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Buying and Using Microfiber Cloths


I actually have a question about the purple rags. I've read so many stories about how wonderful they are, how they save time, work great, and clean practically anything anytime no matter how dirty it is.

I've wanted to purchase them, but wondered what makes them work so well. Everything I have read doesn't mention anything about using with a cleaner. So does it have cleaner on it already, pretreated or something? If not, how does it do so well with no cleaner? Do you just use whatever cleaner you would have been using anyway?

By Ladybug38 from TX


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By katrina 5 232 09/18/2010

Microfiber was created in Germany to be used without chemicals at all. They have 200,000 dirt and bacteria grabbing dots per square inch; you do NOT have to use ANYTHING at all with them to clean.

You can go to or and email for when problem solutions come on or Don Aslett. He is the Pres of the largest janitorial company in the USA; they have used them for YEARS to save $! He also sells mops: and the one I got is a tubular steel with thick pads that stick to the flat head like velcro; works FANTASTICALLY! The only thing you cannot do is to use bleach on them, or use any fabric softener on them.

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By Jess 127 745 09/21/2010

I think the purple rags are what FlyLady sells on her site. They are just microfiber, which doesn't leave any lint and tends to polish stuff nice. I don't think there are any built in cleaners, they are just rags.

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By kathy 3 8 09/22/2010

You can now buy microfiber cloths at the Dollar Store, sometimes 2 or 3 to a package. They work great!
Use no cleaners with them, sometimes you may want to dampen one corner with water to rub on a dirtier item. I use the cloths on my HDTV, it's the best thing ever! Some cleaners can damage the screen, but microfibre leaves it as good as new.

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Archive: Buying and Using Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths sold in the automotive section (they are 8 or 9 inch square) fit great on the Swiffer mop head. They can pick up a lot wet or dry, and are great for dusting. They are machine washable (best to hang dry) or you can just rinse and reuse if you are not using chemicals. Great to keep one in the bathroom for wiping steamy shower walls or mirrors.

By Kelly from Willamina, OR


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