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Keeping Dogs from Peeing on the Floor

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We have just had to move in with my in-laws, they have 3 inside dogs. I have a 20 month old daughter. These dogs are 10 yrs old and up, so there is no trying to train them to go outside. They pee everywhere and we step in it. The whole house smells awful.

They have a really nice house and very expensive furniture, but it doesn't seem to bother them. My grandmother told me that I could mix ammonia and water and spray it lightly on the carpet, that the dogs won't pee where I spray it! Is this true, if not is there something I could spray without hurting my daughter?

Ashley from Gadsden, AL



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By Pam (Guest Post)01/20/2008

I'm sorry but if it's in carpet unless you replace it you might as well forget it. You could rent a steam cleaner and use vinegar and water in it before the solution a couple of times and use the other attachments to do the bottom on the furniture also take the whole cushions to the laundry mat and wash the whole thing (don't take the foam out) *and let them air dry on a really hot day. I don't know how long it would take to dry the in the dryer.

And as far as the dogs put them in a crate and try to be persistent if you can stand the whining they will probably do. You'll have to be on a routine taking them out like 6am, 11am, 3 pm, 8 pm, etc. and reward them or put baby gates up maybe separating them in an area where there's a wipeable floor. There's no easy answer. I am sorry. I assume at one time they were trained, but I have had the same problem. A doggie door to a porch, a place in the basement a big circle where they can't get out where they can play and where the parents and the dogs can see each other (maybe in the crate) so even if they messed it would at least be in the crate. Good luck!

By Biffy01/18/2008

Avoid using ammonia based products to clean dog urine. One of the ingredients of dog urine is ammonia and he may well be encouraged to re-offend in the same area. Remember, your dog's sense of smell is a hundred times better than yours. I would suggest vinegar and water, something to neutralize the smell.
Here is a site I found for a homemade Dog Urine Smell and Stain Remover. I hope this helps.

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By Jennifer Nelson [1]01/21/2008

Forcing an animal to live outside is not the answer. Please take this dog to the Vet, he or she can help you.

Northern Virginia

By schubunny [5]01/21/2008

For one.. I wouldn't have my daughter there, especially one as young as that. The house sends like a den of bacteria and filth. No offense to your in-laws, but they need to step up and get these dogs trained, or keep them outside permanantly. A dog having an ocasional accident is nothing, but not peeing all over the place! This is not a safe environment for a human or a baby. I have a 3 month old pup and he is house trained -yet these are 10 yr old dogs who are having issues. Big difference. It could also be because of their age, the dogs are having problems holding their urine. Either way, starting the crating process if the best bet. And I would either insist to your in-laws that this issue be fixed, or find somewhere else for you and your daughter.

By Sheila Hribar01/18/2008

As far as clenaing goes, vinegar and water is an all natural cleaning agent to remove urine smells. Nothing though is really going to deter dogs with ingrained house soiling behavior. If possible, I'd get rid of the carpet and put down some inexpensive tile that is cleanable in a smaller area of the house and confine the dogs to that area. That or get crates and confine the dogs and do a retraining on their housetraining. Having urine on the carpet isn't a healthy situation for anyone!!!

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