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I am a single mother living in a rural area, I live in the U. P. of Michigan I am trying to find a legitimate organization or charity that can help me obtain a car. I am a college student in a area where there is no state transportation like a "bus service". I would need to know the organization and if possible a contact person or a web link. I truly appreciate any help, if any. Thanks a lot.

By dragonwings from Kingsford, MI


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By mcw 80 1,754 12/22/2010

Also found this link on the same website which will help you find a vehicle.
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By Joan 13 1,482 12/22/2010

Ask your case manager at the Department of Social Services. There is an organization where I live in South Dakota that does that but they have more people waiting for the cars that they get donated. If I remember right here they call the program Wheels to Work. It has to be single parent families and they have to have the cars so that they can drop their kids off at daycare or school and then go on to work. I have two sisters that make fun of me for preferring to live in larger towns. I live in the biggest town in SD, but there are so many advantages to living in larger towns like bus service and being I'm a senior citizen and it is hard for me to get around our library has a group of volunteers that deliver large tote bags of books to homebound people on a monthly basis, then there are cabs, and a paratransit bus service operated by the city plus the regular buses. That is just my thought about the choices between rural areas and larger areas. We grew up in a rural area, and when I told my one sister who is housebound about the library service she said "oh that would be so nice." Plus where I live compared to them I live far enough south in SD that in the winter it is usually a few degrees warmer than up there.

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