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Keeping Flies Out of Cat's Food

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I have to feed my cat in the garage because of small children around. The cat will only eat wet food. It stinks and draws flies! The cat eats a little bit all day, so it makes it hard to feed her in the house in the morning or at night. How can I keep the flies away? Thanks.

By Cheryl from Oakley, CA


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By kim06/08/2010

It doesn't matter if you feed your cat dry or wet the flies will bother both types of food, I found that using a spray bottle with 1/4 hydrogen peroxide and the rest fill with water and spray all around the area where you feed you cat will eliminate the flies and mosquitoes. Try it. It worked in California.

By granny r05/22/2010

I bougt my cat a feeding dish with a plastic lid on it.The lid is battery operated and when the cat goes towards the dish the lid rises up and stays up until the cat moves out of its sensor range,My cat thinks its real good fun although the mechanism seems quite loud to me.Betterware,Kleeneze,and pet supply supermarkets often sell these.You can also buy battery operated timer feeders that open up a fresh feed portion every so often but I have not tried one of these.Should you want to change her to dry food start by gradually giving her a small amount with the wet food and build up the amount gradually while decreasing the wet food.This worked well with my previous cat.

By Anonymous [848]05/21/2010

My eight year old Rachel eats both wet and dry food and she is like yours and nibbles when she is hungry throughout the day. What I do is give her just half of her wet food in the morning and put the other half, covered, in the fridge for later in the day. What you can also do is because of needing to feed your baby in the garage is to put up fly strips (they're sticky tape vertical banners) above the cats bowl and that will help immensely :-)

By ayesha christmas [35]05/20/2010

I think you have to train the cat to your needs. Gradually change your feeding regime to suit you by using dry food as well. In the hot weather I don't think it is very healthy to leave wet food lying around and the flies are not good for you at all. Cats are very bright, and they don't like to be hungry she will soon understand what is going on

By d horner [1]05/20/2010

It may take a little while but your cat will eat dry food if you stop feeding her wet food; the cat will start eating the dry food when she's hungry.

it will also be much better for the cat in the short term (no flies eggs in her food) and in the long run too. Cats and dogs that eat only soft wet food end up with terrible dental problems as they age.

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