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House Paint on My Car

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My black car has tons of speckles of house paint on it. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until months after the fact. I'm ashamed to say that I don't wash my car that often. I have tried a rubbing compound (turtle wax) and it definitely didn't work. Any suggestions?

Dani from Del Rio, TX


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By Gudino65007/22/2011

I bought a car that has been house painted, 86 Monte Carlo. The guy we bought it off of brushed/rolled house painted the whole car! I am wondering what can be the easiest way to take it off? I been using stripper house paint but its very hard. I was wondering is their any other methods that are easy? I cant sand it either because of neighbors.

By Ben Borgman08/20/2009

I had white paint from my garage door on my new red car, and I got it off with rubbing alcohol and a few cotton pads. Didn't even remove any clearcoat, though I'm probably going to give it a wax anyway to make sure it stays clean.

By Tisha03/26/2009

I tried the nail polish remover with a cotton ball and it worked GREAT! Thanks

By Khan (Guest Post)11/04/2008

Take cotton. Apply reasonable quantity of petrol and then rub the part of the car which has the external paint. it takes hardly two minutes. do not forget to fry with a separate piece of cotton, otherwise the paint would scramble.

By Dan (Guest Post)09/03/2008

Get as much off with soap and water. Then go buy a clay bar and use soap and water as a lubricant for the clay bar. Wah then wax

Anything above the surface of the auto paint will get knocked off from the dense clay. I had a white accord with black overspray paint all over it. Worksed like a champ.

By emprof (Guest Post)09/01/2008

I used goof-off put on cotton towel on dried oil-based paint on the side of the car. Each time I put a little goof off on a clean spot on the towel. I did have to rub the goof-off on somewhat. It worked fine.

By STEVE (Guest Post)07/25/2008

I have road paint stuck on tires.

By nhelmer (Guest Post)07/02/2008

Long story short someone put house paint all over my car last night
so this morning I had to get it off. I used pinesol in a bucket of water washed and washed some peeled off kind of easy. Anyway it took me from 6:00 till 8:00 to wash and clean the car and driveway. Took a hose and laid down a mat and most of the little pieces of paint went right on it and stayed there for a easy clean up.

By AJ (Guest Post)05/10/2008

Used nail polish remover and it worked like a charm - THANK YOU!

By (Guest Post)04/09/2008

Fingernail polish remover. seriously, the easiest way.

By Timmy S Edgar (Guest Post)11/02/2007

I am a professional painter from Australia, in my experience with acrylic (water) based house paint the best product that can be used to remove such paint is metholated spirits this is what we use to remove roller overspray from floors or benchtops

By jd (Guest Post)09/22/2007

How did you resolve it? i have the same problem. Did you look into suing the person. around_marietta AT

By Jennifer (Guest Post)07/23/2007

I was driving my black small car when a bucket appeared in the street everyone in front of me was getting over and to change lanes and I couldnt do it so I swerved around a large bucket of what looked like house paint. It splattered all over the under part and panelling of my car and tires and splattered some up higher too. I took my car through a car wash right away to see if this would get rid of most of it. It did not. I wondered what would be the best suggestion without hurting my 2001 black car?

By civic delema (Guest Post)06/14/2007

I knicked the white garage with my plum car and put a spot the size of a grapefruit on it. Simply took fingernail polish remover and used q-tips and a cotton cloth to take the white paint right off without damaging the car paint!!!

Thanks for your help! It works!

By sam11/01/2006

This is not hard to take care of if you are careful. If you have a newer car the paint is usually a clear coat finish. Some are softer than others and can be damaged so don't use buffing or rubbing compound on clear coat unless you are an expert!!

Instead try the following.
Go to a paint store or H Depot and get a bottle/can of Goof-Off.
Go to an auto store and purchase a clay bar and some detail spray. If they don't know what a clay bar is RUN.

WASH THE CAR use lots of water to remove ALL surface dust and grime. If you use Dawn dish soap in the water (make a strong mix) you can get a lot of stuff off, (including your current wax coats). Don't use force just cleaning surface dirt and loose stuff with the wash. Don't pick at the paint blotches!

Rinse and dry the car--use lots of water to rinse.

Use the goof-off very sparingly with a very soft cloth or Q-tip to remove the BIG blotches. Work slowly, don't use pressure. Clean the spot as much as possible and then do a little more until you have removed the majority of the blotch. You will see how this works when you do it--remember be careful and deliberate do not rush. Do all the spots that you can using this method.

Next spray an area with detail spray to get it WET. Use the clay bar in straight back a forth moves to remove the remaining paint blotches. Do not go in circles and DO NOT push hard. Treat the paint with care, you don't need force. you need time. Gently dry the area with a soft towel (USA made cotton bath towel or microfiber towel don't use foreign made cotton). IF spots remain, repeat the clay on that area until clear. Repeat as needed over the entire body until car is spot free. If you clay bar the entire car your paint will be very clean and ready for a new coat of wax. It will also look like a new paint job cause the clay takes away most surface crap that has attached to you car's finish.

Next WASH the car again don't skip this wash. Dry the car and then wax the paint to protect.
You will not need to work hard to put on wax just get GOOD wax like Meguiars or similar, easy on easy off.
Remove wax with cotton or microfiber towels. Remove in straight lines not in circles.
Go in the house, get camera, take picture, take picture to work and show friends.

By Pat Giles11/01/2006

I found out the hard way (after someone splattered brown paint on my white truck) that acetone fingernail polish remover will get it off.

By Dean (Guest Post)11/01/2006

The only solution is to have the car repainted or live with what you have.I used to sell products to body shops and see that problem all the time.Especially went cars passed road stripping paint crews and got that lane marking paint on their cars.Compound won't touch it.

By Paula Jo (Guest Post)10/31/2006

If all else should fail, why not bruah paint your whole car. We did my fathers old work truck that way, I thought it turned out great! (And so did the neighbors!)


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Archive: Removing House Paint From a Car?

I parked to close to my garage wall and paint from the wood is on my car. The thinner layers i was able to rub off, but for the thicker layer I was wondering if there was an easy way to take the white paint off without taking of the tan car paint?


RE: Removing House Paint From a Car?

Have you tried rubbing compound? sewingmamma (06/18/2005)

By sewingmamma

RE: Removing House Paint From a Car?

Try Buffing in and a paint cleaner. They sell a product at any auto motive place that is made to clean the paint. that with a buffer should do just fine (06/24/2005)

By Amber

RE: Removing House Paint From a Car?

I was just advised by body shop to try oil and grease remover. (11/21/2005)

By a

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