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Can I Freeze Kale?

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I bought a bag of kale yesterday and used part of the bag in soup today. Can I freeze the other part of the bag? I am actually disappointed with the soup. It needs something else and I can't figure out what it is but not more kale.

Sandy from Baltimore



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By M. Rose Dawson (Guest Post)02/27/2008

I freeze it all the time, but cooked first. I bought all last Summer from our local Farmers' Market and froze tons of veggies, either blanched or fully cooked. As I prefer not to freeze in plastic, I used freezer canning jars.

If you are vegetarian, I can't help with a good Kale soup, but otherwise I can - Let me know. mrosedawson AT

By sandy [63]02/23/2008

SANDY HERE. well i added a can of beef gravy to the soup. that helped alot. tastes very good now. i had to do with what i had. yes i really like kale with sausage but didnt have any. THANK YOU ALL yes i have now frozen the kale

By Coreen Hart [73]02/23/2008

Did you put sausage in your soup? For me, kale just doesn't work without a ring-type sausage such as Polish. The flavors blend beautifully.

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]02/23/2008

Refrigerate the kale and blanch it tomorrow night.

Add some sliced almonds and a little chili pepper or chili powder to give it a little "punch." Mix with a small amount of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar and you've got a wonderful side dish.

You might want to try sprinkling some cayenne pepper and chili pepper in your soup -- maybe it just needs a little spice? Keep practicing, kale is so good for you!

By mcw [80]02/22/2008

Blanch it for a few minutes. It can be frozen like spinach or any other vegetable.


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Can you freeze kale and how?

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By karin [5]08/18/2011

Yes. First, clean the leaves and trim away the thick middle vein. Chop the leaf into pieces. Blanch for two minutes in a pot of boiling water, then chill in cold water and drain in a colander. Use a plastic ziploc bag for storage.

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