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Cleaning a Gas Oven


Can I clean a gas stove with ordinary oven cleaner? If not, what can I use?

Janet from Georgetown, Ontario



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By Harlean 141 426 06/14/2007 Flag

I stopped using oven cleaner in my gas oven years ago because it seems like you can never get all the residue cleaned out. I use primarily just baking soda and water made into a paste. For stubborn spots, use a Scotch Brite pad. If that doesn't do the trick, set a small dish of ammonia in the oven overnight, and then proceed with the baking soda. I also use just baking soda on the top of my stove and the burner grates. It works better than any of the heavy duty cleaners. There again, for brown spots from cooked on food or boilovers, use the baking soda with a Scotch Brite. Always rinse well with clear water and polish it up with a dry paper towel.
The secret to a clean oven is to always put pies, cakes, casseroles, etc. on a cookie sheet or a pizza pan to catch any spills. And in case of accidental spills, clean as soon as possible. I am thinking of my accident at Christmas when I accidentally lost control of my pumpkin pie and dumped it into the oven because the pan I was using to set it on, bent under the weight of the pie. Not a pretty sight. My husband had to take the bottom out of the oven so that I could clean it. But I got it clean enough so there was no terrible burnt odor when I replaced the pie into the clean oven.
Harlean from Arkansas

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By Cindy 7 160 06/15/2007 Flag

Here's what I do: My oven was perfectly clean when I got it (came with our house) so I aim to just keep up with it. If I bake something and it goes over, as soon as I take it out of the oven, I turn the oven off and spray on the oven cleaner while the oven is still hot and then shut the door. When the oven has cooled, I scrub off the residue and it is good as new. Most oven cleaners will specify if they are for gas ovens or electric ovens or both. Good Luck!

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By joan pecsek 88 545 06/13/2007 Flag

I tried oven cleaner once and it didn't work very well. Here's what did: saturate a sponge with dishsoap-y water and carefully squeeze it over the areas that need to be cleaned. Don't let the soap run down into any of the holes. Let it sit overnight.
The next day it should just wipe away. It worked for me.

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By lesley 2 159 06/14/2007 Flag

I have had a gas oven for about 17 years, I have always used a spray foam oven cleaner, and I have had no difficulties. Hey, I work in Georgetown, Ontario!! Small world! Good Luck!

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