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Removing Algae from the Side of a House

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I will be putting my home up for sale. There's an oak tree that has grown and doesn't let the light filter through on one corner of the house and there has become a green like as algae on the house. I need a thrifty hint on how to get rid of the algae-like stuff. Please keep in mind that I am disabled.

Big thanks,
Jim from Port Richey, FL



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By Lois Kersti Brouillette [3]03/25/2006

Jim, may have already solved the problem regarding the algae from the side of his house, anyway I thought that I would tell him the name of a product, called 30second outdoor cleaner.I don't know what is in it, and he may prefer a natural product.I have seen it at Fred Meyer, and I think it is available at Lowes, or you might want to check with any yard and garden store.You get a large container for around $9.00.Please let us know how you are doing with the problem.I agree with the person that suggested the power washer.We now live in an apartment and I was concerned about some moss, or algae on the sidewalk, because my husband uses crutches, it all disappeared after they power washed the sidewalk.

By kidsNclutter02/25/2006

I believe that bleach is bio degradable also.

By Ziggee02/24/2006

how bout using vinegar instead of bleach. I would think that bleach would not only kill the algae but any living plants like grass on that side of the house. At least with vinegar it is a natural product and will acidity to the ground and not kill the plants.


By Kathy (Guest Post)02/23/2006

Rent a power washer or hire someone with a power washer and use the bleach water. It should come out looking great!

By Carol (Guest Post)02/23/2006

I'm thinking it may be moss growing on your house.. But I'm for the bleach and water combo too...

By Nancy Wall [1]02/23/2006

If you are able to use a water hose, get one of those sprayers for your hose and put equal amounts of bleach and water and spray it on. If someone could use a long-handled brush, that would speed things up. You might have to do it more than once but it will work. Generic bleach works as well as name brand.

By Betty-Ellen (Guest Post)02/23/2006

Bleach water will do the trick. Spray it on and let it work and then hose it all off. It will not hurt your plants or paint.

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