pan in the sun, place it on range with oven on "warm" underneath, or run hot water over the pan until it is warm to the touch, then dry the pan.


This will prevent the yeast from stalling the rising process.

By judijo19 from Southern California

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You can just put the pan in the oven while you're reheating the oven for baking.

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It's important to provide an even temperature.

I leave mine in the mixing bowl and cover with a damp clothe or if it's a humid day I will just cover it with a loose lid.

The top of the fridge is perfect and leave it for at least 8 hours. Longer is even better. I aim for at least 12 hours most times depending on what works with my schedule.

The other good thing about putting it on top of the refrigerator is that you are not using anymore electricity. You are merely making use of energy that is already being provided. It's better for the planet and better for your power bill.

One of the simplest and fool-proof recipes for "No Knead Bread" is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Ah9ES2yTU

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I've always wanted to make bread, but what is the best way to let the bread rise in a warm place? Do I pre-warm the oven or what? I do appreciate any help.

Joyce from Coffeyville, KS

Getting Bread Dough to Rise

When rising bread dough I put it in the oven. I turn on the oven light, cover the bread with a hot damp cloth, and put in a large cup of hot water. Go in there a couple hours later it is nice weather in there. It really helps the bread to rise nice.

By Sandy (04/07/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I put a cup of water in the microwave and turn in on high for two minutes. Take out the cup and put the dough in, covered with a cloth. Raises very nicely. (04/07/2005)

By guest

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

My mom used to put it under my electric blanket. (04/07/2005)

By lindal

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I like to fill up my washing machine with hot water, put a towel on top of the lid. This gives moisture and the right amount of heat to rise nicely. In mean time you can soak your dirty clothes or wait and wash later. (04/07/2005)

By grammy24

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

The top of the refrigerator is a great place, always nice and warm (04/07/2005)

By annie.

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I Put it in the back window of my car,cover it with that press and seal stuff or wax paper and back the car outa the garage so the sun hits it. in the winter time, i put it under the wood stove. (04/07/2005)

By littlejo

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

When I'm running behind and want to hurry up the process, I get out my electric heating pad, turn it on high and set the bowl on it. Works for me. I've also mixed up a batch of dough to take to my adult child who lives 1 hour away. I put two clean, heavy bath towels in the dryer and heated them up then wrapped them around the bowl of bread dough. By the time I got to my destination the dough was ready to be punched down. It worked much better than I had thought it would. (01/28/2007)

By Grandma Margie

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

Yes turn your oven to warm. Let it heat for a few minutes and TURN IT OFF. Cover bread with a towel,and place in the oven and in about an hour or so, it will be ready to put in pans. Do the same thing again. This speeds up the process. I have been baking bread for 66 years. (01/28/2007)

By Marjorie

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

My oven has a rise feature, never used it. I bought some yeast at Trader Joes last week to try gluten free baking for my daughter, maybe I'll try the feature since it's cold here in CA. (01/28/2007)

By michawnpita

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I have a bowl that is just the right size for a single loaf batch of bread dough, and also just the right size to fit in my crockpot. I turn the crockpot on warm and line it with a terry fingertip towel when I start mixing the dough. Then turn the crockpot off, and place the bowl in the crockpot, and put the lid back on. You don't need to cover the dough since the lid serves that purpose. My lid is clear, so I can watch as it rises and remove it when it is time to put it in the loaf pan. Then I turn on the oven to preheat, and set the loaf pan on a towel on my stovetop, so it doesn't get toowarm, covering it with the fingertip towel from the crockpot.

By Harlean from Arkansas

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

YEAST likes warm, moist, dark places. If the temp is to hot the yeast will die, to cold it goes into suspended animation.

I put the bread dough into a glass or ceramic bowl with a towel covering the top and set the bowl ON TOP of my WATER HEATER while it rises. (it's dark and the water heater is just the right temperature)
If you like, you can also dampen the towel, then wring it out and microwave the towel for about one minuet before covering the bowl with the hot towel. (01/31/2007)

By Cyinda

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

Go to your local thrift store and get a slightly used breadmaker. I got mine at Goodwill for $5. It was almost new. They're no longer the latest kitchen item, so I had a choice of 4 different ones. I bought the most basic one. It is so easy, you'll wish you'd bought one years ago! It does all the work, and in 3 to 4 hours, you'll have the most delicious homemade bread. Try Dakota Maid's bread machine mixes ($.69 a can for a 1-1/2 lb. loaf) from North Dakota Mill. And check their website - it shows you their whole operation - very cool. (01/31/2007)

By Jantoo

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I always use the top of my TV. The top of my satellite receiver works great too. In my house they are always warm. (01/31/2007)

By Mary Ann

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

When you start to make your bread turn on the light in the oven. The heat from the light is enough to keep the dough warm. Don't turn the oven on. (01/31/2007)


Getting Bread Dough To Rise

When you start to make your bread turn on the light in the oven. The heat from the light is enough to keep the dough warm. Don't turn the oven on. After about an hour when the dough has risen enough, remove it to the counter punch it down, put in pans and return to the oven (light on) for about another hour. When it has risen enough in the pans, remove to the counter again heat oven to desired temperature then bake and enjoy. (01/31/2007)


Getting Bread Dough To Rise

Putting the dough near heat works, Even doing what was said with the oven will help. Interestingly enough, there is another way, too. Cover it and put it in the refrigerator overnight or for several hours. It will definitely rise.

Ruth (02/01/2007)

By ruthhill74

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I always put my bread into the car to rise. It's a nice warm spot and shall rise without any trouble (02/01/2007)

By Bro. John

Getting Bread Dough To Rise

The easiest way is to warm a very damp cloth in the microwave for 2 minutes. When the cloth is done warming, slip your bowl of dough in. Let it sit for the recommended amount of time. I don't use the oven because the heat is DRY and the dough could cook on the top, or the bottom if it's too HOT! (02/01/2007)


Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I use my Crockpot. I have a very large one with a detachable crock and 3 heat settings. I preheat the crockpot on the "keep warm" setting for 5 minutes, then mix all (luke warm) ingredients in the warmed (to the touch) crock. Then I cover it with the glass lid, place the crock back in the crockpot and turn it on "keep warm" for another 3 - 5 minutes. I check on it every half hour or so and turn it to "keep warm" for 1 -3 minutes. I baked bread for a major super market chain. I learned the trick to really good bread - is a lot of time, a little patience and a constant (warm and moist) temperature. Bread hates temperature fluctuations and being rushed - from start to finish. LouLouBookz.com (01/03/2008)


Getting Bread Dough To Rise

I turn the oven to the lowest temperature (170 for me) and then let it warm for only 1-2 MINUTES and and then TURN IT OFF. If it feels too warm, I open the door for about 10-20 seconds to let some of the heat out.
Then I place a pan of steaming water on the bottom rack and place the pan with the dough in the top, (so it will stay warm and moist) and I let it sit for a hour until it rise. (12/14/2008)


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