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Self Cleaning Feature Stains the Oven

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My Mother has a self-cleaning oven as do I. When she uses the self-cleaner it makes a yellowish stain above the door. Mine does not do that. How can we remove this stain? We have tried a variety of cleaners and I thought for sure the Magic Eraser would take it off but didn't! Any help is appreciated.

Michele from Western, KY



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By Kelly [15]03/11/2006

I ran out of my Murphy's or I'd be using that too! Yes (guess I had a blonde moment) and that should work! I clean EVERYTHING with that too, especially the parts of our center car console, my hubby couldn't believe it when I did it, and makes the best carwash!

By Sandra03/10/2006


I had a yellowish film on my stove's console where the oven vents; I had washed and scrubbed with lots of kitchen type cleaners and finally decided that at least I knew it was "clean" if not white.

Then one day I washed my whole kitchen (appliances, counters and floor) with MURPHY'S OIL SOAP and water. The yellow stain on my stove wiped right off - NO SCRUBBING!! I was dumbfounded. It left a GREAT shine on my floors, too with no rinsing!

By Kelly [15]03/09/2006

I just tried the lighter fluid (ronosol) and barely made a dent! It got some gunk off, but did nothing for the stain. My model isn't available for on-line brochure, so I'll have to look more into it later.

By Kelly [15]03/09/2006

My Maytag does that, there are vents under the lock. Yesterday I was disgusted (lots of grease too?) and I doused it with window cleaner and scrubbed with a tooth brush, then detailed with q-tips. I eventually got the handle clean, but there is still a yellow haze. I'm going to try lighter fluid after the kids go to bed (fumes and all) the stove is next to the living room entrance. I'll let you know how it works!

By connie03/09/2006

oops I guess I should've read your entire post LOL. I just read the end.

By connie03/09/2006

Try a Mr. Clean magic eraser. It's only $1.88 or so for 2 and it works on the toughest stains while still be "safe".

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