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Removing Cup Rings from Wood Furniture

Cup Stain on Wood

When cups are set on wood furniture without a coaster and a ring can be left behind creating an unsightly blemish on the surface of the wood. This is a guide about removing cup rings from wood furniture.


Solutions: Removing Cup Rings from Wood Furniture

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Tip: Mayonnaise on Soft Cloth For Wood Rings

If you have darker brown furniture and a white ring, a dab of mayonnaise on a soft cloth might fix it for you. Just rub it in and buff with a soft dry cloth. It may take a couple of times to get it done. It worked on my very old sewing machine cabinet.

P.S. Mayo works to clean green house plant leaves also. I use a soft paper towel (NOT for African Violets though).

By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, CA

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Question: Removing Cup Ring from Wood Furniture

Someone visiting sat a BK paper coffee cup on my brand new, unpaid for, wooden entertainment center. It left a round circle. I sprayed Pledge and cleaned, but it is still there. Can someone please help me remove this stain?

By Sandy

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By Sweezykay 6 7 10/19/2011

This has happened to me more that a few times! I glob on mayonnaise (a lot because it will dry out when left too long), cover with a plastic grocery bag (keeps the cats out) and let sit overnight. Sometimes I have had to do this procedure twice! Wipe off & buff out. Let it sit for a week.

If you still see some lightened grain, use mayo mixed with ashes (I don't smoke so I used clean ashes from the burn pile). This darkens it. I had to do this to a whole poker table top once (long story) and you can't even tell there was water damage! This procedure was used on fresh stains only; I haven't used it on old stains.

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Question: Cup Rings on Furniture

How do you remove cup rings from pine furniture?

By Sharron A.

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Question: Removing Dark Rings from a Wood Table

What product can be used to remove black rings from a small wooden table?
Thanks for any suggestions!

By Peggie from Florence, SC

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