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Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot


Why is my puppy sick after her parvo and dewormer shots?

By Letty


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By Grandma J 54 1,040 06/25/2010 Flag

Contact your vet.

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By kingryry1234 1 12/06/2013 Flag

First, very sorry. The parvovirus is what your dog has. The shot has a live parvovirus strain in low dose to stimulate your dogs system for a possible future run in w the virus. However, in many dogs they just can't fight off that small amount in the shot. It's not your fault. If you decided not to get the vaccine, he could have contracted parvo becuase its everywhere. Dogs and puppies get sick and die all the time shortly after shots. The ones that don't just vomit and get tired for a few days. The real issue at hand is the vaccine. And new parvo strains. It's the same reason people get the flu symptoms following the flu shot. Many people opt to stick with just the mandatory rabies and chance it.

In my opinion after the loss of our puppy and a 700.00 vet bill, I will never vaccinate a dog until " they" decide to formulate a vaccine the isn't deadly. I have 2 dogs that have never been given s single shot ever. They also eat raw meat, rice and eggs. No commercial dog food. They are 3 years old and have both been around public areas every day. No illness. The shots can kill. Good luck. God bless and keep researching.

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I adopted a 4 month old lab from the animal shelter on Tuesday 2/2/10. They gave her a rabies shot and the parvo shot before I left. They had also given her a parvo shot when the shelter received her. She started having diarrhea that evening and went all night. Then that stopped on Wednesday and she vomited all of Wednesday.

She wouldn't eat or drink anything on Wednesday. Today is Friday and we are having to give her Pedialite in a dropper because she still won't eat or drink. I gave her a bath last night and she drank a little of the water that was running. What could be wrong with my precious Bayla?

By Kathy from Blountville, TN


RE: Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot

My dog that I adopted did the same thing, but I personally think she was allergic to it. I just waited it out and eventually she got better. If it continues for another week or so you may want to take her to the vet. (02/05/2010)

By Jazzy09

RE: Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot

It's common practice to give several vaccinations weeks apart so this is not unusual for the pup to have had 2. You really do need to see a veterinarian. (02/06/2010)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot

Your pup got parvo from the vaccine. I can't warn enough people about this. Good chance the poor baby will die. For now, Please give her an enema of colloidal silver (at least 10 PPM) after half hour give another enema. The bowel is where most of the pathogens are. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. (02/08/2010)

By muttmom

RE: Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot

Please take your baby to the vet! Also, please do not use any home remedy unless a vet tells you too. I have worked for a veterinarian for over 27 years. Good luck. (02/08/2010)

By K9cats

RE: Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot

Please take your puppy to the vet ASAP! It is possible for puppies to catch parvo even after having shots and home remedies won't work for parvo. The sooner the puppy gets treatment the higher the rate of survival! Parvo is not a 100% death sentence. My puppy came through it just fine with vet treatment. Good luck! (02/08/2010)

By fizzle7033

RE: Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot

Honestly it could be a number of many things. You may want to go to a vet and have it checked out. More then likely your pup has parvo, guessing that because of the shot. If your pup was not healthy when he got it then the parvo overtook his immune system.

When dealing with parvo your pup needs to be hydrated and have it's sugar levels up. You do this by checking his gums. If they're pink then he's good on his glucose level. If not then the gums won't be pink. Just apply pancake syrup or honey directly on the gums until they go back to normal. Check up on them and apply more when then gums aren't pink.

Personally I would buy Parvaid and use that in conjunction with vet care. Either way this pup needs to be treated asap. (02/09/2010)

By thatonechix

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