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Gift Ideas for a Long-term Boyfriend


My boyfriend have been going out 1 year on the 17th of this month. I'm not sure what we can do or where we can go to celebrate it, any ideas? Also, I'm not sure on what present to buy him, as the only things he's really into are cars and computer games. I want to buy him something he'll remember forever.

Rachel from UK



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By momandmurray (Guest Post) 06/05/2008 Flag

On our first anniversary, I wrote done 365 reasons that I loved him. One for each day we had been together. I typed them on the computer and numbered them. About 15 a page. I then taped the pages together end to end and made a scroll out of it. Tied it with ribbon and called it good. Some were serious, others humorous, some sexual, others just quirky. He liked it and saved it.

Seven children later and we are still going strong. Be warned however. My husband has pulled the scroll out a few times over the years when I have complained about something, to remind me that I use to love that about him. It generally stops the disagreement. We read it and it reminds us of why we are together.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 06/10/2008 Flag

Where and what did u do on your first date? Do it again and get him a poster of his dream car framed professionally. Is there a show and shine or car show near by at that time? How about tickets to that.

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By 80srokkergirl (Guest Post) 06/10/2008 Flag

My boyfriend is into cars and computers also. He loves to go to the car shows we have local. I bought him a model of one of his favorite cars for his birthday in March. Not a model kit but, just the model itself. Good Luck!

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By Jackie 1 06/05/2008 Flag

How about getting a picture of yourself done professionally?

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By Cera 2 5 06/05/2008 Flag

If it's the gift you want him to remember forever you can get him a computer game. If he plays it and plays the game for a while and owns it and can play it down the road whenever he wants it could be pretty cool.

If he's into classic cars you can maybe see if you can find him a car model, maybe even one he can build himself.

Just a thought.

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By Wickate (Guest Post) 06/05/2008 Flag

If you're serious about giving him something he can remember forever, the suggestion about writing down things you love about him is probably the best. I've been with my (now) wife for 11 years, but we only married about a year ago. When we met, we were both seniors in seperate high schools and looking back now we can hardly remember everthing we've shared together over the past decade. Try to make special note of all the good times and cherish them for later - look back on them frequently and build your relationship on the foundation that you have created. Best of luck to you both.

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By Rachel. (Guest Post) 06/06/2008 Flag

Thank you all so much for your ideas,
I'm in the middle of putting together a scrap book about our relationship, and am thinking about getting him a model car that he can build.

I'd like to buy him something really special but still can't think what it would be. I've officially decided my boyfriend is too difficult to buy for!

For my birthday he bought me Playboy necklace earrings and ring, then just spur of the moment gift he bought me a playboy watch (£50) So I would really like to get him something extra special, but my budget is probably around £100 as I haven't time to save up!

I am 17, he is 19. Anyone else got any ideas?

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By Rachel. (Guest Post) 06/06/2008 Flag

Oh, and I gave him a picture I'd had done from a makeover (professionally) for his birthday 2 weeks after we first met.

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By Pearl 4 18 06/06/2008 Flag

If you can swing it, how about renting "his dream car" for the day. Pick him up in it, plan a picnic, and spend the day together. Don't forget to take plenty pictures.

[Oops...Missed the part about you being 17. Save this for your 5 year anniversary.]

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By Pearl 4 18 06/06/2008 Flag

One more thing...years ago for my husband's birthday I purchased about 5 or 6 gifts and had them dropped off at his desk, 1 at a time, throughout the day. The last one being a hotel key.

It really tripped him out.

[After further thought...Save this for your 1st wedding anniversary or his birthday AFTER you're married. hehehe]

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By (Guest Post) 07/28/2008 Flag

How about a bracelet with dog chains. You can personalize it and have it engraved.

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By amber (Guest Post) 11/12/2008 Flag

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 8 months and going strong. I want to get him something that is so sweet and so adorable and shows him how much I love him! I also want it to be useful too. Something that shows him I know what he wants! I was going to get him a hunting rifle but I found out I can't because it has to be under his name. Now I'm stuck! I want to figure out something to get him that all his friends want, but I'm stuck.

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By jlove (Guest Post) 12/01/2008 Flag

I have a boyfriend and it will be a year in a month and we have been friends for four years now. He LOVES LOVES fishing and even wants to go pro. He makes okay money so he buy himself what he wants so I am running out of things to get him for Christmas. Do you have any ideas?

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By Kayleigh (Guest Post) 12/05/2008 Flag

I have no idea what to get my boyfriend this year for Christmas. We have been dating 3 years and each year it gets harder. He doesn't like cars or adventure sports, or really lovey dovey gifts either. He loves computer stuff and games but honestly, we're so different its unbelievable. And since I really don't like computers or games so much (or even understand what the big deal is), everything I get him/want to get him, he either doesn't like the game or has it already. I'm really stuck. And he wont actually tell me what he WOULD like for Christmas... help? lol xxx

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By Madame (Guest Post) 12/07/2008 Flag

If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were dating my boyfriend. Most of my gifts to him are either practical, sexy, or just fun! Here are some things iIve gotten him that your guy might like:
1. Sound activated equalizer t-shirt (great for a guy who loves electronics and music)
2. Sheep-skin, wool lined slippers
3. Make your own hot sauce kit
4. Photo mug,with our favorite photo together on it
5. MP3 shower radio with fog-free shaving mirror is also a great site for ideas. They ask for the age, gender,occasion, and relationship of the recipient to you, and then come up with various gift ideas according to that info.

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By Sarah Miller 4 04/03/2009 Flag

Why don't you send him some chocolates? I did that recently to my boyfriend, we have been together for over a year. I wanted to do something nice and special for him and I know he loves truffles so I sent him some using this site: He really loved them and he was really surprised!

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By coville123 326 89 12/12/2011 Flag

Get him a chain with a pendant that says taken!

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