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Dental Fresh for Dogs Reviews

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Does anyone know about the product Dental Fresh for Dogs teeth cleaning? The info I have is:

Dental Fresh for Dogs

Just add to your pet's drinking water for optimal oral health. Dental Fresh protects teeth and gums, removes plaque and tartar, brightens teeth, and freshens breath. Makes professional cleaning faster, easier, and gentler.

I have heard "yes" maybe it helps; but wonder if anyone had used it... Or, do you know anything that would help besides this. I cannot brush my dogs teeth (she won't allow--haha), and having them cleaned at the vets is expensive. She has such tartar build up, and needs it done twice a year. This site was recommended to find out if anyone could help.

Linda from Greensboro, NC



Recent Answers

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By CJ10/18/2010

My large concern is whether it is safe or not. Does anyone know if it is safe? If it causes cancer or exacerbates tumors etc. than it's hardly worth the breath relief. I've found from switching to a naturopathic vet (who used to be a regular vet) that companies sell just about anything not caring about the effect on the animal, most foods but for Orajen are high in carbs, which is horrible for dogs but all the foods sell so they don't change them. Ellen Degeneres has a dog food company that also sells healthy food but really...start looking at what you buy for your pet. The plastic toys with paint on them made in China. Vets who give more one than one vaccine at a time, that's really bad. Anyway, if you know about the safety, I'm grateful for your input.

By Richard (Guest Post)12/03/2008

My dog was diagnosed by his vet with severe gum disease. It cost me more than $800 to have him sedated and three teeth removed and all his teeth cleaned. My Vet, whom I've used for more than 20 years told me to buy Dental Fresh, he would not recommend it if it didn't work. It is AMAZING. My old dog and my young retriever both have great breath and perfectly clean teeth. I wont go with out it!

By John Flagler Beach Florida (Guest Post)04/10/2008

We have used Dental Fresh for our golden since last August and it has made a great difference in removal of plaque! We swear by it. Hope this helps. John

By doris (Guest Post)01/14/2008

I have used the product for water and it did not help. There is a product called Clean & Fresh made by Butler Animal Health Suppy that may do the trick.

By ann [36]09/28/2007

I have owned 3 big dogs, (2 labs and a setter) and never had a problem, I now have a part toy poodle and a toy poodle, and their breath gets so gross, it smells like old garbage.

If your dog won't allow you to clean the dirt from their teeth, (mine freak out!) the only solution is to take them to the vet, they sedate them, and clean them up. I've had to do this with my small girls twice now, and it's not cheap, but their breath smells good afterwards. I think every 4 years or so, it should be done. They've both had to have teeth extracted also. Too late to save them, unfortunately.

I feed canned for small dogs in the morning, and dry hard dogfood at suppertime. Little dogs are fussy, and the only treats they will eat are NOT created for cleaning teeth. They won't even LOOK at the stuff that's made for dental care lol (wouldn't ya know)

By yvonne (Guest Post)05/01/2007

as a vet student, I highly recommend the dental biscuts that are made by science diet. You give them to your dog in place of dog bones. I have not had to pay for cleaning of my dogs teeth in over 3 years and they are brite white! It runs about $35 a bag and last me with 3 dogs about a month. I pick it up at my vet's office. ... 374302037391&bmUID=1178045251357

By Graycrab (Guest Post)04/03/2007

I tried it. My dog would not drink the water.

By Pat Giles04/03/2007

I've never used that particular product, but I do use "Liquid Oral Care" from Petkin, Inc. that really does a good job of sweetening my dogs' breath, and I think it may be helping clean their teeth, also. You can go online at and get it in several different sizes. Because I had bought the smallest size before in PetSmart, I elected to get the more economical 32 oz. size - it's much cheaper.

By pat (Guest Post)04/03/2007

I bought the product for my Jack Russell who has the worst breath in the world. Unfortuneately it did not work for him. He hates breath or dental biscuits too. I'm still looking for a clue.

By Sue (Guest Post)04/03/2007

I have used this product...It helps,,but will not prevent the plaque from building . Nothing will stop that. I have 9 dogs, and use this 99% of the time, and have to take them to have their teeth cleaned still, but not nearly as often.

By Terry (Guest Post)04/03/2007

Have used this product. Not much of an opinion on it. Bought it and never bought it again. I wish dogs could clean their own teeth huh? I feed her dry dog food hoping that most of the plaque gets off that way. I find if you don't feed the dog people food than their breath is pretty bearable. Good luck in your search for a product to solve your puppy's bad breath.

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