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Removing Hair Dye from a Painted Door

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How do you remove an old stain from hair color on a white wooden door?

By Dana from CA


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By Jen-mb03/04/2010

Pikka, you are a lifesaver. I accidentally splashed hair dye onto a bathroom door this morning and thought my husband would have a fit when he saw the huge purple stain it left behind. Thankfully dabbing bleach onto the white paint worked a treat. I left it for a minute or two before washing with plain water.
Many thanks for the advice. Jen, UK

By leanne chaisson [44]01/18/2010

Dana, have you tried Mr Clean magic eraser? it may not take it off right away but subsequent scrubbing will make it fade. I have had this happen on painted white walls and this eventually removed the stain. Good luck!


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Question: Removing Hair Dye from Door

My daughter leaned against the bathroom door with black dye in her hair. Now I have a large black circle on the white door. How can it be removed?

By Randa


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Archive: Removing Hair Dye from a Painted Door

Dark hair dye was splattered on a wooden door that has been painted white. I don't know what to do to remove it.

By Destini from Atoka, OK

RE: Removing Hair Dye from a Painted Door

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works just fine. (10/21/2009)

By a4a42316

RE: Removing Hair Dye from a Painted Door

If no cleaners will remove the hair dye, you might try sanding the stain and repainting the area where it was. Just be sure to sand with the grain of the wood. (10/21/2009)

By lah34a

RE: Removing Hair Dye from a Painted Door

I remove dark hair dye with a dab of straight bleach. Of course, I leave the room. Repeat if necessary. (10/21/2009)


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