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Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

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My best cleaning tip is hydrogen peroxide. I put it in a spray bottle and clean everything in my bathroom from sinks to toilets, chrome, and mirrors. It also sanitizes and kills germs. It is a real time saver for me, I just spray and wipe. Try It! I hope you like my tip.

Source: This is a tip a janitorial worker shared with me years ago.

By c4m2 from Portsmouth, VA


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By likekinds [63]03/06/2015

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the cheapest and best cleaner/sanitizers you can buy. I use a lot of it. It's probably the best for removing blood stains. It does have a bleaching effect that is activated by heat, light (natural or artificial), and the addition of certain other chemicals. Common sense dictates that a test area be treated first before applying it to the whole surface.

As for treating cuts with hydrogen peroxide, I'm not in favor of it. A triple antibiotic would be much better (small tubes are often on sale at Wal Mart for 88 cents). If you insist on using hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds, be sure to use no more than 10 volume strength, and that should be diluted with 50% water. Always remember the old saying, 'If it's strong enough to kill a bug, it's strong enough to kill living tissue'.

By cwag81 [1]03/05/2015

If any of us have a sniffle, scratchy throat or stuffy nose, I put a dropper of Hydrogen Peroxide in each ear9at different times) and the more it bubbles, the longer you let it in...usually 5 min. will do. We never have colds. Got this advice from a doctor who treated my daughter for Scleroderma (no symptoms).

By bobbie adams01/06/2014

I ruined a nice dress once trying to get an ink stain out, I was amazed when I poured peroxide on it came right out.

By jenny [2]02/12/2011

Will it work on fiberglass tubs? Signed, desperate.

By LaurieS [8]02/12/2011

I have mystery stains on some of my cotton t-shirts. Probably grease stains or maybe coffee. Does the HP work on these type of stains if they are already set in? Also the shirts are dark colors will it fade in the spots?

By susan [5]06/11/2010

Does it discolor fabric the way that bleach does? I'm afraid to use diluted bleach because it may spray onto my clothes and ruin them. If peroxide won't do that, I think that I'll make it my cleaner of choice.

By Teri Van Hecke [7]06/09/2010

I keep a spray bottle under the kitchen sink, to sanitize the counters. The other day I was putting away the drainer, for drying dishes - decided to give it a spray - OMG! If foamed up all over - YUK! So, I let it sit there a while, then w/ the hottest water, scrubbed it clean and gave it another spritz! There are so many things that carry germs, huh?

By Kelly Lawrence [1]06/08/2010

If you put hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, make sure the bottle is opaque. It is light sensitive and loses much of its power to disinfect upon prolonged exposure to light.

By Karen Kennedy [1]06/08/2010

Great info. ALso removes blood from fabric without harming the fabric!!

By Pat [11]06/08/2010

I keep a spray bottle of it to remove stains before laundry, as well as cleaning. I wish I had known how versatile it is when my children were little.

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Archive: Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide works well for cleaning cuts, so it should be no surprise that it is effective for blood stains. It can have a bleaching effect so you will want to pretest it before applying it to a fabric stain. Keep a spray bottle of peroxide handy to tackle tough blood stains, even dried ones.

For blood stains on carpet, pour peroxide directly on the stain and blot with clean cloth. Pretest this solution on a remnant. Hydrogen peroxide can be purchased in the first aid section of your local drug store or grocery store. Always keep a bottle on hand.

RE: Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

When you cut your finger, put peroxide on it and a bandage. But don't put peroxide on it after taking the bandage off as it slows in the healing process that has already started (got this info from a Dr.) (07/17/2005)

By badwater

Peroxide for Cleaning

You can use peroxide and a clean cloth to clean and disinfect sticky items like toys or high chair trays. Peroxide is cheap and it won't harm pets or humans. (07/22/2005)

ByBy Crystal

RE: Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

My (ex) MIL had a fantastic blood removing recipe using hydrogen peroxide. Dampen the affected area with cold water. Pour some hydrogen peroxide on the spot then a bit of dishwashing liquid (Dawn works very well). Scrub it very well, rinse and repeat if necessary. This takes out even old dried in blood stains! (08/05/2005)

By ButteryHOLsomeness